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Statewide Fish Art Contest Winners for K-12

Texas Kindergarten through 12th grade students competed in an art contest that was put on by “The Art of Conservation” group to encourage kids to get involved in conservation efforts. They were ask to create a work of art containing any of the freshwater fish that inhabit our state. Grade 4 and above were also ask to turn in an essay on their particular fish. They were suppose to include any conservation efforts that may be occurring with their fish species in Texas.

The judges were the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center in Athens. The entries were broken up into the judging groups, Kindergarten through 3rd grade, 4th-6th, Middle School and High School. The winners are below:

Kindergarten – 3rd Grade Winner

3rd Grade Winner






4th Grade – 6th Grade Winner

winner 4-6






Middle School Winner

Winner 7-9






High School Winner

Winner 10-12






Each participant got an artificial fishing lure and a certificate. To view all the winners…Click Here

SE Texas scores 3 of Top 100 Fishing Spots in U.S.

The nationally ranked top 100 fishing spots in the nation were recently released and Southeast Texas scored 3 of them.  The entire state of Texas has many more than that.  Here they are in ranking order:

#8 Galveston Island State Park – TX
Galveston Island State Park Information…….Click Here

#50 Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge – TX
Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge…………..Click Here

# 66 Lake Livingston State Park – TX
Lake Livingston State Park………………..Click Here

There are so many wonderful places to hike, fish, swim, boat and camp in Southeast Texas and East Texas. It is hard to choose just one. Be sure and take the time to check out one of these newly ranked finds, however. There is plenty of fascinating things to do in these three areas and you will enjoy yourself regardless of which one you choose to explore.

Avalon Catalina Cruise Pontoon

The mid-range Catalina Cruise is frequently mistaken for a very expensive model. This full-size 8 1/2′-wide model features our exclusive Deco-style walls and large 25″ pontoons. Catalina CR has great interior features, including a fiberglass driver’s helm with woodgrain dash, a Bluetooth sound system, plush seating with aluminum seat frames, and exclusive Matrix 50 Vinyl.


Below is a list of other popular features:

  • In-floor ski storage (center tube only)
  • Pull up SST cleats
  • Ottoman roller cooler
  • Cooler – 25 quart
  • Cooler – 12 quart
  • Movable cup holders (SST)
  • Movable cup holders (plastic)
  • Lighted cup holders
  • SST cup holders
  • Quick release fender holders
  • SST grill (choice of wall or pedestal mounted)
  • Privacy station curtain & frame
  • Livewell under seat bench
  • Refreshment center
  • Refreshment Center w/ electric wine rack
  • Refrigerator center
  • Trash can in lounge arm
  • Umbrella for table
  • Wash down kit with sprayer and pump
  • Water Mist System
  • Wine rack in lounge arm
  • Half gate at front w/ plug for trolling motor
  • Flagpole
  • Ski/Tow bar

Come by Texas Marine today and check out the great line of Avalon boats we have at our dealerships for you to view.

Underwater Photography Guide

Here is a quick and easy “Underwater Photography Guide” with some steps for beginners to get started with. This blog is assuming you already have your camera, underwater housing and other various equipment in place. Also, when shooting underwater keep in mine how comfortable you are in the water. Practice your own water skills, that is half the battle in getting great underwater shots.

1. Try to get about 3 feet away from your subject matter and make sure your flash is on. The flash is what gives you those vivid colors you see in professional shots.

2. Only shoot in clear water and make sure your subjects eyes are in focus. That should get you where you need to be with the rest of the shot.

3. Learn to use your macro mode on your camera. This needs to be set correctly. More than likely it will need to be set from 2″ to 2′ but be sure your camera is zoomed all the way out.

4. Set your flash to the auto-white balance not cloudy setting. If you can afford an external flash it really makes a huge difference. Without a flash of some sort photos will look blue.

5. Just use the auto or AV mode for the aperture priority setting.

6. Try to get eye level with your subject with subject facing you if possible. Try to fill up the frame with your subject matter.






What? Texas has the most Gorgeous Reefs in Continental U.S?

Talk about your hidden gems~

“What? Texas has the most Gorgeous Reefs in Continental U.S?”  Yes! They are right off the coast, south of Sabine Pass. What about all those oil wells and that nasty spill? Well the “Flower Gardens Marine Sanctuary” reef system is doing just fine and looking quite well in all its colorful splendor. This system is one of the most important coral reef systems in the world because of its widespread diversity and spawning capabilities. The Gulf of Mexico’s Flower Gardens is a veritable Garden of Eden, as reefs go.

Only discovered in the late 19th century, this reef system is still largely unknown to the nations general population.  Local Texas and Louisiana Divers have been going there for over a quarter of a century, as a popular hotspot. The name came from grouper and snapper fisherman who could see the colorful coral beneath their boats, which resembled a beautiful sprawling flower garden. The reef is more than 170 feet deep in places and there are several reefs in the system. A few of the reefs are continuously connected by a low ridge of reefs near the base, which has just recently been discovered. This lower segments of the reef have now begun to be explored. This reef is teeming with life of all varieties. On any given day, you will find almost 300 species of fish, 1 different species of crustaceans, 4 types of sponges and a huge variety of sharks, rays and skates. The Sea Turtle is a regular resident of this interesting underwater community, as well as the famous Whale Shark. Giant Manta Rays can also be found there.

If you have not checked into this unbelievable natural resource for your family and friends to visit you may book a trip at the links supplied by NOAA below or simply watch a movie about it. Everyone needs to know about this amazing national marine sanctuary that has remained virtually hidden from the public’s eye for more than 100 years. Click on the sites below and do a little exploring of your own. This is a great place to visit and learn about.


To Book a Trip to the Flower Gardens…………….Click Here

To watch a Video on the Flower Gardens………………Click Here

Gulf of Mexico Artificial Reefs

Who Knew?!? Texas has an extensive Gulf of Mexico Artificial Reefs program dating all the way back to the 1990’s. It was specifically designed to promote, develop, maintain, monitor and enhance the artificial reef potential of Texas offshore waters.

How does the Gulf benefit from these artificial reefs you ask? Well, natural coral reefs in tropical systems are normally found in shallow and warm water environments where the sun can penetrate them. The Gulf coast near Texas is much cooler, sometimes dropping to 60 degrees in the winter. The murkier water keeps the sun from penetrating it very well. This is a bad combination for a natural reef system to survive in, let alone thrive.

The Gulf of Mexico is home to thousands of plants and animals that desperately need an environment to cling to so that they can fulfill their life cycles. The Gulf has very few naturally occurring reef systems, such as the Flower Gardens near the coast of Galveston.  This artificial reef program gives invertebrates, corals, sponges, clams, crabs, jellyfish, hydroids and also bryozoans the hard surface they require grow and reproduce in. Even more importantly their energy then provides for others in the food chain. This creates a thriving culture in species such as snapper, grouper, mackerel, sharks and many more. Also, divers, anglers, spear-fisherman and many others then enjoy the benefits of these larger species as they provide enjoyment and food for years to come.

Here is more on the program at the TPWD website……………………..Click Here

The Amazing Chaparral 307 SSX

This is the latest highly developed masterpiece by Chaparral, which has a distinctive profile. The style of this model features items which the marketplace strongly desires. She looks and rides like a speed machine. There is so much more to this particular boat than looks, come try it out today at Texas Marine.

Key Feature

  • 8 Stainless pull up cleats
  • Sound system with CD player and USB and MP3 plug
  • Custom color coordinated painted aluminum arch tower
  • Carry on 36 qt. cooler with dedicated storage
  • Cockpit table with storage and side mount bases
  • Convertible rear “sun lounge” seating
  • U-shaped port aft lounge seating with storage
  • Custom leather polished spoke tilt steering wheel with cover
  • Gelcoat in Black, Biscayne Blue, Roulette Red, Teak or Stealth Gray