NauticStar: The Versatility of a Center-Console

By: Donna Chance, Texas Marine Writer / Blogger

Versatility of a Center Console

Center Consoles boats have become more and more in demand with Americans these days, especially NauticStars. They are even popping up in fresh water settings all across the country. These boats are especially loved by anglers for their fishability. There is literally no wasted space on these boats and the versatility goes unchallenged by any other body style of boats. The whole layout is designed with hardcore fishing in mind. However, these days many are packed with the comforts and storage that family boating lifestyles demand.

Why NauticStar is a Top Selling Center Console

With over 3 generations of first hand experience by their boat builders, designers and engineers, NauticStar has become one of the top selling Center Consoles in the USA. NauticStar Boats are one of the most fishing friendly boats on the market. It is due to all the cockpit space, the livewells, the stability on the water, speed, fuel usage, range and ocean-readiness. Also, in big lakes like Toledo Bend where the water gets very turbulent, swelling to 3 ft waves, nothing beats the Center Consoles for safety. Its much safer than many of the Bass Boats on the market today. These are just a few of the many reasons why NauticStar (has such a devoted and loyal fan base. Those fans return year after year for more.

The Center Console Lifestyle of NauticStar

Center Consoles these says fit the bill for a family or for the individual fisherman. There are so many NauticStar models to choose from. Many NauticStar’s are so versatile they work for both. One of the most versatile is the 211 Hybrid design with the sports package. It even has swim platform with it. The 211 Hybrid has been a phenomenal success for families and anglers, in both salt and fresh water.

The Center Console

One of the best selling Center Console Bay Boats in America is the 215 XTS NauticBay by NauticsStar. It is unmatched in the crossover category. A perfect boat for hardcore anglers with its very stable fishing platforms. It will also get you into hard to reach fishing spots. There are livewells that are aerated, numerous rod holders, a place to store your tackle and 2 fish boxes that are insulated. One of the best features about the 215 XTS NauticStar Bay Boat is its exceptional shallow water draft for skinny water.

NauticStar center console boat with Fishermen in it

In choosing a particular style of boat there is always some compromise that occurs in trying to meet the purposes you have in mind. The Center Consoles are known for giving you the most bang for your buck. They are also known for being the style of boat that accomplishes the largest percentage of what most buyers are looking for. NauticStar Center Consoles are popular because they get this concept. NauticStar packs in the most versatile innovative features on the market to meet as many needs as possible for a the boating lifestyle. Center-console boats are really good at that.

So when you are in the market for a boat that can just about do it all come on by Texas Marine today and check out the numerous Center Consoles at all 3 of our locations in Beaumont, Conroe and Clearlake. You will love the many things you can accomplish with a Center Console. If

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