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Who Doesn’t Love A Great Grouper Recipe?

By: Donna Chance, Texas Marine Writer / Blogger

What is a Grouper:

Grouper is such an extremely popular and flavorful fish that some species have been largely overfished, in some areas of the Gulf. There are bag limits on Black Grouper (4 per day, minimum length 24”) and Gag Grouper (2 per day, 24” minimum); while Goliath Grouper (also known as Jewfish) and Nassau Grouper are strictly catch-and-release. Grouper recipes are hard to come by so we wanted to include on this month on our blog.

How to Catch a Grouper:

If you want to catch a big one, do it in style with a NauticStar offshore boat like the Legacy 2102, an outstanding deepwater performer with plenty of style, comfort and versatility. You get a ton of features that are important to the serious offshore angler wanting to catch one of these groupers. Here is a great link to get the details on catching grouper:

How to Cook a Grouper:

Here’s a great recipe for Grouper “Mediterranean style,” flavored with lemons, olives, capers and olive oil. You can substitute Flounder for the Grouper since both are delicate and flaky white flesh fish that will absorb all the rich Mediterranean ingredients. Everyone “Loves A Great Grouper Recipe,” so lets get going.

If you manage to hook on to a keeper, your family will love this way to prepare it!

Grouper Mediterranean Style


  • 1-1/4 pounds of fresh grouper fillet about 1 inch thick
  • 1 lemon 
  • 3/4 cup large green pitted olives 
  • 2 Tbsp capers 
  • ¼ cup extra virgin olive oil
  • 1/2 cup Italian parsley leaves 
  • salt and pepper to taste

To Prep:

Cut Grouper fillet into 4 individual equal serving size pieces and dry out on a paper towel, then season with salt and pepper. Zest and juice 1 lemon. Coarsely chop olives and the Italian parsley separately. Rinse off capers and drain on paper towel.

To Cook:

Use a saucepan over medium low heat. Combine lemon zest and juice, chopped olives, drained capers and ¼ cup of olive oil. Mix well and keep medium warm but DO NOT bring to a boil. Then using a sauté’ pan over medium high heat place the fillets down in the pan and cook at least 4 minutes on each side, no more than 8 minutes depending on the Grouper fillets thickness. It should look thoroughly brown on each side of the fish and the meat will flake off easily, using a knife. Be sure its not overcooked or undercooked. Put the fish on a serving dish and cover loosely, so its allowed to rest for a few minutes. Once it has rested about 6 or 7 minutes gently pour the sauce in your saucepan over the Grouper. Be sure and garnish your plate with the Italian parsley before you decide to serve it. Its best served immediately.

Popular Boat Series: The Deck Boat

Known for their blunt bow, large wide deck space and powerful V-bottom hulls; the deck boat is currently a top contender in the boating industry. Deck boats have wide decks in order to carry up to 12 passengers, but look and perform more like runabouts. They are visually plSun_224_Grill_13 (Medium) (Custom)easing while offering all the functional pleasures of any other type boat out there. “Thanks to the spacious seating in their open bow area and spacious swim platforms these vessels offer a huge seating area and can often accommodate as many people onboard as pontoon boats. But, they have a fast, maneuverable V-bottom hulls that skim over the water much like a Bowrider. They are powerful, too, making them excellent boats for skiing, tubing and wakeboarding or just ideal for stirring a breeze in a long cruise.” Source:

Deck boats and Runabout are extremely similar but their main difference is in their performance. Deck boats are built for comfort and are much wider than a Runabout (Bowrider). Runabouts are faster and sportier. Deck boats are also heavier than Bowriders. Deck boats could be thought of as a party on the water. They have everything from grills, loud premier stereo systems to bathrooms. The Chaparrel Sunesta 284 is a great entertaining Deck boat with dozens of luxury features. You can see more on this Deck boat…here. When describing the Deck boat, its promoters say “freedom is a Deck boat while horizon is a Bowrider.” The “F” in freedom can also stand for fun! The NauticStar 203 is one of the most versatile Deck boats on the market. Here is a video if you would like to see all its numerous features…more. They are also great for fishing. Some Deck boats are geared more specifically towards fishing and will typically include plumbed livewells, rodholders, wiring for trolling motors, and more.

322351_p_t_360x240_image03 (Custom)Like the Pontoon, the Deck boat is magnificent entertaining boat. When your guests are getting bored, at the lakehouse, pile them in your Deck boat and take off on a ski trip. If the kids are getting stir crazy, gather them into the boat and head off on a nutria rat safari; a grand adventure guaranteed to tame the savage beast in any wild child’s heart. There are so many scenarios in which the Deck boat would be the perfect fit. Deck boats are custom designed for with a comprehensive understanding of their function. If large crews and water sports is your thing, this is definitely the boat for you.

Texas Marine offers a wide variety of these type boats, such as NauticStar. Come by and let us show you a few of these boats in our showroom today.

The Bimini Top: Perfectly Fits Any Boating Lifestyle

Feature Bimini (Custom)The Bimini Top is a perfect addition to any boating lifestyle you find yourself venturing into. It is a lifesaver for Mom, when she hears the laughter of her family having so much fun they don’t want to go inbimini on pontoon, but Junior is getting a serious sunburn. They can be priceless for Dad, who is thrilled with the realization that the whopper he has been chasing all morning is within reach and suddenly a summer shower hits. Years ago boaters did not realize the benefits a Bimini Top can add to their enjoyment on the water. They almost looked at it as a nuisance item. These days, everyone is getting Bimini Tops because of the tremendous comfort level they give boaters during those hot sticky humid summer days. That added value to the boater’s outdoor experience is well worth the extra effort it takes to quickly pop up a top for protection and comfort. 

Bimini Top Manufacturing Video

Chapparal Sunbrela (Custom)

Texas Marine carries the highest quality Bimini Top sold today. A company called Carver makes it and it’s called the “Sunbrella.” The video above explains the painstaking process they take to build these tops at the level they do. Why don’t you come by Texas Marine Parts Dept. today and let us fit your boat with one of these amazing tops for your comfort and enjoyment. Just give us a call at (409) 898-7632 or come by today.

Popular Boat Types: The Wonderful World of Pontoon Boats

This is Middle-Americas version of a yacht! They are known for their large decks, spacious cushy lounge areas, tremendous entertaining capabilities, without sacrifice to the angler in the family. When you think of PontoonsArt Deco Speed (Small), imagine a living room floating on the water. Pontoons’ hallmark feature is comfort on the water with wrap-around like couches, lounges and swivel seats that beckon boaters to sit back, relax and enjoy a breezy sunset. Pontoons can offer slow lazy rides when economically priced with a smaller engine, which is why many boaters call them cruisers. When equipped with higher horsepower, they offer relaxation and speed with the power to go tubing or skiing.

These days, pontoons can be high speed powerful performers accommodating any water activity you can demand, including offshore fishing. The triple pontoon options allows its owners much more maneuverability and handling for a exciting ride. The pontoon boater can also listen to a Bluetooth stereo system while making a drink at the wetbar or grilling a steak on the starboard rear deck. Pontoons boats have optional toilets, refrigerators and even tent covers which can attach to the boat for camping. This is “NOT” your grandparents’ water cruiser any longer.

Pontoon Boat Demo Video

The fishing ability of these boats remain outstanding for any angler. TheyPontoon Grilling (Small) (2) include fishing chairs, rod boxes that lock, tackle boxes, color fishfinders, livewells, rodholders and more. However, in a pontoon boat, when your waiting for that infamous whopper to bite you can recline in a comfortable plush chair located in one of the various lounging stations, close your eyes, kick up your feet and wait for some fishing action to occur.

Pontoon Boat Fishing Video

Pontoon boats, in general, are extremely popular right now. Theyphoto (Small) are the fastest growing boat segment in the country. Texas Marine is the #1 Dealer of Avalon pontoon boats in the nation. The name Avalon means custom quality-made from top to bottom—pontoons, framing, furniture and more right in their local factory. They build superior quality pontoon boats for entertaining, fishing, swimming, tubing, picnicking, sunbathing, skiing, wakeboarding, or just cruising around. It also means every boat is made right in the USA. Come visit Texas Marine today and check out all the new advances Avalon Pontoon boats now have to offer. We have a large inventory to choose from.


Popular Boat Types: The Jet Boat

If a need for speed is what rocks your world, then try a jetboat for an amazing adrenaline rush. Jetboats are white-hot right now; sales grew by an amazing 36% in 2012 alone. Much of their popularity rests on the fact there is enormous power at your disposal and its delivered in a more efficient manner than any other boat out there. Skiing Jump YamahaAnother huge advantage is that you do not have to worry about a turning propeller giving you more room for a larger swimming platform. They are safer for swimmers, skiers, recreational boaters and marine life. It allows you to enter the boat easier and offers stress free docking. Also, boaters do not have to fear potential damage from hitting floating debris or becoming tangled in ropes or fishing lines. The jetboat has expanded access in shallower waters for tidal areas reaching into rarely fished territory.
The maneuverability of a jet drives, due to their force being so carefully directed, is unprecedented in personal watercraft. Their very responsive steering is ideal for skiers, coupled with a unique propulsion system to get them up, affording them many more options. They also produce the perfect wake for the most expert wakeboarders. A smoothly applied thrust in these boats give you better control in narrow waterways. These type drives are much easier on engines, transmissions, hulls and other parts of the boat giving you less maintenance and wear. Jetboats make less noise on board and under the water. They also reduce vibration levels because the impeller rotates at higher speeds than propellers and is placed into an enclosed precision fitted housing. The water is pressurized, developing thrust, within the jet itself. This allows for better water displacement and more comfortable ride. To watch a video on the advantages of jetboats click on the link below.

Texas Marine is one of the largest Jetboat dealers in the nation. Yamaha jetboats sell more, in the 21’ class, than any other brand out there. Yamaha has become known for their many new innovations in the marine industry. These boats have so many brilliantly engineered features that they even won a 2013 Innovation Award. As Yamaha’s jetboat designs begin hitting the market their quality and performance became self-evident. Their jet drives have fewer moving parts than the typical motor and are much easier to maintain. Yamaha’s propless propulsion system delivers huge advantages in the area of versatility. One of the most popular Yamaha jetboats on the market is the SX240, as seen in the video above.

Most boaters are surprised to learn just how comfortable and spacious jetboats can be. They are far from the typical stereotype conjured up in ones imagination of a racing boat. These guys are loaded  with all the features of a runabout, but with precision steering and speed. Yamaha jetboats, in particular, come with luxurious features like the ones listed below:

· Cruise Assist2013 Innovation Award (Custom)
· GPS Receiver
· Glove Box
· Tilt Steering
· Deck Lighting
· Electronic Speedometer
· Walk-through Bow Door
· Depth Finder and Compass
· Integrated Swim Platform
· Stern (Wet) Storage
· Upholstered Cushioned Backrests
· Cupholder and Hydro-Turf® Mats
· Anchor and Rope Lockers
· Enclosed Head Compartment
· Integrated Removable Cooler
· Removable Dinette Table with Pedestal
· Snap-in Soft Marine-grade Carpet
· Adjustable Captain’s Chair with Flip-up Bolster
· Bow Filler Inserts for Multiple Seating Configurations
· Satellite Capable Clarion® Stereo w/remote, MP3/USB Input, 4 Premium Marine Speakers

Come by Texas Marine today and let us show you one of these or any of the various other models Yamaha has to offer.

Popular Boat Types: The Runabout Boat

These are one of the most popular boats at Texas Marine, thanks to the “spacious seating in their open bow (front) area. Swim platforms at the stern (back) are handy for swimming, donning skis or just dangling toes in the water when at anchor. Sterndrive power is the norm, but outboard engines are becoming increasingly popular for power. Bowriders are pure boating fun.” Source:

The many virtues of a Runabout…

Texas Marine carries a large inventory of Runabouts because this boat does it all, fishing, skiing, running about! When you hear about these boats, think luxurious entertaining on the water. Any features you could want— Runabouts can offer. This includes watching a movie while serving drinks from your wetbar and listening to steaks sizzling on the grill in the background. Simply plug your phones’ hotspot in, using the DC power converter, and fire up the computer to watch the latest on hulu, netflix or a DVD. Your computer can safely be stored in a waterproof case from Amazon or Ebay.

If skiing is on the entertainment to do list, it can be successfully accomplished with any high performance Runabout from Texas Marine. Texas Marine carries two of the top brands on the market in this style boat, Chaparral and Yamaha. Yamaha will also be featured in our Jet Boat blog because of the incredible power behind this boat brand.  This link will take you to Texas Marines’ runabout page where you can see the various models both these brands offer…more.

Here is a small list of the many Runabout features you can obtain for one of these boats:

· Wetbar                                                                                      Yamaha Jet Boat Skiing (Custom)
· Compass  
· Ice Maker
· Refrigerator
· DC Power Plug
· Cockpit Gas Grill
· Extended Swim Platform
· Digital Depth Indicator (In tact)
· Garmin VHF Radio with Antenna
· Pull-Up Cleats for Swim PlatformFish-150x150 (Small)
· Underwater Lights 2 Each- Blue LED                                                      
· Transom Shower with Stainless Steel Hose
· Premium Sound System: AM/FM CD Player
  with Remote Control Display, MP3 Jack, and
  (4) Coaxial Speakers (Compatible For Sirius Satellite)
· Premium Vinyl Cockpit Upholstery with Nano-Block Technology™

Boating Helps You Relax…

“It’s hard not to relax when you’re on a boat. Out on the water there are no faxes, no computers and no interruptions. There is the open water, fresh air and the sun warming your face. The sense of freedom and adventure you cannot find anywhere else is just priceless. Whether looking for blissful deadline-free days, or pulse-quickening adventures, a runabout is your answer. After all, you’re the captain when you buy your own boat. The only rules are the ones that you make and, those, you’re free to break.

With a runabout, great getaways and destinations are just a weekend away. You may be just a few miles from home, but it feels like you’re a million miles away from the hustle and bustle of your daily routine. Boating fun means finding the freedom to be your best.”


This is the family boat you have been looking for. Texas Marine has dozens of these boats in stock, from the unique Chaparral H20, to our larger Signature Series 307 model. Come by Texas Marine today and let us show you the various models on the market today. Let us help you make your boating dreams a reality.

Yamaha Outboard Sales Event

Texas Marine is participating in the “Yamaha Reliable Choice Sales Event” going on right now! For a limited time if you purchase an eligible new Yamaha Outboard you can choose between 5 years of warranty protection or up to $2000 in credit. In 2013,the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA®) and Boating Writers International (BWI) honored Yamaha Marine Group with its Innovation Award in the outboard motor category during the 23rd annual International Boatbuilders’ Exhibition and Conference (IBEX®). 

Yamaha makes some of the best engines on the water today. Since the early 1980’s Yamaha has won over 22 industry Innovation Awards. There website states “For nearly 30 years, Yamaha has led the industry in innovation, but we can’t take all the credit. It’s our boaters’ high expectations that drive us to improve our game. To make it faster, more efficient, more exhilarating and more reliable.” These engines are top of the line reliable performers and now is the time to buy one!

The 5 year warranty or $2000 credit promotional offer is going on from January 1, 2014 to
March 31, 2014. Just in time for spring, you can be ready to hit the water in style knowing that you are making the right choice with a Yamaha Outboards. Come on over to Texas Marine and check out our Yamaha engines today!!!
Yamaha Sales Event (Small)

Popular Boat Types: The Versatile Bay Boat

There are so many types of boats on the market that one could never touch on all of them. This blog series will attempt to highlight the various types relevant to Southeast Texas and Southwest Louisiana. By far, one of the top boat types in demand here is the ever-popular Bay Boat! According to Discover Boating’s website, “Bay fishing boats are specialized and most popular in coastal areas where snook, redfish, tarpon, sea trout, permit and bonefish live. They can float and run in water less than two feet deep and are ideal for fishing with three people on board. A bay boat reserves little room for creature comforts, giving large casting decks on the bow and stern, plus tackle storage, rod holders and livewells instead of upholstered seating and carpet.” It is all about the fishing with this boat. However, there are now a few new models at Texas Marine designed with luxury in mind, such as the NauticStar 210 Coastal. It offers ammenities like cushioned seats and wide V-Berths for increased comfort while still maintaining perfect fish ability.

These days, Bay boats have become a hot commodity with the bass fishing community also. Bay boats are very versatile and can be utilized quite efficiently in fresh water. They are low profile, inshore fishing boats. They are intended for protected coastal waters because of their construction, in contrast to the open ocean. However, this type construction with rolled edges and flat decks is just as effective at the lake, inshore and offshore. In boat blogger John Brownlee’s words “Bay boats have proven incredibly popular with people who love fishing in shallow water, but who aren’t necessarily interested in sight-casting to tailing bonefish all the time. Bay boats are adept al all but the shallowest of inshore tasks and can be called upon for almost anything else…you have the ability to venture into a larger body of water with less fear of being caught in a sudden storm. The higher freeboard gives you more security.”

Texas Marine is the #1 dealer of NauticStar Bay boats in the entire nation. NauticStar standard of quality has earned them the top spot as the #1 Bay Boat sold in all of Texas and Louisiana. In their own words they are “Superbly engineered boat lines to fit your lifestyle. Whether you’re an avid fisherman, a professional or someone who enjoys hitting the water with family and friends.” One of Texas Marines’ most popular is the 214 XTS Shallow Bay boat and its exceptional for fishing in skinny water. This boat can maneuver through some of the narrowest shallow water areas you can find in the Sabine River bottoms without sacrificing performance and stability. It is the perfect crossover boat for fresh or salt water. Its loaded with features such as 2 built in aerated live wells, bait well, bow fish box, 3 jump seats and 20 rod holders plus so much more.

Another popular brand Texas Marine sells is Shoalwater. There is just something magical about skimming over a clear tequila colored skinny water flat, deep in the estuaries of the Gulf Coast. You must experience that moment to believe it. Most in the boating community have never experienced it because they don’t know where to find a boat that can go that shallow. If you know where to look they are quite plentiful. Texas Marine stocks more Shoalwater boats than any other dealer in the nation. The Shoalwater’ 23’ Cat design has become a top seller for a good reason. You can have the best of both worlds with this one. Shallow water fishing without having to feel crowed. When fishing Galveston Bay, with a buddy, this can be a huge asset because it is a specific type of boat capable of skimming across some of the shallowest backwater flats imaginable. This boat can be “launched and run in a mud puddle,” as one skinny water forum post recently put it. The Shoalwater 15′ Bay boat weighs in at around 550 pounds. If you pair it with a small motor, it can reach the most isolated rarely fished locations. Polling anything heavier to fish these flats will wear out even the most determined angler. Light boats, like Shoalwater, are much more productive in these type waters.

Fishing a Bay boat in freshwater is a bit tricky and depends largely on the boat model. You may have to do some rigging on your own to make it more accommodating for bass fishing, but that too depends on the angler. Some say installing rails around the boat, for rodholders when trolling, bimini top for hot days and just making lake fishing easier is the way to go. These boats make the best all-purpose boats any crossover angler could want. They work in the largest lakes and reservoirs, rivers (like the Mississippi), Oxbows and private lakes. They are able to meet any demand except the open ocean. Heck, you can even rig some of these Bay boats up for catching gator.

Come on by today and let Texas Marine show you these  top performing all purpose boats for your next excursion.

Cracking the Code…

Many people believe that the letters found stamped on the barrel of a Yamaha engine prop are representative of its name. An example of this would be the “V MAX SHO” propeller and how often it is referred to as a “T-1” prop by bass fisherman. However, this is an inaccurate assumption concerning those mysterious little codes. They are actually used by the engineers at Yamaha to refer to the outside diameter of that propellers exhaust tube. 

01DIAMETERMany outboards utilize “through-hub” exhaust, meaning that the exhaust travels through the gearcase and out the center of the prop. The diameter of the gearcase exhaust opening is referred to as “gearcase size” and runs between 3”- 4.75” in size. 

Engines using hub exhaust typically have the same outer diameter as the gearcase opening. A V6 outboard has a 4.75” exhaust opening; they are referred to as a “four and three-quarter” gearcase. The props that fit them are referred to as “four and three-quarter” props also. So, to help differentiate between the, Yamaha takes the additional step and uses letter codes to indicate each size.  

Below are examples representing gearcase code: 

F is 3 inches (i.e. F25)
G is 3.5 inches (i.e. F30-F60)
K is for 4.25 inches (F70-F115)
M/T is 4.75 inches (i.e. F150-F300)
X is 5.25 inches for industrial exclusive V8 outboards

Taking all this into account, the same size designator can appear on many different series’ of Yamaha’s props. Their Saltwater Series II can V MAX SHO props both carry the T designation on the barrel. They are used on the same size gearcase, but in completely different applications. 

Keep all this in mind the next time your fishing buddy describes his prop to you as a “T-1” prop. You may just be able to school him on how to crack that mysterious little code.


Cutting Edge Boats!

From superyachts to submarines it appears we are on the cutting edge of a new paradigm in boat design. The concept boats and already on the market designs seem to come right out of the pages of the latest science fiction novel. The oceans of the world are about to become a waterpark. Are we on the verge of conquering this last frontier. Some of the boats you will see in this blog seem to indicate that is exactly what is beginning to occur. In 50 years, we could be crossing oceans individually like they were interstate highways. Here is just a few of the latest designs bringing one to this conclusion. 

The newest superyacht, designed by Pritzker, trolls thSuper Yacht (Small)e Mediterranean as if it were a pond. It jets around from Monaco to Cyprus and back to Sardinia with no worries about time constraints or international borders. Its futuristic style of interwoven bands hide the primary decks from the prying eyes of the paparazzi without blocking the occupants view of the outside. They also give this ship the ultimate in privacy space for entertaining, hanging out or just relaxing.  

Another great example of futuristic design is the Trilobis 65 by Giancarlo Zema, an ItTrilobis 65 (Small) (Custom)alian naval architect. Similar to Pritzker’s design there is plenty of camouflaged areas where occupants have fantastic views, while their privacy is optimized within. This one comes equipped with an underwater section for entertaining while guest experience aquarium like views of the ocean beneath. 

Here’s a great “superyacht” for your family. The Avalon double-decker “Funship!” This water playground is everything great funship (Small)a family could want for a unique day of fun in the sun. It is a blast, from the waterslide to the doublewide second story lounging deck with built-in speakers and remote controls.  You could not ask for anymore out of this one; Avalon thought of it all. Come by Texas Marine and inquire about how to obtain one of these Avalon Funships today. 


ego-submarine-sea (Small)This awkward looking, yet exciting, new boat for underwater enthusiasts called the Ego Semi-Sub model by Raonhaje is still pretty cost prohibitive. The company website says “if you have to ask you probably can’t afford it.” It is small and all the parts remain above water reducing the normal risk of  this type of underwater transportation. The top of this electric powered boat is large enough to utilize in the same way you would a normal boat. However, this wonderful little jewel has a huge bubble like underwater section which seats two comfortably for viewing what is going on just beneath the surface. It seems very probable that in the near future costs will go down substantially and we could be seeing these everywhere. 

Here is a fun one! The “Shark X” was designed to mimic the motion of dolphins diving then thrusting itself up high above Shark X (Small)the water’s surface playfully. If they can do it, why not us? It was designed for a higher performance then any other semi-sub on the market and a more aggressive shark style body. Here is a great video to help you grasp the unique ability of this one of a kind semi-sub. 

Semi-Sub Video

If  jetting above the surface at high speed is what you want—
Look no further than a Yamaha Jet boat from Texas Marine. We have the largest selection around. Come by Texas Marine today and let us show you a few of these gorgeous jet boats and the new 2014 designs. 

PERSONAL SUBMARINES Scubster (Small) (Custom)
There actually is several personal submarines on the market today. Still in the beginning stages they can range from millions to thousands. One of the more affordable models is the Scubster. A small sub that seats two and travels at 6 mph because it is peddle powered. Its great for scootering around at twenty foot depths and for this reason divers love it.  When you think of this one, think underwater bicycle. A team of french engineers developed it and it is quite intriguing. Click on the following link to view a video of this quirky new sub…..more

The worlds firstHyper-Sub (Small) (Custom) high speed long distance individual sub recently came out. It is called the Hyper-Sub. The companies site does not discuss price but calls it a luxury purchase, like buying an airplane. However, it seems like this is the  breakthrough that personal subs have been needing to individualize this type craft. It is mainly being marketed to the oil and gas energy exploration industry to assist in maintaining pipelines.

Just for fun we saved the best for last with the all new Flyboards. Here is the Flyboards (Small)latest video that recentally went viral with over a million hits. The Flyboard HD Video