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Destination Series IV: Wild and Historic Neches River

Beaumont, Texas sits near the banks of the historic Neches River. Its under consideration to be designated a “Wild and Scenic River” by the United States Congress. This beautiful river is the lifeblood of S.E and East Texas; everything including the areas history, economy and culture flow from it! This river originates in Van Zandt County; it flows 416 miles to its mouth at Port Arthur’s Pleasure Island. The entire Neches serves is a boundary line for 14 counties and the perfect way to see much of the lower portion is in a boat. The Neches river basin drains some 10,000 square miles and has several large tributaries of major significance. One such tributary, the Angelina River, meanders its way through the Angelina National Forest;. Another one, Village Creek, reaches deep into the heart of the Big Thicket National Preserve for 68 miles. Nearly a million people live in the Neches River Basin and theSabne Neches River Bmt Port (Custom) largest city in it is Tyler. The cities of Beaumont and Lufkin are pushing a close second in size. The entire area is seeing explosive growth. Expansion is scheduled everywhere, from Hwy. 69 to the nearby Ports. The River Chanel itself is getting a makeover to prepare for the new Panama Canal traffic heading its way. You can read more about the national significance of the river here…..more.

The Beaumont Country Club, Beaumont Yacht Club, Riverfront Park, Port Neches Park, Rainbow Bridge and Pleasure Island, at the mouth of the Neches, are just a few extremely popular boating entrance points to the river in Southeast Texas. The city of Port Neches celebrates the river each year with a annual “” It draws thousands of attendees, in boats and cars, from all over the region.

The picturesque forests surrounding it are heavily wooded with a unique source of naturally occuring orgranic material, giving the river its distinct tea color. The lower Neches River fish are a mix of freshwater and estuary fish. Its diverse habitat provides essential nursery areas for numerous species. The Neches supports a productive and substantial fish community.Village Creek (Small) It is also the habitat for endangered plants found nowhere else on earth. It is home to numerous birds, such as owls, woodpeckers, wood ducks and hawks. The Neches River is so wild and scenic that it is now under consideration to be added to the national “Wild and Scenic River Act” passed by Congress for the protection of the last of America’s free flowing natural and historic rivers.

River History…
It certainly fits the acts mandates. On its banks, near Augusta, Tx, the developmental stages of the Republic of Texas began in 1690. The very first European settlement, San Francisco De Los Tejas Misson, was established as a Christian Mission village for the church, amongst the newly discovered Tejas (Hasani) tribe. The push was on due to the pressure from the failed LaSalle expedition by the French, nearby. The mission lasted 3 years with Friars and Natives making real progress towards a burgeoning cRepresentative Mission (Custom)ommunity on the riverbank. It was abandoned and established again numerous times over the next few decades before being permanently moved to San Antonio, where it is today.

During the days of the Texas revolution, Davy Crocket crossed the Neches on his way to fight at the Alamo. At that same time the chaos of the “Runaway Scrape” ensued. An historical account of the ill conditions that the refugees suffered in this run for their lives, near the Neches River basin, stated “On every road leading eastward into Texas, were found men, women and children, moving through the country over swollen streams and muddy roads, strewing the way with their property, crying for aid, and exposed to the fierce northers and rains of the spring (running away) the scene was distressing indeed: and being witnessed by the small but faithful army of Texas, whose families and wives they were, thus exposed and suffering, nerved their arms and hearts for the contest then not distant.” The Alabama-Coushatta tribes were apparently historical witnesses to this misery. Evidently, in the events of the Runaway Scrape, the Canoeing Neches (Custom)tribes assisted the fleeing settlers by providing them food and shelter. They also personally assisted them in crossing the river to safety.

After the Texas revolution, the steamboat’s shrill whistle shattered the ominous silence of the river spawning the excitement of the modern era and announcing the thriving Texas economy. Cotton was king and Steamboats rolled up and down the river transporting their precious commodity. Later, Steamboats gave way to the lumber barges; they evolved into the petroleum barges traveling the river these days. The river is currently a huge boating and fishing mecca for recreational use also.

On the Wild Side…
The Neches can be every bit as fierce in places as the Amazon. The river has many wild distinguishing features. There are hundreds of unspoiled pristine snowy whAmazon Look (Custom)ite sandbars, more diverse plant life than perhaps anywhere in the county. It also has a unique Texan pioneer culture, which has survived for well over 150 years. According to Tx Parks & Wildlife “it possesses a dazzling diversity of plant and animal species rarely found in the same place on the globe. More than 1,000 different flowering plants, more than 100 kinds of trees, more than 200 bird species and numerous species of mammals, reptiles, birds, fish and amphibians common to the Eastern and Western United States call this primordial slice of Texas home.” Near its banks are important game species like the swamp rabbit, gray squirreAlligator on Neches (Custom)l, white-tailed deer, raccoon, opossum, gray fox, bobcat, coyote, striped skunk, nutria, river otter, beaver and a rarely spotted honey bear or two. In 2012 the Neches River, near Port Neches Park, made national news after two individuals visiting a nearby cemetery spotted a supposed “Bigfoot.” They snapped a picture of it, which went viral, reminding everyone once again just how much of this river is still mysterious enough to sustain unknown life. Beaver CustomThe dense canopy of pine, oak, flowering dogwood, cottonwood, pecan and other large trees make boaters feel as though they have stepped back in time. A boat trip snaking your way down a Neches River tributary in the Big Thicket helps one easily empathize with frontier explorers, like Lewis and Clark. Many parts of this river have not changed for hundreds of years. One such area is aptly nicknamed “The Hurricane” and hardly a soul enters there.

The “Neches River Wilderness Paddling Race” is an event that takes place every year in one of the most remote areas of the river….more.
The race has become on of the most successful in the nation and has earned a reputation for being the best organized and most challenging in the state.


Top Spots:

Beaumont Country Club

Country Club (Custom)





Beaumont Yacht Club

Yacht Club (Custom)






Riverfront Park (no ramp)

Riverfront Pk






Port Neches Park

Port Neches Park (Custom) (Custom) (Custom)






Rainbow Bridge

Rainbow (Custom)






Pleasure Island

Pleasure Island (Custom)





Village Creek Bridge

Village Creek (Custom)







Neches Camping




Merry Christmas & Happy New Years

“Merry Christmas & Happy New Years”

Its that time of year once again;
the decorations come out of hiding and the trees go up!

Main BlogChristmas is a special time for all of us to remember what is close to our hearts. The Texas Marine Team would like to wish all our customers a wonderful Christmas season, along with the happiest of New Years. May your days be bright and filled with celebration as you go into this glorious season.

We wish to thank our customers and community for the privilege Blog 3of doing business here in Southeast Texas and Southwest Louisiana. We apBlog 2preciate each and every one of you. Texas Marine is blessed to have a wonderful dedicated team, to serve your boating needs.

We will be closing December 15th – January 2nd to give our team some well deserved time to spend with family and friends and to prepare for the coming year.

May peace, joy, hope and happiness be yours this Christmas Season along with a very prosperous New YeaBlog 4r! We desire that the warmth and love, which surrounds this time of year, find its way into your home and heart.  As the angels proclaimed so long ago…

 “Let there be Peace on Earth, Goodwill towards Men”

Texas Marine



A Fishy Situation

Cleaning FIshHandling and Cleaning those wondrous little keepers can be quite the challenge at times. But, if your going to fish then why not reap the benefit of your hard earned rewards. Here are some quick tips on simple methods to, hopefully, make your life a bit easier in and out of your new fishing boat from Texas Marine.

Real winners from the book Freshwater Fishing Tips and Techniques by Gene Kugach to get you started:

  • When you have a lot of fish to clean wipe them dry with an old towel and rub salt on your hands to give you a better grip when handling them.
  • If you have to scale a fish do it under water in an old tub to keep the mess down then simply dump it when finished.
  • For a great cleaning board cut the toe off an old boot and secure the bottom of it to a flat board large enough to clean fish on. Place the fish’s head into the toe opening to hold the head easier when cleaning the fish.
  • Use an old newspaper when cleaning fish. After each fish simply turn the page for a fresh surface. When all done crumple the whole thing up and throw it away.

Probably the most important tip any fisherman could know, which has been passed down for generations, is to bleed your fish for the best taste!!!  According to “Be sure to bring along a sharp knife.  Place the fish’s dorsal fin in your hand.  Place the knife edge at the bottom of the gills and slice all the way to the backbone.  In doing so you’ll dispatch the fish properly and bleeding it will help to keep it fresh.  Already strong tasting fish like mackerel or bluefish taste even stronger if they’re not bled.  We’ll bleed other species like tuna, Spanish mackerel, and bonito as well, and it’s a technique that I have carried over to freshwater fish as well. This can be done on the boat before you return to the dock.”

For these and others you can read more here




Tell Your Loved One Merry Christmas with a….

Clear LowranceLowrance Elite 7 HDI Fishfinder + Chartplotter

The Lowrance Elite-7 Hybrid Dual Imaging is a fishfinder and chartplotter combination cutting edge tool for anglers. It features a brilliant 7″ widescreen color LED-backlit display. This 70% larger color display allows anglers to see more sonar history, larger chart images and split-screen into 3 separate panels. This model also features the Broadband Sounder with the DownScan Imaging technology to provide the clarity that has come to be expected with the Lowrance brand. The entire water column is easily analyzed to provide anglers with the best possible outcome. The build-in GPS plus detailed USA background map affords the best in reliable accurate navigation while remaining easy to use. There is also a easy to use page selector menu for quick access. The Chartplotter application on this multifunction pro tour-grade package allows the angler to backtrack on his sonar history to save time and fuel.

Here are just a few detailed features on this amazing fishfinder/chartplotter:Lowrance Elite-7
· Built-in U.S. Background Map
· Insight Genesis™
· Broadband Sounder™
– Mark Fish Arches & Tracking Lure Action
· DownScan Imaging™
– Reveals Underwater Details
· Advanced Signal Processing (ASP)
– Reduces Manual Adjust Settings
· Trackback™ Function
· Page Selector
· Easier To Use Menus
· Multi-Window Displays
· NMEA 2000® Network Connectivity
· MicroSD Cardslot
– Compatible w/ Navionics® Gold, HotMaps® Premium & Fishing Hotspots® PRO Upgrades
· Internal GPS Antenna
· Brighter Displays
· Easy Installation

This is a must have for all serious fisherman. Come by Texas Marine today and get one for your angler, you will make his year!!!

Fishing with the Family

Family Fishing AdventureFishing with the family can be quite the adventure. It is one that can actually have quite a big payoff, apart from the fish you may bring home. Experts have said for a long time that fishing with your kids can create memories and family bonding that will last a lifetime. It also teaches the kids positive ways to stay actively engaged in the natural world around them. There is also the lessons of responsibility that come with it, such as preparing the boat, launching it, caring for it, packing your meals, picking out the proper tackle and much more than just the fun of fishing. Here are some creative ways to involve your family…..more.






Texas Marine Overview: Chaparral’s New H2O 21′

Texas Marine is proud to carry the new 21′ Chaparral H20 because it is absolutely one of a kind in quality, while still remaining affordable for the average consumer! It is a masterfully designed 21′ Spor21 H20 Sport (Custom)t high performance boat with an integrated MerCruiser engine offering more storage and legroom. Its filled with everything that made H20 one of the most popular series Chaparral has ever produced, as well as, newly added benefits and features. With this H20 series Chaparral has added to its premium reputation and created boats that are focused on value and affordability without sacrificing the quality that comes with the Chaparral name. If Mercedes can pull off this concept, then why not Chaparral? An idea like this can’t help but be successful and that is why the line is now expanding with the new 21’ platform H20, available in two different versions.

According to “For all the talk about “value pricing”, nothin21 Chaparral 6 (Custom)g was sacrificed in the handling department. The extended V-plane hull is the same as on Chaparral’s premium builds and therefore handling characteristics were left intact. She exhibits a 10-degree bow rise during acceleration and settles into a 5-degree bow high cruise attitude once on plane. Only a couple of shots up trim were all it took to get her into that attitude. She remains dry during turns, leaning only 10.5-degrees into the turn. Cutting through wakes I was able to get spray on the windshield but it did take some effort. When taking power off she settles back into the water stern first.” 

Texas Marine carries these Chaparral’s because they have incorporated many of their standard luxury features into this boat, such as, wraparound bow seat back cushions, padded armrests, 21 Chaparral 3 (Custom)upgraded stereo unit, bow anchor storage, custom gunwale paddling and storage compartments in the walk-thru areas plus their secure glove box. Most boats in this class have manual bilge pumps but not this boat it comes with bilge pump float switch. They have even put in courtesy LED lights throughout for their customers convenience. This boat is a real a real winner and is quickly becoming the talk of the waterways. Come by Texas Marine today and get you one of these beauties! 

 Some of the unique features on this boat are: 

  • Band Gel coat Colors like Biscayne Blue, Fire Red, Stealth Gray, Yellow
  • 70 qt. Cooler under Rear Bench Seat21 Chaparral 5 (Custom)
  • Stain Resistant Vinyl Seats
  • Custom Helm Seats designed for ultra comfort
  • Fiberglass Molded Bowrider area w/storage underneath
  • Ski storage in floor
  • AM/FM, CD Player, MP3 Jack Sound System
  • Custom Molded Fiberglass Dash in titanium color
  • Fog Resistant Lenses on Instrumentation
  • Tandem Axle Trailer with Brakes
  • Starlight Seat Cushions with water drainage factored in
  • Battery Switch
  • Digital Hour Meter
  • Power Steering

Boats in this size range usually come with very basic trailers. This one is actually in th21 Chaparral 4 (Custom)e premium category and it includes:
• Premium tires and rims.
• Black powder coating
• Tandem axles with brakes
• Swing-away tongue jack
• Submersible LED lights
• Side trailer guides

Yamaha Engine Trailering Support

imagesYJ0JE6VQ (Custom)

Everyone has heard of it….
The nightmarish boat-trailering scenario when the trailer hits a bump, engines goes vertical making contact with the road, trips ruined, hundreds of dollars in repairs, Ugh! Don’t let this happen to you!!!

The Yamaha trailering support is a boat part that’s designed to allow highway transport of your boat with the motor in a tilted position. This unique part prevents engine from returning to the vertical position and keeps it from making contact with the road. This part also supports excessive loads, created by the road surface condition. It can help to keep your boat trailering road trip from damaging the power trim and tilt assembly. The part is easily installed over the trim cylinder rods. Come  by Texas Marine Parts Store today and get you one of these fantastic engine stabilizers today.

Texas Marine’s Destination Series: Lake Conroe

Lake ConroeThe bulk of this 21,000-acre reservoir is in unincorporated Montgomery County, two hours northwest of Beaumont. It’s named Lake Conroe because of its proximity to the nearby town of Conroe. Developed in 1973, after a terrible seven-year drought Houston had just survived, it was a joint venture between them and the local area. It was to be a water supply reservoir for Houston and a recreational lake for the locals. To that end, it has tremendously benefited both partners. The San Jacinto River Authority is the keeper of the lake and their site tells you all the conditions going on with the it daily. The website is regularly updated with current lake levels, wind direction, weather and temperature…more. The Lake Conroe area offers more than just boating too. The area is also home to the large Lake Conroe Outlet Mall and nearby lies the award winning shopping-mecca and planned development “The Woodlands“. You will always be running to catch up at this entertaining Lake resort destination.

Lake Conroe is a wildly popular recreation lake for water-skiers, sport boat enthusiasts, yachtsman, fisherman and even sail boaters. Your luxury Texas Marine 2013 Avalon Deco Series Ambassador Elite 25′ will feel right at home as you cruise around the numerous lakeside restaurants enjoying the live music. There are over a dozen marinas from which to fuel up and launch your Texas Marine 2014 Yamaha SX240. There are no shortages of places to stay at on the lake either. A huge variety of options dot the shoreline for lodging, from timeshares to lakesidSouthern Empress (Custom)e resorts. Some resorts make it possible for you to pull your boat up to the dock and walk into your hotel room or cabin. One of the newer resorts under construction is Fisherman Cove Lakeside Resort in Montgomery. It will have a swimming beach, playground with horseshoes, volleyball and gazebo, waterfront hotel and cabins with decks, 3100 sq. ft Clubhouse, swimming pool with Jacuzzi, miniature golf, bait shop, store, private boats slips, jet-ski rentals and so much more. If an amazing dinner experience is what you seek then take a dinner cruise on the “Southern Empress” paddle wheeler. Its a gorgeous fully restored triple-decker ship which serves dinner in the dining area mixed with great entertainment while cruising around the lake at sunset. This lake should be your ultimate destination spot for all things fun, an excellent choice for a family getaway.

Stow Away Marina Tourney (Custom)If fishing is your thing than you’ve come to the right place with Lake Conroe. Many Texas Marine customers make this their first stop after purchasing their extremely versatile 2013 Chaparral H20 18 Ski & Fish from Texas Marine. This lake is fairly competitive with other big tournament lakes, such as Rayburn or Toledo Bend. The fish on this lake can be just as formidable also. For example, the 2011 Stow-a-Way Marina tournament winners brought in a 45 lb catch, with just 5 mega fish, to win the contest. The lake record for Largemouth Bass is almost 16 lbs. This lake has anything you could ever desire in a destination. Come by Texas Marine today and lets get you going!



Texas Marine Parts & Products

Startron (Custom)STARTRON: Fuel Additive

Enzyme Treatment

With all the issues that come along with using Ethanol today STARTRON is not just a good idea, its almost a requirement.


The 4 main problems Ethanol causes are:

· Debris in Fuel
· Excessive Water in the Fuel and Phase Separation
· Ethanol Fuels Break Down Quickly
· Ethanol causes lost Power, Performance and Decreased Fuel Economy

STARTRON addresses all these and more. Ethanol is a powerful solvent and it strips away build up and disperses it back into the engines fuel. STARTRON enzymes breakdown debris into sub-micron sized particles that your engine can easily burn away.

Ethanol also attracts moisture, which forms an ethanol/water solution. It then mixes into your engines gasoline. It is usually somewhere around .5% water which is being held in suspension within your fuel. When the fuel cools significantly the mixture drops out of suspension to the bottom of your tank diluting the fuels octane. STARTRON reduces the molecular cluster size greatly, allowing the moisture to be disbursed throughout the fuel in sub-micron droplets which are safely eliminated.

Ethanol fuel breaks down over a short period of time. As ethanol evaporates the fuel loses octane and becomes stale causing hard starts, pinging and knocking. This can rob our engine of its much-needed power and cause damage. STARTRON is a powerful fuel stabilizer helping to prevent the fuel from breaking down for up to two years. It improves octane levels in stale, sub-standard or non-spec fuel. It can many times rejuvenate stale fuel restoring it to serviceable condition. This will prevent the engine hard starts, pinging and knocking plus keep power at peak performance.

STARTRON enzyme formula breaks down large clusters of fuel molecules creating more surface area. It allows additional oxygen to react during combustion resulting in a more complete burn of fuel. This improves fuel economy, engine power, throttles response and reduces toxic emissions. It will also remove carbon deposits keeping your engine clean. STAR TRON is the answer to all your ethanol problems. Come by Texas Marine and get yours today!!!