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Yamaha 190 FSH Sport Boat

Ever heard of a “Sport Fishing Boat?” If not, then check this blog out on one of the most successful sports boat companies in the industry, Yamaha Jet Boats. After excelling in the jet boat market, for decades, they have decided to enter the fishing boat industry with the Yamaha 190 FSH Sport Boat.

They hit it out of the ballpark with their 2016 signature model center-console fishing sports jet boat. They incorporated their popular one-stop engineering of engine, hull and accessories along with the stability of a great platform and the safety of an internal drive system, all in this newly designed vessel.

There is no outboard motor in the way of your casting on this sport boat with its innovative fishing friendly features. If you happen to get in weeds you have Yamaha’s patented pump clean out system to get the weeds out of the engine, without even getting wet. There are features like a dual-positioned leaning post seat that flips back to give you great views. Also there is huge live-well with 2 aerators, easy access to dual battery and switching systems. There is a storage compartment for the bait buckets and nets, making it easy to get your bait in and out of the water without a mess. The console was clearly designed by an angler. There is plenty of room for in-dash fishing navigation system and nice top so you can put gimbled electronics in it if you prefer. There are digital and analog gages and a compass. Next to the leaning post seat, on both sides, simply flip up the rear deck to reveal very cushy seats for passengers. There is an astronomical amount of rod storage on this model. Helm console opens up to give you a head compartment for a portable toilet. There is a jet-wash powered by the propulsion system to allow you to pressure wash the deck down. There is so many unique features on this new sports model fishing vessel you just have to come by Texas Marine and check one out today.

BoatTest Video on the Yamaha 190 FSH Sport:

2016 Yamaha 242X E-Series

Recently Yamaha boats has released its new 2016 jet boat line with brand new designs.  The launch was due to its entry into several new segments of the marketplace. The high-growth and highly energized performance wakesports category has one of it’s most exciting new entries. Its the Yamaha 242X E-Series model.

Some Top Features of this model include:

•Bimini top
•Aluminum folding wakeboard tower
•Colors available in Black or Space Blue
•Three position ”No Wake Mode” Control
•Polk marine stereo with Bluetooth capability
•Adjustable captain’s chair with flip-up bolster
•Capacity for 12 persons or 2,698 lbs. (1,224 kg)
•Swivel wakeboard racks and aluminum billet windshield mirror
•Removable dinette table with two pedestals (mounts at cockpit and stern)

Come by Texas Marine to see one of the 2016 Yamaha 242X E-Series. It is one of the coolest new boat designs currently on the market.

How to Clean Zebra Mussels off your Boat

Its the law in Texas, you must deal with this pesky little species on your boat. Below is a diagram of where they often hide. Here is how to clean Zebra Mussels off your boat!







Clean your boat, trailer and gear by removing all plants, animals and foreign objects.


Drain all water from the boat, including the motor, bilge, live wells and bait buckets, before leaving the lake.


Dry the boat and trailer for a week or more before entering another water body. If unable to let it dry for at least a week, wash it with a high-pressure washer and hot (at least 140-degree), soapy water.

Yamaha 242 Limited S

Yamaha brought numerous innovations to the market with its 2015 model of 240 Series jet boats, this 242 Limited S. One of the unique characteristics of this model is the way in which it drove and handled. An entirely new hull/deck design joined with an “Articulating Keel” to deliverer a crisp, responsive ride that completely changes the way a boater will look at jet boats. This boat has many exceptional features such as the Connext Helm Control System, Yamaha’s Quiet Cruise just to name a few.

Key Features

  • Bimini top
  • Integrated removable cooler
  • Removable dinette table with 2 pedestals
  • Available in Suede Gray, Black or Yacht Blue
  • Polk marine stereo with Bluetooth capability
  • Flush mounted tweeter speakers and LED lights in wakeboard tower Tandem axel painted trailer with swing-away tongue
  • Portside entertainment area with lockable glovebox Integrated swim platform and telescoping reboarding ladder”No Wake Mode” control

Come by Texas Marine in Beaumont, Clear Lake or Conroe to check out this new innovative Yamaha 242 Limited S model today!

Yamaha 190 Fishing Jet Boat

Yamaha has now introducted its latest model, the “Yamaha 190 Fishing Jet Boat.” It is a jet-powered fishing boat with a center console. She is 19 feet long overall and powered by the proven 1812CC high-output Yamaha marine engines. She has all the fishing features expected in a dedicated fishing rig with only a draft. She also has the Yamaha articulating keel, giving excellent control and handling. Below is a list of its key features, which you will find helpful.

Key Features:

Tow hook
8 person capacity
Jet drive propulsion
Bring-aboard cooler
18 gallon aerated livewell
Fore and aft casting decks
High power washdown system
Trolling motor wire channeling
5 flush mount cleats and 4 gunwale rod holders
2 flip-up jump seats with storage below
Jensen marine stereo with Bluetooth, USB and AUX port
Integrated swim platform with ladder

Come by Texas Marine today and check out this new fully accommodating fishing boat. You will love it!

The Basics of Boat Buying

The basics of boat buying is quite different than purchasing an automobile, basically a mandatory item, boats are usually the fulfillment of an owners dream. They are more than just a mode of transportation; they are a special form of recreation designed for sheer pleasure. When purchasing your first boat its good to keep in mind that it will be a part of your life and family for possibly a decade or more. This purchase does not need to be based on price alone. Sometimes, just looking for the cheapest deal will cost you a whole lot more in the end. Here are some great tips to help with the purchase of your first boat.

Type of Boat

First examine what you are imagining when thinking about owning a boat. If you are wanting to go on those early morning fishing excursions with buddies, then you will obviously gear your purchase toward a boat with amazing fishability features. If its entertaining and lots of guests, your going to want to look at a luxury model pontoon. Once you choose your type of boat there are still others issues to consider. Does your family need a swim platform, water skiing capabilities, grill, refrigerator, plenty of storage and restroom area or would rod holders, livewells, trolling motor and fishfinder be better utilized. 

New vs. Used

First determine your budget for purchasing a boat. As most boats are purchased with loans be sure to check into the loan terms and conditions. Then make sure that you can afford the payments trying to keep all debt below a comfortable 35% of income. At this point, keeping in mind all boats are negotiable, you should be able to purchase the vessel you want with some homework. If you decide to go the used boat route, to get a little bang for your buck, be sure and ask some questions. Here are a few good ones to get you started:

  1. How many owner’s has the boat had?
  2. When did the last owner purchase the boat?
  3. How many miles are on the engine?
  4. How often was it serviced and when was the last time?
  5. What problems has it had in the past?
  6. Why are they selling the boat?
  7. Do you trust whom you are buying the boat from?

 Size of Boat

 This is one of the most important aspects of boat buying. Nailing down the correct size boat for you and your family, more than any other item, will insure happiness with your purchase for years to come. A good rule of thumb is buying the biggest boat you can afford, especially with a growing family. Buy within your budget, but with that said, buying big is something you will never regret. Boats attract friends and entertainment is one of the highest functions of boating. Also, the more storage space the better. There are so many items you will find yourself wishing you had room for if you purchase to small.

In conclusion, when purchasing your first boat, figure out what you can comfortably afford first then purchase for type and size. After that, it is best to decide if you want new or used. With all those considerations out of the way, you will be in a better position to determine what you can afford when it comes to all the bells and whistles. Using this method you can’t go wrong and will enjoy your boat for years to come. Happy Boating!

Engine Fever

The Yamaha T50 Engine is a high thrust 4-stroke powerhouse. Its large diameter, low pitch dual thrust propellers are designed specifically to harness the high thrust outboard. Designed with maximum muscle and top performance making the consistency of this model popular with boaters everywhere.

Yamaha T50













The Yamaha F90 is a versatile inline 4 stroke with incredible efficiency. Nothing beats a day on the water with family and friends. And nothing powers those moments quite like this midrange outboard.  It offers just the right amount of power for a variety of applications. This little dynamo is extremely quiet, clean-burning and reliable. But that’s not all, it features a 16-valve, double overhead Camshaft (DOHC) design for incredible acceleration, and Precision Multi-Point Fuel Injection for reliable starts and outstanding fuel efficiency.
















The Yamaha VF 150 is the first 150hp 4-stroke worthy of the V MAX SHO® name. The streamlined V MAX SHO 150 delivers the exhilarating hole shot and impressive top speed of a two stroke with the efficient advantages of a four stroke. Weighing in at just 480 pounds, it’s the right fit for smaller bass boats, flats boats and other performance hulls. Bringing V MAX SHO performance to the 150hp crowd—that’s how Yamaha is changing the game again. From the four-cylinder DOHC powerhead with four valves per cylinder, to the twin counterbalancing shafts, every feature of the V MAX SHO 150 is efficiently engineered for smooth, quiet performance.

















Yamaha’s legendary V6 3.3L 4-stroke F250 sets the course for today’s offshore power. When it first hit the water, it brought with it several innovations that radically improved low-end and midrange torque, acceleration and top-end speed. This technology was so revolutionary that it garnered not only a BoatingWeek Innovation Award, but also an Editor’s Choice Award from MotorBoating Magazine. At 3.3 liters, these outboards continue to trump the displacement of comparable competitors. All Yamaha V6 3.3L outboards are mechanical control compatible, for easy repowers on boats already rigged with mechanical control boxes. It has ultra-low emissions making it an all around winner in its class.


250 Offshore

Don’t Pick Up Hitchhikers On Your Boat

Protecting our water resources can be as simple as washing and drying off your boat before leaving the ramp.  Aquatic hitchhikers are harmful plants, animals and other organisms that are invasive to many water bodies and when established in a water body, can create dramatic changes. Here is a great little article on dealing with aquatic hitchhikers on your boat from the folks at Take Me Fishing. We will post the link to the original article at the bottom of this blog post. Don’t Pick Up Hitchhikers On Your Boat!

What can you do?  Read through the handy tips from Trailer Boats Magazine and learn about some of the more prevalent hitchhikers and what you can do to prevent others from entering our lakes, rivers and streams. Check out Trailer Boats Magazine to learn more about boating today.

Why should we protect our waters from invasive organisms?  Because these hitchhikers can:

Content Provided by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

11 Secrets To Help Your Boat Live Longer

There are many ways you can help add to life to your boat. Here are just a few
good ones to follow regularly. To read more about them in detail, just click on the link below:

11 Secrets To Help You Boat Live Longer

1.  Wash, Wax, Flush and Cover
2. Bring Back Your Gelcoat
3. Keep it Gelcoat Restored With Natural Wax
4. Air Out Sealed And Unused Boats Regularly
5. Clean The Carburetor
6. Protect Zippers With Anhydrous Lanolin
7. Clean the Toilet Holding Tank Vent Screen With A Toothbrush & White Vinegar
8. Perform Voltage-Drop Test To Detect Electrical Problems Early
9. Keep Engine Controls & Steering Cables Well Lubricated
10. Clean Connectors Regularly
11. Keep Gaskets Sealed

Use these and much more useful information found in the article from the folks to keep your boat in fantastic shape for many more outdoor excursions with your family. Come by Texas Marine if you need to purchase products for your boat care routine.

Popular Boat Types: The Jet Boat

If a need for speed is what rocks your world, then try a jetboat for an amazing adrenaline rush. Jetboats are white-hot right now; sales grew by an amazing 36% in 2012 alone. Much of their popularity rests on the fact there is enormous power at your disposal and its delivered in a more efficient manner than any other boat out there. Skiing Jump YamahaAnother huge advantage is that you do not have to worry about a turning propeller giving you more room for a larger swimming platform. They are safer for swimmers, skiers, recreational boaters and marine life. It allows you to enter the boat easier and offers stress free docking. Also, boaters do not have to fear potential damage from hitting floating debris or becoming tangled in ropes or fishing lines. The jetboat has expanded access in shallower waters for tidal areas reaching into rarely fished territory.
The maneuverability of a jet drives, due to their force being so carefully directed, is unprecedented in personal watercraft. Their very responsive steering is ideal for skiers, coupled with a unique propulsion system to get them up, affording them many more options. They also produce the perfect wake for the most expert wakeboarders. A smoothly applied thrust in these boats give you better control in narrow waterways. These type drives are much easier on engines, transmissions, hulls and other parts of the boat giving you less maintenance and wear. Jetboats make less noise on board and under the water. They also reduce vibration levels because the impeller rotates at higher speeds than propellers and is placed into an enclosed precision fitted housing. The water is pressurized, developing thrust, within the jet itself. This allows for better water displacement and more comfortable ride. To watch a video on the advantages of jetboats click on the link below.

Texas Marine is one of the largest Jetboat dealers in the nation. Yamaha jetboats sell more, in the 21’ class, than any other brand out there. Yamaha has become known for their many new innovations in the marine industry. These boats have so many brilliantly engineered features that they even won a 2013 Innovation Award. As Yamaha’s jetboat designs begin hitting the market their quality and performance became self-evident. Their jet drives have fewer moving parts than the typical motor and are much easier to maintain. Yamaha’s propless propulsion system delivers huge advantages in the area of versatility. One of the most popular Yamaha jetboats on the market is the SX240, as seen in the video above.

Most boaters are surprised to learn just how comfortable and spacious jetboats can be. They are far from the typical stereotype conjured up in ones imagination of a racing boat. These guys are loaded  with all the features of a runabout, but with precision steering and speed. Yamaha jetboats, in particular, come with luxurious features like the ones listed below:

· Cruise Assist2013 Innovation Award (Custom)
· GPS Receiver
· Glove Box
· Tilt Steering
· Deck Lighting
· Electronic Speedometer
· Walk-through Bow Door
· Depth Finder and Compass
· Integrated Swim Platform
· Stern (Wet) Storage
· Upholstered Cushioned Backrests
· Cupholder and Hydro-Turf® Mats
· Anchor and Rope Lockers
· Enclosed Head Compartment
· Integrated Removable Cooler
· Removable Dinette Table with Pedestal
· Snap-in Soft Marine-grade Carpet
· Adjustable Captain’s Chair with Flip-up Bolster
· Bow Filler Inserts for Multiple Seating Configurations
· Satellite Capable Clarion® Stereo w/remote, MP3/USB Input, 4 Premium Marine Speakers

Come by Texas Marine today and let us show you one of these or any of the various other models Yamaha has to offer.