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NauticStar: The Versatility of a Center-Console

By: Donna Chance, Texas Marine Writer / Blogger

Versatility of a Center Console

Center Consoles boats have become more and more in demand with Americans these days, especially NauticStars. They are even popping up in fresh water settings all across the country. These boats are especially loved by anglers for their fishability. There is literally no wasted space on these boats and the versatility goes unchallenged by any other body style of boats. The whole layout is designed with hardcore fishing in mind. However, these days many are packed with the comforts and storage that family boating lifestyles demand.

Why NauticStar is a Top Selling Center Console

With over 3 generations of first hand experience by their boat builders, designers and engineers, NauticStar has become one of the top selling Center Consoles in the USA. NauticStar Boats are one of the most fishing friendly boats on the market. It is due to all the cockpit space, the livewells, the stability on the water, speed, fuel usage, range and ocean-readiness. Also, in big lakes like Toledo Bend where the water gets very turbulent, swelling to 3 ft waves, nothing beats the Center Consoles for safety. Its much safer than many of the Bass Boats on the market today. These are just a few of the many reasons why NauticStar (has such a devoted and loyal fan base. Those fans return year after year for more.

The Center Console Lifestyle of NauticStar

Center Consoles these says fit the bill for a family or for the individual fisherman. There are so many NauticStar models to choose from. Many NauticStar’s are so versatile they work for both. One of the most versatile is the 211 Hybrid design with the sports package. It even has swim platform with it. The 211 Hybrid has been a phenomenal success for families and anglers, in both salt and fresh water.

The Center Console

One of the best selling Center Console Bay Boats in America is the 215 XTS NauticBay by NauticsStar. It is unmatched in the crossover category. A perfect boat for hardcore anglers with its very stable fishing platforms. It will also get you into hard to reach fishing spots. There are livewells that are aerated, numerous rod holders, a place to store your tackle and 2 fish boxes that are insulated. One of the best features about the 215 XTS NauticStar Bay Boat is its exceptional shallow water draft for skinny water.

NauticStar center console boat with Fishermen in it

In choosing a particular style of boat there is always some compromise that occurs in trying to meet the purposes you have in mind. The Center Consoles are known for giving you the most bang for your buck. They are also known for being the style of boat that accomplishes the largest percentage of what most buyers are looking for. NauticStar Center Consoles are popular because they get this concept. NauticStar packs in the most versatile innovative features on the market to meet as many needs as possible for a the boating lifestyle. Center-console boats are really good at that.

So when you are in the market for a boat that can just about do it all come on by Texas Marine today and check out the numerous Center Consoles at all 3 of our locations in Beaumont, Conroe and Clearlake. You will love the many things you can accomplish with a Center Console. If

New Texas Boat Trailer Laws

Here are the “New Texas Boat Trailer Laws,” which are now state regulations. We wanted to make you all aware of them. They are now a requirement by the state.

Trailers Inspection Requirements

Certain trailers require an inspection prior to registration. If your trailer has a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) that is more than 4,500 pounds, an inspection is required.
This includes trailers, semitrailers, boat trailers, pole trailers, mobile homes, travel trailers.
Note: Farm trailers displaying a farm license plate are not required to be inspected. If you are unsure about the gross vehicle weight of your trailer, check your registration receipt for the weight

What’s Inspected by Vehicle Type

Items of Inspection for a Trailers

05.06 Inspect All Trailers, Semitrailers, Pole Trailers, or Mobile Homes Exceeding 4,500 Pounds Actual Gross Weight or Registered Weight For: (Listed in suggested order of inspection) Refer to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, if required.* Check for evidence of Financial Responsibility on towing vehicle1. Brakes (system) (If gross weight exceeds 4,500 pounds)
2. Tires
3. Wheel Assembly
4. Safety Guards or Flaps (if four tires or more on rearmost axle) Pole trailers exempt.
5. Tail Lamps (2)
6. Stop Lamps (2)
7. License Plate Lamp (1)
8. Rear Red Reflectors (2)
9. Turn Signal Lamps
10. Clearance Lamps
11. Side Marker Lamps
12. Side Reflectors
13. Side Marker Lamps and Reflectors (30 feet or more in overall length)
(Refer to Reference Section as per lighting diagrams and as applicable to the particular trailer being inspected.)
14. Serial or Vehicle Identification Number
15. Window Tint.

NauticStar’s All New 211 Coastal Angler

NauticStar Boats continues to innovate and expand its boat lines with the all-new 211 Coastal and Angler. This uniquely styled boat series merges family pleasure boating with serious salt and freshwater fishing. The 211’s design models itself after the phenomenally successful 231 Coastal/Angler that NauticStar launched last year except in a smaller, less horsepower package. As a second-generation boat, it replaces the 210 Coastal/Angler that has been a staple in NauticStar’s boat line for many years.

“The 210 has been such a great boat for us, it seems crazy to replace it, “said NauticStar president, Phil Faulkner. “But, we are very excited about the improvements and features that this new boat offers. The hull is engineered just like our 231, which means you get all the benefits of our STAR Performance System—with the planing pods and air assist chine and Vee Hull–it’s going to be a great performer.”

The 211 is 20’ 9” LOA, with a beam of 102” and is rated for up to 150 horsepower. Fuel Capacity is 66 gallons. Passenger capacity is 10 persons. Deadrise at bow entry is 37 degrees with the aft deadrise being 14 degrees.

The 211 Coastal is loaded with features for exceptional fishability while the 211 Angler has additional features for pleasure boating such as a newly designed acrylic swim platform, Sunbrella® Bimini top with ball and socket hardware, and an Infinity® stereo system with Bluetooth® preset capability and 2 speakers.

Professional and sport fishermen will appreciate the bow to stern standard features of the 211 as well as a long list of options for individual customization. There is a 27-gallon rear livewell and a 13-gallon livewell/baitwell located in the console. There are a total of 12-rod holders: 6 vertical in the console, 2 for trolling flush in the aft, 2 port and 2 starboard in the gunnels.

Below the bow deck seats there are 2 insulated fish boxes with overboard drains. A 15-gallon bow cooler is insulated and has a lid with a tight seal to keep your ice “ice” during those hot summer days.

The unique aft deck doubles as a rear casting/fishing deck and 3-across seating by flipping up the 3 jump seats. When it is time to fish again, the seats quickly convert back to the fishing deck by simply folding down the jump seats. Space under the jump seats is utilized including battery storage under the starboard jump seat, cast net storage under the portside jump seat and a 27-gallon aerated release well under the center jump seat.

The front casting platform has a lot of space and can also receive an optional foot or hand control Minn Kota® electric trolling motor.

When stowed in the lower position, an optional bow table makes a large casting deck or sun lounge when the optional bow filler cushion is added. In the raised position the table makes a comfortable place to have your lunch and a cold drink.

Also available is an optional bow-casting chair with a removable pedestal and flush mount stainless steel base with a brass insert that allows the pedestal to be screwed in by hand for safety. The anchor, line and chain are stowed in a flush mounted anchor locker tooled into the bow’s deck for an attractive and secure storage.

Convert the family style fishing boat to a serious fishing machine by unsnapping the bow cushions. This also makes cleanup easy after a full day on the water.

In the cockpit at the captain’s station there is a leaning post with a 94-quart Igloo® cooler nestled underneath. The newly styled console is tooled to receive the sculptured gauge panel. The instrument panel consists of a speedometer, tachometer and fuel gauge. The switch panel includes waterproof stainless steel switches with circuit breakers. The console is topped off with an attractive curved windshield and fold down grab rail. A stainless steel steering wheel with BayStar™ Pro Hydraulic Steering helm is also standard (on 150HP model). Forward in the console is a passenger seat with integrated port and starboard grab handles. Under that seat is a 13-gallon aerated livewell. With the larger head console option, boaters can enjoy the privacy of a dressing room with more storage that can also receive an optional portable toilet. This option also includes a compass, lighted drink holders and footrest. Come back Texas Marine today and check out one of these amazing new boats, you will be glad you did.

How to Clean Zebra Mussels off your Boat

Its the law in Texas, you must deal with this pesky little species on your boat. Below is a diagram of where they often hide. Here is how to clean Zebra Mussels off your boat!







Clean your boat, trailer and gear by removing all plants, animals and foreign objects.


Drain all water from the boat, including the motor, bilge, live wells and bait buckets, before leaving the lake.


Dry the boat and trailer for a week or more before entering another water body. If unable to let it dry for at least a week, wash it with a high-pressure washer and hot (at least 140-degree), soapy water.

Are Your Boats Ready For Spring

via Boating Industry

Those of you in snowy states are probably cheering the recent temperature increases as much as I am. I don’t know about you, but I am definitely ready to go boating again. But what about your customers who bought their first boat this past year? Are they ready?

One of the most intimidating aspects of boat ownership is the maintenance, especially for new boaters, and the cost of maintenance is the number one reason boaters give up the recreation.

As the temperatures are finally starting to warm up in the seasonal regions, those new boaters are getting as anxious as we are to get on the water again. They followed all of the necessary steps to winterize their boat, but that was some time ago. What needs to be done to get the boat ready for spring?

Dealers should be active in working with customers to make sure they are comfortable performing the necessary maintenance, not only to keep those boaters in the sport but also to further establish loyalty to the dealership.

Send an email reminder to customers to get their boats ready for spring, but make it a little more special. Add a checklist that helps them remember all the little things they may forget when prepping their boats.

Discover Boating created an easy-to-print checklist for spring start-up that you can provide your customers, which asks customers to refer to their owner’s manual for any manufacturer-specific recommendations. What if they didn’t have to dig through their manual? Your customers would be wowed if you provided tips for prepping their specific brands for spring. And of course, be sure to extend an offer to visit your service department if they have any questions.

The time invested in building trust is never time wasted. This personal reminder demonstrates to the customer just how much you value their safety and want their boating experience to be hassle-free. When they need service done on their boat and want to give the job to someone they know will take care of them, no one else but you will come to mind. And if you don’t have time to provide excellent service to your customers, what do you have time for?

To see the full article by Brianna Liestman …………Click Here

The Basics of Boat Buying

The basics of boat buying is quite different than purchasing an automobile, basically a mandatory item, boats are usually the fulfillment of an owners dream. They are more than just a mode of transportation; they are a special form of recreation designed for sheer pleasure. When purchasing your first boat its good to keep in mind that it will be a part of your life and family for possibly a decade or more. This purchase does not need to be based on price alone. Sometimes, just looking for the cheapest deal will cost you a whole lot more in the end. Here are some great tips to help with the purchase of your first boat.

Type of Boat

First examine what you are imagining when thinking about owning a boat. If you are wanting to go on those early morning fishing excursions with buddies, then you will obviously gear your purchase toward a boat with amazing fishability features. If its entertaining and lots of guests, your going to want to look at a luxury model pontoon. Once you choose your type of boat there are still others issues to consider. Does your family need a swim platform, water skiing capabilities, grill, refrigerator, plenty of storage and restroom area or would rod holders, livewells, trolling motor and fishfinder be better utilized. 

New vs. Used

First determine your budget for purchasing a boat. As most boats are purchased with loans be sure to check into the loan terms and conditions. Then make sure that you can afford the payments trying to keep all debt below a comfortable 35% of income. At this point, keeping in mind all boats are negotiable, you should be able to purchase the vessel you want with some homework. If you decide to go the used boat route, to get a little bang for your buck, be sure and ask some questions. Here are a few good ones to get you started:

  1. How many owner’s has the boat had?
  2. When did the last owner purchase the boat?
  3. How many miles are on the engine?
  4. How often was it serviced and when was the last time?
  5. What problems has it had in the past?
  6. Why are they selling the boat?
  7. Do you trust whom you are buying the boat from?

 Size of Boat

 This is one of the most important aspects of boat buying. Nailing down the correct size boat for you and your family, more than any other item, will insure happiness with your purchase for years to come. A good rule of thumb is buying the biggest boat you can afford, especially with a growing family. Buy within your budget, but with that said, buying big is something you will never regret. Boats attract friends and entertainment is one of the highest functions of boating. Also, the more storage space the better. There are so many items you will find yourself wishing you had room for if you purchase to small.

In conclusion, when purchasing your first boat, figure out what you can comfortably afford first then purchase for type and size. After that, it is best to decide if you want new or used. With all those considerations out of the way, you will be in a better position to determine what you can afford when it comes to all the bells and whistles. Using this method you can’t go wrong and will enjoy your boat for years to come. Happy Boating!

Don’t Pick Up Hitchhikers On Your Boat

Protecting our water resources can be as simple as washing and drying off your boat before leaving the ramp.  Aquatic hitchhikers are harmful plants, animals and other organisms that are invasive to many water bodies and when established in a water body, can create dramatic changes. Here is a great little article on dealing with aquatic hitchhikers on your boat from the folks at Take Me Fishing. We will post the link to the original article at the bottom of this blog post. Don’t Pick Up Hitchhikers On Your Boat!

What can you do?  Read through the handy tips from Trailer Boats Magazine and learn about some of the more prevalent hitchhikers and what you can do to prevent others from entering our lakes, rivers and streams. Check out Trailer Boats Magazine to learn more about boating today.

Why should we protect our waters from invasive organisms?  Because these hitchhikers can:

Content Provided by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Bay Boat Heaven: Nautic Star 244STX

Bay Boat Heaven: Nautic Star 244STX

Nautic Star reached its pinnacle on maximum performance and pleasure with this tournament ready model. The Nautic Star 244STX is the Bay Boat you have been waiting for. It’s unique craftsmanship knows no bounds, as far as its universal appeal. Bay boats are becoming a bestseller at boat shows all over the world for a reason. They are the stars of the show and tend to be game changers for many attendees. Prospective owners get caught up in all that these boats have to offer. It seems as though there is a surprise around every corner as they peruse the boats roomy interiors. This boat is a one of kind.

Nautic Star 244STX Highlights

It has numerous fishing and comfort features, as well as, the companies Star Performance system. The 244XTS features include:

  • The Nautic Star 244 XTS comes complete with the 30 gallon bow fish box and 80 gallon fuel capacity.
  • Shallow water draft for skinny water
  • Tournament ready with 2 tournament livewells and rod storage for up to 28 rods.
  • Acceleration due to the planing pods and air assist chine.
  • Ride utilizing the sharp entry Vee hull forward

As Bay Boats continue to thrive on estuaries, bays and coastal waters, the oceans are beginning to feel their presence dominate the horizon. Many will soon discover Bay Boats are great family and fishing vessels. So, come check out the many Bay Boats at Texas Marine today.

11 Secrets To Help Your Boat Live Longer

There are many ways you can help add to life to your boat. Here are just a few
good ones to follow regularly. To read more about them in detail, just click on the link below:

11 Secrets To Help You Boat Live Longer

1.  Wash, Wax, Flush and Cover
2. Bring Back Your Gelcoat
3. Keep it Gelcoat Restored With Natural Wax
4. Air Out Sealed And Unused Boats Regularly
5. Clean The Carburetor
6. Protect Zippers With Anhydrous Lanolin
7. Clean the Toilet Holding Tank Vent Screen With A Toothbrush & White Vinegar
8. Perform Voltage-Drop Test To Detect Electrical Problems Early
9. Keep Engine Controls & Steering Cables Well Lubricated
10. Clean Connectors Regularly
11. Keep Gaskets Sealed

Use these and much more useful information found in the article from the folks to keep your boat in fantastic shape for many more outdoor excursions with your family. Come by Texas Marine if you need to purchase products for your boat care routine.

Popular Boat Series: Offshore Juggernauts

They say that no man is an island, but the offshore boating community is definitely an island all its own. Offshore fishermen are so completely sold out on their sport they may never venture onto the mainland again. Lost in their own world of reefs, rigs and trolling—these guys know exactly what they need out on that big blue water. There is so many more challenges to offshore boating making it crucial to have the right equipment. According to the Coast Guard, the offshore boundary in the Gulf of Mexico (Florida Keys to the Texas Rio Grande) is 12 nautical miles from the shore.

A boat that can brave these waters must have high sides and specially designed hulls to protect the boat from the inevitable battering of the deep ocean swells it will encounter. Also, they usually come equipped with rod holders, livewells, oversized cutting boards, outriggers, downriggers, toilets, sinks, stowaway seating, easy frig fishing (Medium)ront deck access, extra safety features, plenty of room to fight your catch and possibly sleeping facilities. One more imperative feature for the offshore boater is finding a boat that performs really well under pressure. A good tracking boat is invaluable out there on the open water. Offshore boats tend to do a lot of trolling at high speeds. Boats that tracks well, without needing constant course correction, allowing the Captain to quickly dodge floating debris and freeing him up to do other things is critical. An extra large cockpit that is efficient and uncluttered is also mandatory with these boats.

The correlation between the costs of these boats and the length is usually quite obvious. The length of a boat can help with its seaworthiness. It can be more important to maximize fishing features, even if you give up length to do it. In order to catch a fish you must go where they live. This may mean motoring out many miles from the nearest port. The power and range of an offshore boat is so important to a successful fishing trip. The NauticStar XS Offshore series will definitely get you where you need to be for that big predator fish. In saltwater fishing, as in real estate, the three most important keys to success are location, location, and location. The number one factor in finding these monsters is locating structure where they may be lurking. Other things like currents, water temperature and weather also play into a successful trip. NauticStar Offshore boats will get you out to the rigs where the best fish congregate. These are, by far, the most popular fishing spots in the saltwater community today.

Spear fishermen appreciate the transom showers and the stainless steel three step ladders, giving them easy access into the water. Sunbathers can enjoy the spacious toOffshore Fishing Pic (Medium)ilet/changing rooms, cushy bow seats, and JBL premium stereos with MP3/USB port. NauticStar blows the competition away with its fishability features. It even has a walk thru transom door, flip down bench seat with backrest, high pressure wash down, portside baitwell, insulated fish boxes, cast net storage and….more. All these combinations work together to make your fishing days more successful with much less work. Texas Marine has several of these boats for you to choose from. Call today if you would like to know more about the many options that these juggernauts have to offer.