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Hooked On You ???

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The next time you get a fish hook stuck in your skin, try one of these methods to get it out.

This weekend, you might be heading out to a lake, river or coastal waters for your first weekend of spring fishing. When you’re going through your tackle box or casting out line or just doing whatever, you might get a fish hook stuck in your skin. It happens to the best of us, and when it does you need to know the most effective way to get the fish hook out. This above infographic created by Australian fishing blog Dinga Fishing & Stuff shows how “real men remove fish hooks stuck in the skin.” We’ll let you be the judge of that. Regardless, these could come in handy.

Texas Marine Team

Jason Slone, Sales Specialist
Nickname: “Slonedog Millionaire”

Jason Slone recently moved from Dallas to Lake Conroe in Walden. Along with the move came his first baby boy, Dodger Ray Slone. Jason is married to his beautiful wife, Stacy Slone, a biology teacher and girls basketball coach at The Woodlands High school.

Jason’s background in business is extensive. He has owned Gym, Land Development Co., Real Estate Investing Co., Carwash and a Software Solutions Co. Jason has a finance degree from Georgetown College and was Captain of the Football Team when they won a “National Championship.”

Jason says “I joined Texas Marine in 2013 because I love the sun, water and people that enjoy life. I saw a big vision for Texas Marine and appreciate a fair approach to boat ownership and a mission of helping great people enjoy a great product with great value. So, let’s get it!”

Texas Seatrout & Guadalupe River Trout Fishery Bag Limits

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Thanks to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission, daily Seatrout limits have been set at five, extending the current limit in the Lower Laguna Madre area to the Highway 457 Bridge. The limit is still 10 per day from the land cut to Louisiana.

There is also a temporary two-year closure of oyster harvesting in parts of Matagorda Bay, plus an extension of the two flound29933_401555468446_5417849_n (Mobile)er per day bag limit restrictions currently in effect.

The state’s only year-round freshwater trout fishery has also received modifications: there’s now a 12- to 18-inch slot length limit with a five-fish daily bag limit, and harvest is only allowed by artificial lures.  In addition, only one trout over 18 inches can be retained.

These changes come at a time when spring fishing is just getting in full gear, as Texas prepares for yet another busy fishing season, full of opportunities to catch some exciting and unique fish.

For more info: Texas Parks and Wildlife Link

BBB Honors Area Students at “Laws of Life” Banquet

The Better Business Bureau held their annual “Laws of Life” essay program banquet April 17th at the Event Centre. They had over 4500 essays entered from 6th-8th graders across Southeast Texas school districts. There were 15 student essays chosen from the thousands of submissions. The first place winner was 7th grader Meagan Do of St. Mary Catholic School in Orange. The second place winner was Whitney Flanigan from Orangefield Junior High. Finally, third place went to Kaylea Rowe from Kirbyville Junior High.

The winning essay was about the compassion and love of family and how it helped them developed this law for life. The winner wrote of her struggles and that the laws of compassion and love helped her to obtain victory over them. The second place essay was on about the challenges of looking and acting different than your peers. There law of life was that being different was okay as long as you were true to yourself. Lastly, the third place essay was about the many experiences that come with living in a foster home with children who have been abused and neglected. The law of life for them was being grateful for all that you have.

The “Laws of Life” is an ethics-based essay initiative to help kids examine their core values. Through this program they are given tools to guide them into assessing positive character traits and ethics. This program is part of the BBB’s future workforce programming initiative TOGGLE 2.0 (Teaching Our Generations Great Leadership Ethics).

The other winners who shared their essays the night of the banquet were:

· Vidor Middle School, Reagan Alston-6th grader
· Vincent Middle School, Christian Adame-7th grader
· Legacy Christian School, Kaitlyn Gans, 8th grader

Along with the students the teachers and school campuses were also honored as outstanding individuals and schools who promote character development and ethics. The program sponsors includes Texas Marine, APAC-Texas, Bill Clark Pest Control, DuPont Goodrich Credit Union, Mason Construction, Previty Clinic for Surgical Care,

Marine Sound System Technology

Today’s modern marine sound systems have morphed into something we have ever been able to offer in the past, due to modern technology. When choosing marine systems, boaters should ask some specific questions. Questions like specifications, frequency response, water/weather resistance, and sensitivity rating can all be important components to choosing a great marine stereo system. Texas Marine sells many speakers and systems for your particular needs.

Some of the best systems on today’s market with the latest technology are Audiopipe systems. They take pride in being known as the “listen and then develop” brand. This is because most of the products developed come from the ideas of installers and consumers. They strive to satisfy the consumer’s needs at all levels. The systems produce power that is out the roof and they also incorporate new technology. They have features like docking pads, MP3 playing abilities, marine amplifiers, LED lighting, Ipod and Iphone ready, USB aux in, UV protection, remote controls and so many more. You can’t beat their price for the value either.

The Audiopipe 200 watt 6.5” coax 2-way titanium dome diaphragm tweeter and water resistant speaker is one of the Texas Marine best sellers. Pair it with a 1200-watt mini design amplifier and a 100-watt Marine AM/FM Player with wireless smartphone connection you have the perfect sound system; its second to none in the industry. Come by the Texas Marine parts department and check out a Marine sound system corner. You will be pleasantly surprised at the various choices Texas Marine parts store can show you.

Texas Marine: Conroe Remodel Details

The Conroe Texas Marine dealership has been completely remodeled to get it ready for another outstanding season this spring! The Conroe facilities have been dramatically improved to further enhance the shopping experience of our valued customers. The dealership has undergone a total transformation, to project its success, which is appropriate for a regional powerhouse and the customers we serve. From top to bottom boaters will enjoy this exceptional open and spacious look. A brand new reception area has been added to the main showroom. Every customer walking in is greeted and assisted from this new station. It also serves as a central information hub for our many departments, inside the dealership.

With plenty of inventory now available, for your viewing pleasure, there is nothing we cannot find for our regional boating community. The main showroom as undergone an extensive makeover, complete with beautiful new floors, redesigned fixtures and a remodeled ceiling. Our selection of top quality boats has never looked better than under the lights of this high-end showroom. A additional new state of the art boating accessories store has been designed, so as to further expand our large selection of boating parts and accessories.

Lake Conroe has some of the most vibrant and experienced boaters in Texas. We want to earn the respect and trust of these avid water enthusiasts. In order to better serve them we reached out for suggestions on how to bring the dealership up to their expectations. We here at Texas Marine are proud to announce our new look to the region and feel we have exceeded their expectations. The exterior of the Conroe store has been updated, to reflect the popular themes of today’s boaters. From the Highway, customers will notice a facility that stands out from the rest of the crowd of businesses. We are including pictures for your convenience; but please come on by and get a look up close and personal today. We would love nothing more than to visit with you about your boating lifestyle.

Texas Marine Remodel 015 (Small) Texas Marine Remodel 016 (Small) Texas Marine Remodel 017 (Small) Texas Marine Remodel 018 (Small) Texas Marine Remodel 019 (Small) Texas Marine Remodel 020 (Small) Texas Marine Remodel 021 (Small) Texas Marine Remodel 022 (Small) Texas Marine Remodel 023 (Small) Texas Marine Remodel 024 (Small) Texas Marine Remodel 025 (Small) Texas Marine Remodel 026 (Small) Texas Marine Remodel 010 (Medium) Texas Marine Remodel 008 (Medium) Texas Marine Remodel 004 (Medium) Texas Marine Remodel 012 (Medium) Texas Marine Remodel 009 (Medium) Texas Marine Remodel 007 (Medium) Texas Marine Remodel 005 (Medium) Texas Marine Remodel 002 (Medium)

Texas Marine Team

Jerry Spiller, Store Manager
Clear Lake/Seabrook Location

Jerry is the store manager at Texas Marine Clearlake. He has been at Texas Marine for about 2 years.  Jerry was born and raised in England. He came to the United States in 1992. While he was in England he served in the British Army. He has actually served in the British Army for 16 years.

Jerry spent 20 years in the car business before he came to the boating industry. He has been married for 35 years and had 3 grown children. He has now been blessed with two grandchildren also. Jerry enjoys spending time with his family and grandkids.

Destination Series: Lake Livingston

Lake Livingston is one of the better fishing lakes in the state of Texas. It’s approximately 80 miles north of Houston and helps supply water to Houston, Galveston and the river’s lower valley. The lake is 39 miles long, 7 miles wide and is operated by the Trinity River Authority. There is about 450 miles of shoreline, so visitors never feel crowded. It does not matter which part of the lake you are at; there is plenty of wide-open spaces for all to enjoy. Dubbed by locals a “Water Wonderland” it covers 93,000 acres and is located in 4 counties. Gorgeous homes, spacious clean campgrounds and marinas dot the shoreline. You can do everything here, from fishing, skiing, camping, swimming, and horseback riding to wakeboarding.

Its almost a given, whoever fishes this lake will be successful. According to Texas Parks and Wildlife article Where the Fish Are,” written earlier this year, “Lake Livingston water level should remain fairly stable this year giving good access to the Largemouth and White Bass, Crappie, Channel and Blue Catfish. Water is fairly clear; 60–64 degrees; 0.32’ high. Black bass are fair on crankbaits, spinner baits, and Rat–L–Traps. Striped and White Bass are slow. Crappies are very good on minnows. Blue catfish are good on shad. Yellow catfish are slow.” Lake Livingston was even featured on the TV show “River Monsters” because of their interesting fish faire. The most popular fishing here is for Catfish; White Bass are a close second with most anglers. The lake record for Blue Cats is 71 lbs., Largemouth Bass 13.19 lbs. and White Crappie 3.75 lbs., very competitive with other lakes of this size in Texas.

The Pontoon tends to be one of the more popular boats on this lake, since it is so large. There is a lot of ground to cover and getting caught in the middle during a thunderstorm can be as challenging as the open ocean. If you are camping at the lakes popular “Wolf Creek Campground” they have 2 boat launches for you to use. Don’t forget to visit the marina and grocery store there for everything from boat rentals to bait and provisions. Fisherman will certainly appreciate the campgrounds boat ramps, fishing piers, customer designed fish-cleaning station, clean restrooms, hot showers, playground, golf course, volleyball and basketball courts. The “Café Royale Golf Course” located next to Wolf Creek the nearby town of Coldspring offers so many little shops and restaurants to spend the day wandering through. Golfers staying at Wolf Creek Park should plan to bring their clubs. The nearby 18-hole Cape Royale Golf Course is a real challenge. Visit there is nothing you can’t experience at Lake Livingston, so pack up the boat and RV and get going. You will not be sorry.

How Anglers Look At Life


There should be a Twitter strictly for anglers, so that every time a fishing related thought pops into our heads or an everyday occurrence reminds us of our angling life, in one way or another, we can quickly share it with others. Thankfully, we usually don’t have to wait too long before our next trip out on the water.  Anglers know how to live, that’s for sure.

Patience Wins Most Battles

Patient AnglerPhoto via panoramio

In fishing, patience isn’t just a virtue; it’s a necessity. You’re never going to catch a fish if you cast your line, wait five minutes, grow frustrated, and reel your line in to change your lure or boat off to another area. In fact, by doing all of those things, you’ll merely be creating ripples and noise that will send any fish bolting. If you want to land a fish – especially a big, old, wise one – you are going to have to understand that the waiting game is an important part of securing a victory. This is true in virtually any other part of life as well, from school to work to personal relationships and beyond. If you can’t be patient, you are going to miss out on a lot of great opportunities and live your life in an anxious and generally unhappy unfulfilling manner.

More time can easily be found by getting up early

They say that the early bird catches the worm. The early bird also catches the fish. Not only are mornings a great time to get out on the water—that’s when the fish are actually biting, after all—but they can also provide an illusion of there being more hours in the day. Too often, people get stressed out and exhausted because they are trying to fit all of their obligations into a finite number of hours.

Getting up earlier doesn’t solve that problem because there is still the same limited number of hours to be had—but it does pave the way for a more relaxed and leisurely distribution of the daily agenda. When we’re young, we think that sleeping in is the greatest thing in the world. As we grow up, we begin to recognize the mornings as a time to get things done, and that’s a lesson that fishing can teach early.

Relationships are built from sharing time, not necessarily sharing words

Anglers Look At Life

Photo via visitusa

Spouses in happy marriages often remark on the fact that they can spend lots of time together without necessarily needing to talk. From sitting together and reading, to sharing each other’s company on a long road trip, camaraderie and connection can sometimes be built through silence just as much as they can through words.

This lesson counts for double in fishing, where generations of parents and kids have ventured out to the river together, only to fish side by side in silence. It’s not surprising that anglers are often less likely than others to express a distaste for “uncomfortable” silences.

There is no stress that can’t be conquered by some quiet time alone
Sometimes, you just need to get away from it all and unwind. Anglers aren’t just good at catching fish, but they’re also remarkably adept at beating back stress, mostly because they know that, even at the end of a long and exhausting work day, the can still head out to the lake for an evening fishing outing.

Life is about the processes, as well as the results…


photo via talkingtree

A lot of people look at life based on results and accomplishments, whether it’s getting into the right school, landing the right job, getting married at the right age, or whatever. But life isn’t about the results; it’s about the process. It’s how you reach your life’s big milestones that really makes those milestones mean something. Sure, it’s easy to say that fishing is all about the end result of catching a fish, but the best anglers, the ones who really love the sport, love it for the process – the waiting, the long escapes to nature, the mastery of different baiting solutions, the endless casts – as much as for the endgame.

Law of averages plays a big role in finding success
The “law of averages” dictates that the more opportunities you give yourself to achieve success, the more your chances of success improve. In fishing, this law definitely holds true. Sure, sometimes you can just pick the right spot at the right time and be rewarded with a cooler full of fish as a result, but most days, the level of your success is going to be directly proportional to how long your line was in the water.

Flexibility and willingness to learn is more important than being right
Look at your fishing rod: it’s strong and durable, but it needs to flex to be able to fight and conquer a big fish. The same must be true for a good angler, who is confident enough in his or her skills to learn from mistakes or to take lessons from other experienced fishermen. The world could do with more people like that in the workforce.

Imparting your knowledge to another person can make you better
How do you become better at something? Study harder? Practice more? If you’re an angler, you probably know that both of those courses of action can be vital, but you also probably know that the best way to improve your own skills is to start teaching them to someone else. An experienced fisherman who takes on a pupil not only learns from having to express strategies and fishing methods in words, but also from watching a first-timer experience and learn the art of fishing firsthand.

There’s no use crying over snapped line

No sense cryingphoto via words4it

Forget spilt milk: the biggest tragedy in an anglers day-to-day life is a snapped line or slipped hook. Losing a fish – especially a big one – is never easy. However, being able to get over it and move on is an important quality for anglers to have, whether they’re on the water or off of it.

Holding out for the right opportunities is worth it
Sometimes, you’re going to hook fish that aren’t really worth writing home about. Some anglers literally take anything they can get, but some decide to toss smaller specimens back in the water and to wait for something better to come along. Who knows, those small fish may come back around later on and be much bigger and more impressive. This behavior, of “holding out for the right opportunities,” is one that often bleeds over into an angler’s everyday life, and why not? Whether you’re holding out for the right job or the right person to share your life with, there’s something to be said for never settling for less than you think you deserve or are capable of achieving. Click here to read the full story.

Tx Parks & Wildlife Statewide Rainbow Trout Stocking

So admit it, you read blog headline and thought “What? Rainbow Trout in T29933_401555468446_5417849_n (Mobile)exas?” Yes, there are Rainbow and Brown Trout in Texas. Most people outside the state have no ideal. It is one of the best kept secrets in Texas. TPWD did a study before starting the program back in the 80’s. They wanted to know if these feisty little fish might survive somewhere in Texas. The answer came back, yes! The places were McKittrick Canyon and the Guadalupe River (Canyon Tailrace Section) right outside New Braunfels, a favorite hotspot for native Texans. Texans were excited, yet understandably skeptical about the new program. All except for a few ardent fly-fisherman had their doubts. The supporters felt that the fish would eventually adapt.  They seem to have done just that. Although they still need their cold temperatures; the minimal  holdover survivors find suitable habitat while continuing to grow their numbers, year after year.

Gruene Tx (Mobile) (Mobile)Everyone enjoys tubing down the Guadalupe River and visiting New Braunfel’s Schlitterbahn (Travel Channel’s #1 Waterpark in the World). They also love to meander there way through the famous little town of Gruene’s shops, restaurants and Hall (“Michael” and “Hope Floats” filmed there). Hollywood actors to Country Music superstars frequent the place. Well, it just so happens that the Rainbow Trout like it too! The longest surviving Rainbow Trout population resides there. According to TPWD ” In Texas, high temperatures prevent reproduction or even over-summer survival in most areas, though they survive in tailrace areas below large dams such as Canyon Reservoir.”

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept. stocks about 136+ state and city parks, lakes, rivers, ponds, canals and creeks with 280,000 Rainbow Trout (around 12” in length) from November through March every year. However, the only ones to thrive are New Braunfel’s Guadalupe River trout in the Canyon Tailrace, near the dam. There are now spawning native Texas RainbowOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA and Browns there, since the program began 30 years ago. It is not just the TPWD that are stocking these waters, either. the Guadalupe River Trout Unlimited organization also stocks theses waters with trophy trout only. This river produces some of the best quality large girth trout you can find just about anywhere. The GRTU release section of the Canyon Tailrace is a well-kept secret. But, if you talk to some of the local fisherman they can point you in the right direction. You need a kayak for that golden stretch of river. They regularly pull up 3-8 lb. trout there. These waters produced the state record back in the 90’s, when a 10 lb, 28” long Rainbow trout was caught. For more information go to the website of these dedicated anglers: or check out their video below:

Trout fishing the Canyon Tailrace Video……………………….Click Here

TPWD Rainbow Trout Restocking Video……………………….Click Here

Salmon Eggs (2)How do you fish for these tasty little morsels, you ask? By far, the simplest and fastest way to fish for these little guys are with red Salmon eggs. They love Salmon eggs; like kids love candy. You can use a fly-fishing rod setup, just to give it a whirl, but you don’t have to. When the TPWD stocks these fish it is usually in small water bodies, such as city parks. Therefore,  you can even use a bobber to help children enjoy a successful fishing experience. Bait two eggs on the end of a small hook and go for it. Also, don’t be intimidated because it is a new experience, try your hand at fly-fishing. This is one of the most popular ways to fish, in the rest of the nation, for a reason.

Local & Popular Winter Trout Release Areas:

#1 Canyon Tailrace, Guadalupe River, New Braunfels: 23,257 Trout Released

Beaumont Area

Nederland-Doornbos Park: 500 Trout Released
Vidor-Claiborne West Park (Beaumont Area): 1000 Trout Released
Beaumont-LNVA Barrier Pond: 4,832 Trout Released
Jasper-Jasper City Park Pond: 2661 Trout Released
Woodville-Magnolia Ridge Pond: 1800 Trout Released

Conroe Area

Conroe Area Conroe-Burroughs Park: 3200 Trout Released
Conroe-Carl Barton Jr. Park Pond: 2200 Trout Released
Conroe-Unity Park Pond: 400 Trout Released

Seabrook/League City Area

Houston-Sheldon State Park Children’s #1: 1000 Trout Released
Houston-Tom Bass I & II: 4600 Trout Released
Houston-Bane Park Lake: 2200 Trout Released
Houston-Eisenhower Park Pond: 3000 Trout Released
Houston-Mary Jo Peckham Park: 3160 Trout Released
Pasadena-Burke-Crenshaw Lake: 1000 Trout Released

Other Popular Areas

Austin-Bullfrog Pond: 896 Trout Released
Austin-Camp Mabry: 500 Trout Released
Austin-Mueller Lake Park: 1200 Trout Released
Bandera-Bandera City Park Lake: 500 Trout Released
Corpus Christi-West Guth Park: 450 Trout Released
El Paso-Ascarate: 6000 Trout Released
Georgetown-San Gabriel Park: 1250 Trout Released
Mathis- Lake Corpus Christi: 1500 Trout Released
Midland-Beal Park Lake: 1500 Trout Released
Mt. Pleasant-Bob Sandlin State Park: 2750 Trout Released
San Antonio- Miller’s Pond: 3792 Trout Released
San Antonio-Espada: 1850 Trout Released
San Antonio- Live Oak City: 400 Trout Released
San Antonio- Southside Lions Park: 4740 Trout Released
Waco-Buena Vista Park Lake: 1896 Trout Released

Stocking Occurs November-March

For More Locations See Link Below: