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2015 Snow Run: 1800 sq.ft. SNOW play area

snow run pic 2Colorectal Cancer Awareness Race

Date: March 28, 2015, Saturday 

Location: FM 421 in Lumberton @ the new city park

Time: Race begins at 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Cost: $40 individual registration, 4 person team $140,
$25 Snow Slide and Snow Play

March is National Colorectal Cancer Awareness month! Please join us for the Snow blast zones and over 1800 sq.ft. of snow play area! We will have 4 snow blast zones and over 1800 sq.ft. of snow to play in!

Please go to www.thesnowrun.org to register

The story behind it all! In 2007, Bradley was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. For those who do not know what that is, basically its a condition that causes ulcers and swelling to your entire colon (large intestine). After spending extensive time in, and out of, the snow run pic 3hospital and multiple surgeries doctors finally removed his entire colon. Through his fight with Ulcerative Colitis, he met  another survivor, Ty Yates, who had also been dealing with UC for many years. They decided to create a non-profit organization called the “Ulcerative Colitis Foundation of America” This charity helps support and provides scholarships to people who are also suffering from Ulcerative Colitis. They have organized a special event called “The Snow Run/Walk 5K, which will be held on Saturday, March 28, 2015 in Lumberton at the new city park. All proceeds will help support the “Ulcerative Colitis Foundation of America.” There will be snow machines throughout the race creating snow blast areas to run through! Please get the word out and share this with your friends and family! This is a big event and it will mean a lot to have everyone’s support! Thanks!! Please visit the website for more information: www.thesnowrun.org or www.uc-fa.org

The Snow Run & Walk is sponsored by the Ulcerative Colitis Foundation of America, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Thank you for your support.

5 Best Surfcasting Reels

5 Best Surfcasting Reels

via: Wide Open Spaces

The tools of both long distance casting and surfcasting are essentially a highly tuned reel and a long fishing pole. However, don’t be fooled by its apparent simplicity—the types of rods are vast, and the reels can be extremely complex. These are two sports that are not for the fainthearted. But, those willing to take the time to master the Hatteras and Pendulum casts are well rewarded; especially the surfcasters. We’ve compiled a list and some videos of the very best surfcasting reels. There are two things you will find in common with all five of our selected reels. First, they each have a CT frame. In other words, they have an open cage and no level wind system. The line must be manually guided when reeling the line in. Second, a magnetic braking system is a must for a distance casting reel. Magnets provide smoother and more controlled braking than the traditional centrifugal brakes. Bottom line is, if you love surf fishing, but haven’t learned how to throw a conventional reel yet, then now is the time. Click through the slideshow to check out our top five distance casting reels.

If you’re looking to increase your casting distance, then you need to check out these five best fishing reels for long distance surfcasting.

The Daiwa Millionaire is our number one pick for good reason—this model was used by Danny Moeskops when he set the current world record. Daiwa-Millionaire-7HT-Mag





Akios666-MM3-Tourno The Akios reels are some of the best crafted conventional reels out there. Akios-666-MM3-Tourno (3)The Akios tournament series are their premier line, and are ready right out the box to cast into the horizon. Akios-666-MM3-Tourno (3)






Abu Garcia 6500 CT Mag Series is Basstastic. Abu Garcia has been making reels since the 50s. They are tried and true and will last a lifetime, if taken care of. The Abu pictured here is a Mag series. They are difficult to find in the U.S., so many people purchase level wind 6500s and upgrade them. The upgrades usually include new ceramic bearings, the removal of the level wind, and the addition of a magnetic brake. Many upgraded Abu 6500s have been used to set distance casting records. Abu-Garcia-6500-CT-Mag-Series





Avet MC Lever Drag Series Avets are typically used by offshore anglers. But, in the right hands, they are a dynamite surfcasting reel. Avet-MC-Series





PENN 525 Mag The Penn 525 Mag is a very common surfcasting reel in the U.S. You can’t go wrong with a Penn reel. Of the five reels that we have listed, the Penn 525 is the easiest on the wallet. This makes it a great reel for individuals just getting into the sport. PENN-525-Mag

Annual “Texas Slam” Saltwater Fishing Tournament

Annual “Texas Slam” Saltwater Fishing Tournament

AM Club 4The local Texas A&M Club has been putting on its annual fishing tournament for 17 years now, watching it grow into the large event it is today. The event is a fundraiser of the local Texas A&M Club. According to Tom Natho , the founder and organizer, this year’s tournament had over 55 teams. The Texas Slam Tournament and was founded to generate scholarships for A&M students.  IMG_0154 (2) (Small)The annual event garners a lot of enthusiasm because it is large enough to be relevant for amateurs, yet small enough not to attract the pros. The winners of the Texas Slam this year for the $350 prize was Michael Sommers and Mike Feso with a total of 12.38 lbs. of Trout, Redfish and Flounder. The biggest Redfish at 7.22 lbs. for the $250 prize went to Steven Leverett. The biggest Speckled Trout at 5.73 lbs. for a $250 prize went to Bubba Daniels. Last but not least, the biggest Flounder at 2.70 lbs. for the $250 prize was John Darling. The rest of the winning anglers can be seen at the end of this blog.

The tournament is held at the Pleasure Island S.A.L.T. Clubhouse. The contest is made up of 2 person teams, with a registration cost of $50 a person. There are also plenty of cash prizes given by sponsors for the largest trout, largest redfish and largest flounder. No offshore fish is allowed in the tournament. Anglers weigh in AM Club Prizes (Small)between 12:30-2:30, at the clubhouse. There are also rewards for catching a tagged fish. A new prize this year, honoring the traditional Aggies 12th man, was available for the angler who catches a redfish with exactly 12 spots on it. Neck Prewitt actually won the $150 prize for catching the Redfish with the most spots on it this year.

This tournaments successful proceeds are combined with the club’s golf tournament toAM Club 5 (Small) pave the way for aspiring Texas A&M students. The whole community is invited to help, whether an A&M alum or not. This last spring the club was able to contribute $30,000 towards scholarships. They are very proud to now be able to offer annual $2500 scholarships for 4-year students. Next year’s tournament will be the 3rd Saturday in August so mark it on your calendars.

AM Club 3 (Small) The Team Trophies went to Steven Leverett and Dwayne Leverett for 27.40 lbs. of Redfish. Also, Michael Feso and Mike Sommers for 58.73 lbs. of Speckled Trout and Justin Frederick and Wayne Chadwick for 11.06 lbs. of Flounder. The winner of the Ladies team was Rose Barrnet and Phillis Sommers with 58.15 lbs. The winner of the most Crabs with 5.60 lbs. was Whitney Radley and Hannah Radley.

Texas Marine Parts: Yeti Products

Texas Marine parts department carries a wide range of brands and products. One of their best sellers every year are the Yeti products. Their coolers are some of the best on the market. They are built Texas tough and specifically designed for the wild. They can hold up under the toughest of environments.

Each are built with the latest technology like Roto-Molded construction, T-Rex latches, Neverfail hinge system, Permafrost insulation, Coldlock gaskets, Fatwall design, Lipgrip Handles, Anchorpoint tie-down slots and more. Its is built with one-piece solid construction. They are built similar to Kayaks, which are capable of taking extreme abuse. So stand on it, kick it, drop it, you wont hurt it, but don’t hurt yourself in the process.

Yeti products also have drinkware as tough as their coolers. They have tumblers, openers, Neoprene drink jackets, beverage holders, bottle keys and more. They carry hats, shirts, decals and various other gear. Come by Texas Marine Parts Dept. and check out our Yeti products today.

Texas Marine Wins Big In Florida Fishing Tournament

Mark Fishing PictureTexas Marine Wins Big In Florida Fishing Tournament

Chaparral Boats founder, Buck Pegg, was the host of the Florida Keys fishing tournament this month at the Ocean Reef Hotel. There were 11 fishing boats and over 60 participants, which headed out early Sunday in hopes of landing the winning fish.

The Texas Marine fishing team won big by scoring the win, caught by Mike Hebert. Jonathan Fishing PictureIt was a 30.61 lb Dolphin fish. Also, Mark Kuchera from Texas Marine took 2nd place with a 10.41 lb Dolphin fish and Jonathan Whitmire of Texas Marine placed 2nd for biggest fish on the boat
Other fisherman who placed was Brian Harden for the “Biggest Tuna” and Sean Reilly for the “Biggest Wahoo”.

Chaparral Fishing Tournament PicturesTo add to the events festivities there was a Grand Finale Beach Party on Buccaneer Island for which the Chefs of Ocean Reef Hotel prepared the winning fish. Throughout the evening the crowd enjoyed a lovely dinner, thanks to all the winning fisherman. Congratulations to all the winners in this year’s tournament. All in All, it was a highly successful event for all those in attendance.

Couples that Boat Together, Stay Together

Couples that Boat Together, Stay Together

by: Donna Chance

Studies have proven that couples that share the same hobbies have more successful marriages. Compromise is always a great remedy for marriages, which do not share the same interests. However, boating tends to be one of those activities everyone loves. So, why not give it a whirl. You can boat at every level, from the most luxurious models, to a twelve-foot aluminum standard fishing boat. Whatever your income or lifestyle there is a boat for you.

To break your partner in, start slow, plan in great detail every aspect of the first outing. Rent a pontoon to get you started, before the big purchase, if necessary. Many of these models come with grills, so invite some of your spouses’ friends and have at it. Be sure to pick a day where you know the weather will be fantastic. Initially, another great tip is to go when the water is not so crowded. Try an off-season outing first. When making the introduction to your spouse, experience is your friend. If you’re a beginner, go out first to on your own, it will only help. This will make for less anxiety free outing when helping your spouse warm up to the ideal.

Another great way to create an enjoyable boating adventure, for your spouse, is to incorporate some of their favorite hobbies into the event. If they like playing cards, you can do so in a pontoon. If they don’t want to let go of their online activities, get a hotspot. Make the idea as compatible to your spouse’s interest as you possible can. Ultimately it will be a much more successful endeavor, if both parties are having fun.

Just as in marriage communication is everything. Ask your spouse what they visualize when going on a boating trip. If they see mosquitoes and heat, then do your best to alleviate their fears. If it’s something fun and adventuresome, then all true recreational boaters know how to make that happen. Now get out there on the water and bring your spouse. Last, but not least, HAVE SOME FUN!

Congrats to Chamber Business of the Month-Texas Marine

The staff of Texas Marine was surprised by the Chamber for being chosen as
ZChamberthe Chamber Business of the Month!

They received a gift basket donated by
American Personnel & Temps, cupcakes from Gigi’s Cupcakes, and an Office
Party at The Grill by Arfeen, Smith & Payne! You will be able to learn more
about their business in the upcoming issue of the Beaumont Business Journal. Thank you to Texas Marine for being an outstanding business partner! Once again, Congrats to Chamber Business of the Month-Texas Marine


Congratulations on 50th Anniversary to Chaparral & Robalo

Congratulations on 50th Anniversary to Chaparral & Robalo

One of the top boat brands in the nation, Chaparral & Robalo are celebrating their 50th Anniversary this year. Congratulations from the Texas Marine Team! Texas Marine has known the Founders for 40 of their 50 years in business, watching them grow to the impressive company they are today.

Nearly 600 employees attended this week’s anniversary event at the exclusive Ocean Reef Club in the Florida Keys. The company was originally founded in South Florida in 1965, moving to Nashville in 1976. The anniversary event was a celebration worthy of 50 successful years in the industry. Also in attendance were over 50 Georgia, Nashville and Berrien County officials, along with Governor Deal of Georgia. Chaparral’s cutting edge technology and steady stream of award-winning boats designs have driven them to the front of the pack for over half a century. Their numbers truly tell the story and the company has one of the strongest balance sheets in the industry.

Chaparral’s President Jim Lane opened up the event, a long time friend of the Texas Marine dealerships. Jim stated, “ I can’t think of a more appropriate way to launch our 50th Anniversary celebration than having Governor Deal address the employees at Chaparral and Robalo Boats. City, county and state officials have played a key role in supporting our company and we’re proud of the partnership we’ve created.”

Founder, Buck Pegg, chimed in “When the decision was made to move Chaparral to Nashville, Georgia, it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The work ethic and talent here is second to none. We have numerous employees that have been with the company 30 or more years.”

Governor Deal praised the company because of their many civic contributions, as well as, the perseverance it took to accomplish 50 years in business under the original management. Running a 1.2 million sq. ft manufacturing facility, which has a 125 million dollar impact on the local economy is a huge accomplishment. Chaparral also announced its plans to expand its manufacturing plant once again.

We again want to extend our hearty congratulations to the entire Chaparral & Robalo group. Texas Marine has sold Chaparral for almost as long as the company has been in existence. As Texas Marine management recently said “They are a leader in the marine industry worldwide but through the years they have become like family to us.”

Article Submitted by: Donna Chance


Upcoming Freshwater Tournament Schedules

via Lakecaster

Upcoming Freshwater Tournament Schedules

Bass Tourny FishBelow is a list to future freshwater tournaments in our area. We could love to include any others you know of. Please feel free to email us at d_chance@texasmarine.com, if you would like to submit a tournament. Also be sure to include verification information in the email, so that we may call the tournament sponsors and verify the event. We will be publishing the tournaments blogs at regular intervals for your convenience, so stayed tuned. Each time a tournament blog is published it will include all the updated tournaments in the new post. Enjoy and go check out some of these tournaments below. There are great fun for the entire family.


6-7         WalMart BFL-Cowboy Series @ Umphrey Pavilion, Rayburn
6            Army Rec Site Open Tournament @ Military Rec, Toledo Bend
13-14    Ignition Bass YFL Championship @ Fin & Feather, Toledo Bend
13-14    Weekend Bass Series @ Umphrey Pavilion, Rayburn
14          Hemphill Bass Club @ 944 Marina, Toledo Bend
20          Patriot’s Challenge @ Jackson Hill, Rayburn
20          Jr. Southwest Bassmasters @ Whiteoak Park, Toledo Bend
21          Ignition Bass Team Championship @ Sam Rayburn Marina, Rayburn
27-28    Angler’s Quest Team Championship @ Umphrey Pavilion, Rayburn


2-4        FLW Everstart Series@ Cassells Boykin, Rayburn
4           Army Rec Site Open Tournament @ Military Rec, Toledo Bend
4-5        Media Bass 25th Annual Team Championship @ Cypress Bend, Toledo Bend
10-11    Rayburn Oilmen’s Classic @ Umphrey Pavilion, Rayburn
11         DETX High School Fishing @ Jackson Hill, Rayburn
11         Jr. Southwest Bassmasters @ Big Bass, Toledo Bend
16-18   WalMart BFL All-American @ Umphrey Pavilion, Rayburn
18         DETX High School Fishing @ Fin & Feather, Toledo Bend
18-19    Bud Light Trail Championship @ Cypress Bend, Toledo Bend
25-26    Bud Light Trail Championship @ Twin Dikes, Rayburn
25-26    FLW College Fishing Invitational @ Umphrey Pavilion, Rayburn


1            Army Rec Site Open Tournament @ Military Rec, Toledo Bend
1             Jr. Southwest Bassmasters @ Whiteoak Park, Toledo Bend
8            DETX High School Fishing @ Jackson Hill, Rayburn
15          DETX High School Fishing @ Fin & Feather, Toledo Bend
15          Patriot’s Challenge @ Jackson Hill, Rayburn


6            SETX High School Fishing @ Umphrey Pavilion, Rayburn
6            Army Rec Site Open Tournament @ Military Rec, Toledo Bend
13          Patriot’s Challenge @ Jackson Hill, Rayburn
20          DETX High School Fishing @ Jackson Hill, Rayburn


10         Weekend Bass Series @ Umphrey Pavilion, Rayburn
10         DETX High School Fishing @ Fin & Feather, Toledo Bend
11         Anglers Quest-Team #1 @ Umphrey Pavilion, Rayburn
17         Bass Champs (Eastern Division) @ Umphrey Pavilion, Rayburn
17         DETX High School Fishing @ Jackson Hill, Rayburn
18         Anglers Quest-Individual #1 @ Umphrey Pavilion, Rayburn
24         FLW College Tournament @ Umphrey Pavilion, Rayburn
31         Texas Team Trail @ Umphrey Pavilion, Rayburn


7            DETX High School Fishing @ Fin & Feather, Toledo Bend
7            SETX High School Fishing @ Umphrey Pavilion, Rayburn
14          Weekend Bass Series @ Umphrey Pavilion, Rayburn
15          Anglers Quest Team #2 @ Umphrey Pavilion, Rayburn
22          Anglers Quest Individual #2 @ Umphrey Pavilion Rayburn
28          BFL-Cowboy Division #1 @ Umphrey Pavilion Rayburn
28          DETX High School Fishing @ Jackson Hill, Rayburn


7            DETX High School Fishing @ Fin & Feather, Toledo Bend
7            Bass Champs-East Division #3 @ Umphrey Pavilion, Rayburn
14          Weekend Bass Series @ Umphrey Pavilion, Rayburn
15          Anglers Quest Team #3 @ Umphrey Pavilion Rayburn
21          SETX High School Fishing @ Umphrey Pavilion, Rayburn
28          DETX High School Fishing @ Jackson Hill, Rayburn
29          Anglers Quest Individual #3 @ Umphrey Pavilion Rayburn


3-4         Basscat Owners Tournament @ Umphrey Pavilion, Rayburn
11          SETX High School Fishing @ Umphrey Pavilion, Rayburn
11          Fishers of Men Tournament @ Jackson Hill, Rayburn
12          Anglers Quest Team # 4 @ Umphrey Pavilion, Rayburn
17-19     Sealy Outdoors Big Bass Splash @ Umphrey Pavilion, Rayburn
18          DETX High School Fishing @ Fin & Feather, Toledo Bend
25          Parker Lumber Tournament and Auction @ Umphrey Pavilion, Rayburn
26          Anglers Quest Individual #4 @ Umphrey Pavilion, Rayburn


3            Anglers Quest Team #5 @ Umphrey Pavilion, Rayburn
9            BFL-Cowboy Division #2 @ Umphrey Pavilion, Rayburn
9            DETX High School Fishing @ To Be Announced, Rayburn
10          DETX High School Fishing @ To Be Announced, Toledo Bend

10 Misconceptions About Anglers

via Wide Open Spaces

10 Misconceptions About Anglers

#1 Anglers Deplete The Fish Population

One little known fact about anglers is that collectively, they are one of the biggest conservation groups in the outdoors. License fees go to state agencies and other entities and are used for fishery conservation.

The Pittman-Robertson Act levies an 11% excise tax on fishing gear. The money is distributed back to the states for fishery conservation and public land preservation programs. Daily limits and size restrictions are adjusted annually based on biologists recommendations. Anglers often add structures to lakes to add habitat for fish. Commercial fishing is a heavily regulated industry and recreational angling is controlled and monitored so the impact on the fisheries is positive.

#2 Anglers Do Not Care About The Environment

Nothing could be further from the truth. Sportsman of all types are concerned about the environment in which they conduct their activities. Most of the time anglers will go out of their way to scoop up trash that they see floating in the water. They are very careful to contain their own trash as well. If an angler pulls something up on their fishhook that does not belong in the water (like the old cartoons where the fisherman catches a shoe), they do not throw it back in. They will dispose of it properly

To see a slideshow on all 10 misconceptions…………………………..Click Here