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2017 Texas Marine Brokerage Fishing Retreat

By: Donna Chance, Texas Marine Writer / Blogger

The Retreat:

The Texas Marine Brokerage Team went on a saltwater fishing retreat, last weekend. It was a huge success, filled with fish and fun. All 3 locations of the Texas Marine Brokerage staff were invited to attend this annual event. They had 2 boats with 2 Captains from Captain Anthony Busceme’s Black Dog Guide Service. The headed out early and went fishing on Lake Calcasieu at “The Weirs” near Hackberry, Louisiana.


Also known as Big Lake, it is 80 square miles of angler heaven. Many think it has some of the best Redfish, Trout and Flounder fishing in the world. In Texas, when you manage to catch all 3 of these gamefish in one day there is a nickname for it,  The Texas Grand Slam or The Triple Play!

The Captain:

Texas Marine uses the captains on the BlackDog team because they are full time professional fishing Captains. They make their living making you smile and always give our team an experience to remember. There are marshes and backwaters at Lake Calcasieu of pure saltwater magic, filled with schooling Redfish, waiting to give you the ride of your life. The magic happens due to the lakes large body of water having to flow through such a small bottleneck, such as the Lake Calcasieu ship channel.

On the Texas Marine Brokerage trip this year the gang brought in a 9 lb. Catfish! They also caught dozens of Redfish and some very large Flounders. It wasn’t quite a Grand Slam but it was a wildly successful day of fishing, non- the-less. Everyone on the trip had a blast and they are ready to go back next year. Good times, good memories and good company was the consensus of the 2017 annual Texas Marine Brokerage fishing retreat.