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250 Chaparral SunCoast

The 250 Chaparral SunCoast is a deck boat that is huge in popularity, due to the fact that they hold so many people, 14 in this case, and do so while still being able to handle coastal conditions better than pontoon boats with comparable capacities. With outboard power, the 250 SunCoast OB is able to add even more interior space without sacrificing performance or handling.

Key Features

  • Wide band gelcoat in Black, Blue, Fire Red or Stealth Grey
  • Black, Blue, Fire Red, Graphite, or Sand interior color packages
  • Bow lounge cushions with storage
  • Built-in 140 qt. insulated cooler underneath
  • Table with side mount bases in the cockpit and bow
  • U-Shaped aft lounge seating with large storage compartment
  • Premium sound system
  • Integral Swim Platform
  • Color-coordinated Bimini top with windscreen and logo boot

Chaparral created the 250 SunCoast OB to meet the needs of boaters looking to acquire a premium deckboat with outboard power. Our tests show her to have the trademark Chaparral handling along with quality treatments to the interior that we’ve now come to expect from the brand.To see the boat test run on the 250 Chaparral SunCoast by article with accompanying video of the boats test ……………….Click Here

Chaparral 307 SSX Highlights

307_MAIN-3From its sweet lines to its innovative features the Chaparral 307SSX has boat of the year written all over it! This one comes fully loaded! You don’t need many options with this magnificently designed boat. Most of the amenities on the Chaparral 307 SSX are already added in as standard features. Just one example of this is the boats standard stainless steel windshield makes the boat look like a million bucks. Other amazing standard features are the Kevlar keel (for puncture resistance), solid surface headVacuFlush head, solid surface vanity, electric trim tabs and electric engine hatch just to name a few. Chaparral thought of everything with designing the 307 SSX including its unmatched storage space. Storage can be found in every nook and cranny with this boat. As you marvel at the dash on this boat consider the possibilities of it’s versatile seating design that is highlighted by a dual-wide captain’s chair.

SSX_307_WetBar Blog PicJust to top it off Chaparral added a sound system that rocks the dock and invites you to customize it til your heart’s content. The ice-chest storage in the picture can be converted into an actual refrigerator. Here is a great Chaparral 307 SSX Highlights video to watch……………Chaparral 307 SSX Video

Texas Marine Overview: Chaparral’s New H2O 21′

Texas Marine is proud to carry the new 21′ Chaparral H20 because it is absolutely one of a kind in quality, while still remaining affordable for the average consumer! It is a masterfully designed 21′ Spor21 H20 Sport (Custom)t high performance boat with an integrated MerCruiser engine offering more storage and legroom. Its filled with everything that made H20 one of the most popular series Chaparral has ever produced, as well as, newly added benefits and features. With this H20 series Chaparral has added to its premium reputation and created boats that are focused on value and affordability without sacrificing the quality that comes with the Chaparral name. If Mercedes can pull off this concept, then why not Chaparral? An idea like this can’t help but be successful and that is why the line is now expanding with the new 21’ platform H20, available in two different versions.

According to “For all the talk about “value pricing”, nothin21 Chaparral 6 (Custom)g was sacrificed in the handling department. The extended V-plane hull is the same as on Chaparral’s premium builds and therefore handling characteristics were left intact. She exhibits a 10-degree bow rise during acceleration and settles into a 5-degree bow high cruise attitude once on plane. Only a couple of shots up trim were all it took to get her into that attitude. She remains dry during turns, leaning only 10.5-degrees into the turn. Cutting through wakes I was able to get spray on the windshield but it did take some effort. When taking power off she settles back into the water stern first.” 

Texas Marine carries these Chaparral’s because they have incorporated many of their standard luxury features into this boat, such as, wraparound bow seat back cushions, padded armrests, 21 Chaparral 3 (Custom)upgraded stereo unit, bow anchor storage, custom gunwale paddling and storage compartments in the walk-thru areas plus their secure glove box. Most boats in this class have manual bilge pumps but not this boat it comes with bilge pump float switch. They have even put in courtesy LED lights throughout for their customers convenience. This boat is a real a real winner and is quickly becoming the talk of the waterways. Come by Texas Marine today and get you one of these beauties! 

 Some of the unique features on this boat are: 

  • Band Gel coat Colors like Biscayne Blue, Fire Red, Stealth Gray, Yellow
  • 70 qt. Cooler under Rear Bench Seat21 Chaparral 5 (Custom)
  • Stain Resistant Vinyl Seats
  • Custom Helm Seats designed for ultra comfort
  • Fiberglass Molded Bowrider area w/storage underneath
  • Ski storage in floor
  • AM/FM, CD Player, MP3 Jack Sound System
  • Custom Molded Fiberglass Dash in titanium color
  • Fog Resistant Lenses on Instrumentation
  • Tandem Axle Trailer with Brakes
  • Starlight Seat Cushions with water drainage factored in
  • Battery Switch
  • Digital Hour Meter
  • Power Steering

Boats in this size range usually come with very basic trailers. This one is actually in th21 Chaparral 4 (Custom)e premium category and it includes:
• Premium tires and rims.
• Black powder coating
• Tandem axles with brakes
• Swing-away tongue jack
• Submersible LED lights
• Side trailer guides

Texas Marine’s Destination Series: Lake Conroe

Lake ConroeThe bulk of this 21,000-acre reservoir is in unincorporated Montgomery County, two hours northwest of Beaumont. It’s named Lake Conroe because of its proximity to the nearby town of Conroe. Developed in 1973, after a terrible seven-year drought Houston had just survived, it was a joint venture between them and the local area. It was to be a water supply reservoir for Houston and a recreational lake for the locals. To that end, it has tremendously benefited both partners. The San Jacinto River Authority is the keeper of the lake and their site tells you all the conditions going on with the it daily. The website is regularly updated with current lake levels, wind direction, weather and temperature…more. The Lake Conroe area offers more than just boating too. The area is also home to the large Lake Conroe Outlet Mall and nearby lies the award winning shopping-mecca and planned development “The Woodlands“. You will always be running to catch up at this entertaining Lake resort destination.

Lake Conroe is a wildly popular recreation lake for water-skiers, sport boat enthusiasts, yachtsman, fisherman and even sail boaters. Your luxury Texas Marine 2013 Avalon Deco Series Ambassador Elite 25′ will feel right at home as you cruise around the numerous lakeside restaurants enjoying the live music. There are over a dozen marinas from which to fuel up and launch your Texas Marine 2014 Yamaha SX240. There are no shortages of places to stay at on the lake either. A huge variety of options dot the shoreline for lodging, from timeshares to lakesidSouthern Empress (Custom)e resorts. Some resorts make it possible for you to pull your boat up to the dock and walk into your hotel room or cabin. One of the newer resorts under construction is Fisherman Cove Lakeside Resort in Montgomery. It will have a swimming beach, playground with horseshoes, volleyball and gazebo, waterfront hotel and cabins with decks, 3100 sq. ft Clubhouse, swimming pool with Jacuzzi, miniature golf, bait shop, store, private boats slips, jet-ski rentals and so much more. If an amazing dinner experience is what you seek then take a dinner cruise on the “Southern Empress” paddle wheeler. Its a gorgeous fully restored triple-decker ship which serves dinner in the dining area mixed with great entertainment while cruising around the lake at sunset. This lake should be your ultimate destination spot for all things fun, an excellent choice for a family getaway.

Stow Away Marina Tourney (Custom)If fishing is your thing than you’ve come to the right place with Lake Conroe. Many Texas Marine customers make this their first stop after purchasing their extremely versatile 2013 Chaparral H20 18 Ski & Fish from Texas Marine. This lake is fairly competitive with other big tournament lakes, such as Rayburn or Toledo Bend. The fish on this lake can be just as formidable also. For example, the 2011 Stow-a-Way Marina tournament winners brought in a 45 lb catch, with just 5 mega fish, to win the contest. The lake record for Largemouth Bass is almost 16 lbs. This lake has anything you could ever desire in a destination. Come by Texas Marine today and lets get you going!



Texas Marine Parts & Products

Startron (Custom)STARTRON: Fuel Additive

Enzyme Treatment

With all the issues that come along with using Ethanol today STARTRON is not just a good idea, its almost a requirement.


The 4 main problems Ethanol causes are:

· Debris in Fuel
· Excessive Water in the Fuel and Phase Separation
· Ethanol Fuels Break Down Quickly
· Ethanol causes lost Power, Performance and Decreased Fuel Economy

STARTRON addresses all these and more. Ethanol is a powerful solvent and it strips away build up and disperses it back into the engines fuel. STARTRON enzymes breakdown debris into sub-micron sized particles that your engine can easily burn away.

Ethanol also attracts moisture, which forms an ethanol/water solution. It then mixes into your engines gasoline. It is usually somewhere around .5% water which is being held in suspension within your fuel. When the fuel cools significantly the mixture drops out of suspension to the bottom of your tank diluting the fuels octane. STARTRON reduces the molecular cluster size greatly, allowing the moisture to be disbursed throughout the fuel in sub-micron droplets which are safely eliminated.

Ethanol fuel breaks down over a short period of time. As ethanol evaporates the fuel loses octane and becomes stale causing hard starts, pinging and knocking. This can rob our engine of its much-needed power and cause damage. STARTRON is a powerful fuel stabilizer helping to prevent the fuel from breaking down for up to two years. It improves octane levels in stale, sub-standard or non-spec fuel. It can many times rejuvenate stale fuel restoring it to serviceable condition. This will prevent the engine hard starts, pinging and knocking plus keep power at peak performance.

STARTRON enzyme formula breaks down large clusters of fuel molecules creating more surface area. It allows additional oxygen to react during combustion resulting in a more complete burn of fuel. This improves fuel economy, engine power, throttles response and reduces toxic emissions. It will also remove carbon deposits keeping your engine clean. STAR TRON is the answer to all your ethanol problems. Come by Texas Marine and get yours today!!!

Fishing Photography

Field and StreamHere is some great photography tips on gaining the most benefit out of you fish photos from the Field and Stream guys:

“Photography and fishing have been intrinsically linked throughout history. Anglers traveling to beautiful, far-away, and nearby places have documented their surroundings and trophy catches for years. And everyone knows that bragging rights must be accompanied by photographic proof.Digital cameras have gotten faster, cheaper, and a whole lot more powerful. Almost everyone owns a camera and, therefore, everyone can be a photographer.

While most snapshots do a fine job of documenting a trip, why not up the ante and take better photographs? Creatively composed shots are not as complicated as one might think. By following and practicing the next twenty suggestions and tips, you’ll be outshooting your buddies in no time. Just be careful you don’t get too good or you might be doing more shooting than fishing.

Photo by Tim Romano on the 2014 Chaparral 307 SSX recently featured the 2014 Chaparral 307 SSX, recognizing it for its beauty and power. Just as the Hippocratic oath states “First, do no harm” the primary rule at Chaparral must certainly be “First, don’t make her ugly.” If she is not a beauty, then that new model will not be allowed out of the dock. To this end Chaparral has developed a distinctive profile and styling features that the marketplace has soundly approved. The second rule at Chaparral has to be “Make her look fast, even at rest.” The new Chaparral 307 SSX’s distinctive design speaks for itself. She is intended to appeal to a wide audience for family cruising, entertaining and water sports on rivers, lakes, and coastal waters. But there is more to this boat than a pretty face. They were particularly impressed with the many premium-like features that come standard on this model as well as the fairly priced optional upgrades and ease of handling.chaparral 307 SSX

The Captain’s Test Report gave these specific “Distinguishing Features”

• Custom-painted arch is standard

• Powered engine room hatch

• Powered aft seat/sun pad

• Kevlar laminated into the keel

• Double-wide helm and companion seating

• Sculptured hull sides

• Two storage compartments in cockpit sole

• Seating for 4 people in the helm and companion seating facing forward

When the crew took her out on the water they stated, “As always, we had to take the boat somewhere with calm water so we could get steady boat-to-boat camera footage, but the ride to that location was a choppy one. It gave us a perfect opportunity to get a feel for the 307 in an actual cruising environment, and the ride was impressive. She presented a surprisingly dry ride regardless of the angle the waves were coming from. Regardless of whether we ran her through a beam sea, following or even quartering sea she tracks surprisingly straight and true as hands were removed from the steering wheel. Even more surprising was how solid the 307 SSX felt. There was never a feel of pounding or people getting tossed about… just a smooth, stable ride through the chop. Granted, sea legs become a factor, but one of the crew on board casually walked from the stern to the bow just to get a better feel for the ride and there was no struggling with maintaining posture or position, and this is in over 30 mph through the chop. That says a lot for Chaparral’s deep-V hull design, and confirms my attitude that these boats have come a long way through the design phase. We can count on one hand the number of Bowriders that have sculptured hull sides. Historically boat builders have avoided designing hulls with reliefs because to do so requires extra expense and manufacturing complexity. Essentially most hulls slide out of female tooling much like Jell-O from one of Betty Crocker’s molds. In order to add the cool looking sculptured relief in the hull sides Chaparral has had to make a two-part hull mold. It is another one of the elements that sets the 307 SSX apart.”
To view the complete test results,