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Christmas Only Comes Once A Year…..

By: Donna Chance, Texas Marine Writer / Blogger

Christmas Only Comes Once A Year!

So, get in on some of Texas Marine’s unique gifts for the boater, angler or watersports enthusiast in your life!

This one is a new and innovative way of dealing with the many rods and reels scattered around your home. The Angler’s Tote and Angler’s Tote XL are versatile, multi-use gifts for fisherman. Both are rugged, compact designs that are ideal on-board rod racks for any boat. Each model loads and unloads quickly. The 8-rod model uses upper and lower clips to hold light tackle rods  in place. The 6-rod model, design handles larger combos, uses upper and lower brackets. The clips and brackets are adjustable up and down on the frame for perfect control. Ultra-light crappie rigs up to 2 piece surf rods can be carried easily. The rods are separated, which keeps them tangle free when carried with the terminal tackle. Each model can be locked into on-board positions or removed by use of a single hitch pin.


It is quick and easy to mount and use. Innovative, efficient new way to transport and store your fishing poles.

  • Select a desirable place on the boat deck for a vertical rod rack
  • Position rack & place the mounting rails in position shown
  • Mark/drill 2 pilot holes for each deck mounting rail
  • Attach deck mounting rails to boat deck.
  • Secure rack base to deck mounting rails with hitch pin

Are Your Boats Ready For Spring

via Boating Industry

Those of you in snowy states are probably cheering the recent temperature increases as much as I am. I don’t know about you, but I am definitely ready to go boating again. But what about your customers who bought their first boat this past year? Are they ready?

One of the most intimidating aspects of boat ownership is the maintenance, especially for new boaters, and the cost of maintenance is the number one reason boaters give up the recreation.

As the temperatures are finally starting to warm up in the seasonal regions, those new boaters are getting as anxious as we are to get on the water again. They followed all of the necessary steps to winterize their boat, but that was some time ago. What needs to be done to get the boat ready for spring?

Dealers should be active in working with customers to make sure they are comfortable performing the necessary maintenance, not only to keep those boaters in the sport but also to further establish loyalty to the dealership.

Send an email reminder to customers to get their boats ready for spring, but make it a little more special. Add a checklist that helps them remember all the little things they may forget when prepping their boats.

Discover Boating created an easy-to-print checklist for spring start-up that you can provide your customers, which asks customers to refer to their owner’s manual for any manufacturer-specific recommendations. What if they didn’t have to dig through their manual? Your customers would be wowed if you provided tips for prepping their specific brands for spring. And of course, be sure to extend an offer to visit your service department if they have any questions.

The time invested in building trust is never time wasted. This personal reminder demonstrates to the customer just how much you value their safety and want their boating experience to be hassle-free. When they need service done on their boat and want to give the job to someone they know will take care of them, no one else but you will come to mind. And if you don’t have time to provide excellent service to your customers, what do you have time for?

To see the full article by Brianna Liestman …………Click Here

Engine Fever

The Yamaha T50 Engine is a high thrust 4-stroke powerhouse. Its large diameter, low pitch dual thrust propellers are designed specifically to harness the high thrust outboard. Designed with maximum muscle and top performance making the consistency of this model popular with boaters everywhere.

Yamaha T50













The Yamaha F90 is a versatile inline 4 stroke with incredible efficiency. Nothing beats a day on the water with family and friends. And nothing powers those moments quite like this midrange outboard.  It offers just the right amount of power for a variety of applications. This little dynamo is extremely quiet, clean-burning and reliable. But that’s not all, it features a 16-valve, double overhead Camshaft (DOHC) design for incredible acceleration, and Precision Multi-Point Fuel Injection for reliable starts and outstanding fuel efficiency.
















The Yamaha VF 150 is the first 150hp 4-stroke worthy of the V MAX SHO® name. The streamlined V MAX SHO 150 delivers the exhilarating hole shot and impressive top speed of a two stroke with the efficient advantages of a four stroke. Weighing in at just 480 pounds, it’s the right fit for smaller bass boats, flats boats and other performance hulls. Bringing V MAX SHO performance to the 150hp crowd—that’s how Yamaha is changing the game again. From the four-cylinder DOHC powerhead with four valves per cylinder, to the twin counterbalancing shafts, every feature of the V MAX SHO 150 is efficiently engineered for smooth, quiet performance.

















Yamaha’s legendary V6 3.3L 4-stroke F250 sets the course for today’s offshore power. When it first hit the water, it brought with it several innovations that radically improved low-end and midrange torque, acceleration and top-end speed. This technology was so revolutionary that it garnered not only a BoatingWeek Innovation Award, but also an Editor’s Choice Award from MotorBoating Magazine. At 3.3 liters, these outboards continue to trump the displacement of comparable competitors. All Yamaha V6 3.3L outboards are mechanical control compatible, for easy repowers on boats already rigged with mechanical control boxes. It has ultra-low emissions making it an all around winner in its class.


250 Offshore

Building Your Own Livewell

Make Your Own Ice-Chest Livewell Video

Texas Marine has dozens of livewell pumps available for your needs. You can build just about any livewells using these pumps, or repair an old one. There are literally dozens of videos online on for “Do It Yourself” video instructional on the subject.

Livewells are invaluable when it comes to fishing so do not be without one. The above video is a very simple quick step by step tutorial on how to do this yourself. Come by Texas Marine today and pick up what you need from the parts department to get what you need to begin this fun unique project.


Texas Marine Parts: Yeti Products

Texas Marine parts department carries a wide range of brands and products. One of their best sellers every year are the Yeti products. Their coolers are some of the best on the market. They are built Texas tough and specifically designed for the wild. They can hold up under the toughest of environments.

Each are built with the latest technology like Roto-Molded construction, T-Rex latches, Neverfail hinge system, Permafrost insulation, Coldlock gaskets, Fatwall design, Lipgrip Handles, Anchorpoint tie-down slots and more. Its is built with one-piece solid construction. They are built similar to Kayaks, which are capable of taking extreme abuse. So stand on it, kick it, drop it, you wont hurt it, but don’t hurt yourself in the process.

Yeti products also have drinkware as tough as their coolers. They have tumblers, openers, Neoprene drink jackets, beverage holders, bottle keys and more. They carry hats, shirts, decals and various other gear. Come by Texas Marine Parts Dept. and check out our Yeti products today.

Summer Fun In Full Swing At Texas Marine

Summer Fun In Full Swing At Texas Marine

Texas Marine Parts Dept carries watersport equipment. They have everything from 4+ man tubes for skiing to Hydroslides. They have all kinds of life preservers and life ring buoys for your swimming and boating safety. They carry some of the highest quality brands in the business. They also have plenty of various styles of boat seats to mount on your family boat.

Come by the Texas Marine Parts Dept. today and check out what they have to offer for all you marine activities.

Marine Sound System Technology

Today’s modern marine sound systems have morphed into something we have ever been able to offer in the past, due to modern technology. When choosing marine systems, boaters should ask some specific questions. Questions like specifications, frequency response, water/weather resistance, and sensitivity rating can all be important components to choosing a great marine stereo system. Texas Marine sells many speakers and systems for your particular needs.

Some of the best systems on today’s market with the latest technology are Audiopipe systems. They take pride in being known as the “listen and then develop” brand. This is because most of the products developed come from the ideas of installers and consumers. They strive to satisfy the consumer’s needs at all levels. The systems produce power that is out the roof and they also incorporate new technology. They have features like docking pads, MP3 playing abilities, marine amplifiers, LED lighting, Ipod and Iphone ready, USB aux in, UV protection, remote controls and so many more. You can’t beat their price for the value either.

The Audiopipe 200 watt 6.5” coax 2-way titanium dome diaphragm tweeter and water resistant speaker is one of the Texas Marine best sellers. Pair it with a 1200-watt mini design amplifier and a 100-watt Marine AM/FM Player with wireless smartphone connection you have the perfect sound system; its second to none in the industry. Come by the Texas Marine parts department and check out a Marine sound system corner. You will be pleasantly surprised at the various choices Texas Marine parts store can show you.

The “Great Scot Outdoor Utility Table,” a Local Success Story

Are you looking for a great way to clean your fish safely and quickly? Try our “Great Scot Outdoor Utility Table” now at Texas Marine’s parts dept. Below is the story about the local development of this amazing product.

Scot Sheldon went wade-fishing one day, a few yGreat Scot Outdoor Utility Tableears back. He became seriously annoyed at how he had to clean his catch. His best option was balancing a fish cleaning board between two garbage cans. Naturally it was very unstable and somewhat dangerous using a knife in those conditions. One slip up could have easily been disastrous.

On the way home, to Beaumont, he began to think about a way to design a portable fish-cleaning station. He contacted a friend, Bob Quinn, to build a mockup version of what he envisioned. When it was complete it was fairly heavy, made from Marine-grade poly sheet plastic. Sheldon was a Beaumont attorney and knew, when he saw it, that it was worth pursuing to get it on the market for others to enjoy.

He decided to call a national sporting goods store for help. Their CEO invited him to visit with their Katy, Tx design team. Sheldon then worked with the team for over two years to get the product just right. It paid off with what is now the “Great Scot Outdoor Utility Table.” Sheldon’s wife, Amanda, bought six tables at the Eastex Freeway store when it first hit the market. She brought them back to her husband’s law office at Moore Landrey to give to their friends.

A box (4’x 3’x 6”) contained the lightweight folding utility table with telescoping legs to accommodate uneven surfaces. It’s got a port for a garden hose so water flows in to channels around the perimeter of the molded plastic tabletop. You use the water to spray the liquefied mush off when gutting a fish, leaving behind the fins, skin and guts. These can be swept into a trash bag suspended in a heavy-duty rubber mesh that hangs off the end. A rack that can be set into the tabletop can hold a lantern or anything else that hangs. There is a port is for an extension cord to run and electric gutting knife. There are beverage holders because cleaning fish always requires ready access to something cold.

Come by Texas Marine Parts Dept and check out one of theses great tables today, straight from a local entrepreneur.

The Bimini Top: Perfectly Fits Any Boating Lifestyle

Feature Bimini (Custom)The Bimini Top is a perfect addition to any boating lifestyle you find yourself venturing into. It is a lifesaver for Mom, when she hears the laughter of her family having so much fun they don’t want to go inbimini on pontoon, but Junior is getting a serious sunburn. They can be priceless for Dad, who is thrilled with the realization that the whopper he has been chasing all morning is within reach and suddenly a summer shower hits. Years ago boaters did not realize the benefits a Bimini Top can add to their enjoyment on the water. They almost looked at it as a nuisance item. These days, everyone is getting Bimini Tops because of the tremendous comfort level they give boaters during those hot sticky humid summer days. That added value to the boater’s outdoor experience is well worth the extra effort it takes to quickly pop up a top for protection and comfort. 

Bimini Top Manufacturing Video

Chapparal Sunbrela (Custom)

Texas Marine carries the highest quality Bimini Top sold today. A company called Carver makes it and it’s called the “Sunbrella.” The video above explains the painstaking process they take to build these tops at the level they do. Why don’t you come by Texas Marine Parts Dept. today and let us fit your boat with one of these amazing tops for your comfort and enjoyment. Just give us a call at (409) 898-7632 or come by today.

Yamaha Outboard Sales Event

Texas Marine is participating in the “Yamaha Reliable Choice Sales Event” going on right now! For a limited time if you purchase an eligible new Yamaha Outboard you can choose between 5 years of warranty protection or up to $2000 in credit. In 2013,the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA®) and Boating Writers International (BWI) honored Yamaha Marine Group with its Innovation Award in the outboard motor category during the 23rd annual International Boatbuilders’ Exhibition and Conference (IBEX®). 

Yamaha makes some of the best engines on the water today. Since the early 1980’s Yamaha has won over 22 industry Innovation Awards. There website states “For nearly 30 years, Yamaha has led the industry in innovation, but we can’t take all the credit. It’s our boaters’ high expectations that drive us to improve our game. To make it faster, more efficient, more exhilarating and more reliable.” These engines are top of the line reliable performers and now is the time to buy one!

The 5 year warranty or $2000 credit promotional offer is going on from January 1, 2014 to
March 31, 2014. Just in time for spring, you can be ready to hit the water in style knowing that you are making the right choice with a Yamaha Outboards. Come on over to Texas Marine and check out our Yamaha engines today!!!
Yamaha Sales Event (Small)