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Destination Series: Sabine Basin

Nasa Image of Sabine (Custom)This historically coveted river has served as an international boundary for Spain, France, the United States, Mexico and the Republic of Texas (until it became a state in 1845). It currently serves as the border between Texas and Louisiana. Entire wars have even been fought over its territory. The first recorded mention of this infamous river was a 1721 map by Damon Ramon, who named it the Río de Sabinas. This was a Spanish word meaning Cypress, for the numerous Bald Cypresses along its banks, so it was dubbed the “Cypress River.”

SE Texas and SW Louisanna dominate the top 10 cities with the most yearly rainfall in the lower 48 states. The result is that the Sabine River Basin discharges the largest volume of water in Texas, a state blessed with thousands of rivers and tributaries. The Sabine River is 553 miles and drains an area of almost 10,000 acres. It all empties into SSabine River Basin Evening (Custom)abine Lake, an estuary of the Gulf of Mexico. According to TPWD, Sabine Lake has more nursery marsh in it than the entire Galveston Bay Complex. It is a prime fishing destination spot for many of our Texas Marine customers. The keepers of this large estuary is the Sabine River Authority and anything you could ever want to know about the Sabine Basin is on Sabine River Authority Website. The site also has a comprehensive list of the areas various boat ramps from which you can launch your new Texas Marine boat purchase. The Sabine is an area still largely mysterious in nature, rugged in terrain and misunderstood by many. All in all, the perfect place for hunting, fishing and adventure. 

There are plenty of stories about life on the Sabine that would grab the attention of even the most hardcore outdoor enthusiasts. The next time your on the river think about this one; it
 comes from deep inside the Sabine Sabine bottomsRiver Bottoms. It was the Spring of 2004, when an early morning hunter spotted an unknown creature hiding behind a clump of trees waiting to kill some nearby hogs. He was up in a tree stand using a rifle and spotted it in his scope. He said “I noticed movement to my right about 80 yards out. Putting my riflescope on 9 power I could make out the side of something’s face. It was about 8 foot tall, dark, covered with hair and slowly moving its head around looking in the direction of the hogs…at this time I was quite afraid but tried to keep my scope on it…more. If that isn’t enough to peak your curiosity then here is another account of what is being called the “Sabine Thing” by local outdoor expert, Chester Moore…more.

A great read about the Sabine is Wes Ferguson’s “Life in the Sabine” blog. It became so wildly popular it was followed up with a book to be published this spring by Texas A&M Press. About the Sabine Wes states “I have traveled the Sabine on down to the Gulf and have slept in a squatters camp with an outlaw, fraternized with rednecks, river rats, squirrel hunters, turtle shooters, coon skinners and a cross-eyed Guru claiming to have wrestled an alligator for a pair of dentures. If the Rio Grande is a river leading out of Lonesome Dove, then the Sabine is a river leading out of Deliverance.”


Walter Umphrey State Park, Port Arthur, Tx

There is so much so see and do onUmphrey state park the Sabine, that you can’t possibly accomplish it all in a weekend trip. Fishing on the pier at Walter Humphrey State Park alone is an weekend trip in itself. You can park your RV and fish all night long with the numerous anglers from the pier. This is a top spot for onshore fishing anywhere along the Sabine. Its located at the mouth of where the lake begins to drain back into the river very near the Gulf of Mexico.

The Sabine Jetty, Sabine Pass, Tx

This has been a popular fishinJetty Sabine Pass (2) (Small)g spot for decades. Many of the local fishing guides take their clients there because the red fishing is phenominal. To fish this area you will need a large center console Bay boat like the NauticStar 2110. It will handle the rough water well and has plenty of room for moving around, yet can still be manuevered easy enough. These are the perfect boats for short offshore excursions like the jetties. You may also use them to work the surf near the jetties for some fantastic fishing.  The Jetties are amazing if if you don’t have a boat to fish from. However, the entire experience is kicked up a notch if you do.

Coffee Ground Cove, Louisiana Side

According to “The wild shoreline on the east side of Sabine Lake, from Coffee Ground Cove about 16Coffee Ground Cove (Custom) miles south to Blue Buck Point on the southern end of the lake, is prime habitat for game fish. Fish-holding features include cuts and finger islands similar to estuaries on the middle coast. There is constant water movement in and out of the marshes, and the creeks and bayous are rich in shrimp, mud minnows (killifish), bay anchovies, crabs, and juvenile finfish. Flounder hold around the eddies along the cuts on these shorelines on high tides and low tides. fly fishers should look for the eddy points and cuts on these tides.”

For more research into this area, Chester Moore wrote a comprehensive piece on all his favorite fishing spots that the Sabine Basin has to offer……more. Stop by Texas Marine today and let us get you prepared for some of the best fishing around

Are you a Fishing Fanatic!

Fishing Fanatic pic (Custom)Has anyone ever accused you of being a “Fishing Fanatic” well here’s how you know….

You know you’ve got the fishing bug bad if…

  1. 1.  You reason that a 90 percent chance of severe thunderstorms actually means that there is a 10 percent chance of having really excellent fishing weather.
  2. Your mailbox is a giant fiberglass bass.
  3. Your spouse has to drag you out of bed at 8 a.m. to go to work, but you can wake up at 4:30 a.m. on weekends without an alarm clock.
  4. Someone says they have had a real tragedy in the family and you think they broke their Ambassador 5000.
  5. Your boat costs more than your house.
  6. You have more nicks and cuts on your hands – from fishhooks, fish spines and filleting – than someone who hand-captures bobcats for a living.
  7. You have more than 20 of any one lure in the same color.
  8. Your hair still has a hat dent in it even after you shampoo and blow dry.
  9. Your cat likes hanging out with you because of the smell.
  10. You tell your fishing buddy, “Hold on, I’ve almost got him in” when he is having a heart attack.You tell your fishing buddy, “Hold on, I’ve almost got him in” when he is having a heart attack.
  11. You look back over the last month and realize that you have kissed a bass (in celebration ala Bill Dance) more times than you have smooched your spouse.
  12. You have named more than one fish swimming free in your lake.
  13. You have any dogs or kids named Shakespeare, Zebco or Daiwa.
  14. You have considered becoming a teacher  so you can fish every day during the summer.
  15. You have more fishing rods than socks or underwear without holes in them.
  16. Your idea for the honeymoon cruise was a weeklong head boat fishing excursion with 25 other anglers.
  17. When your spouse asks if you are planning on going fishing this coming weekend, you laugh and say, “Good one Honey.”
  18. You can tie a Bimini twist when drunk and blindfolded, but your Windsor tie knot looks like a snake that ate a gopher.
  19. When you die and you’re at the Pearly Gates, St. Peter asks if you want to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, and you ask, “How’s the fishing?”
  20. Your outboard motor goes in for a preventive checkup more often than you do.
  21. Your entire leisure wardrobe consists of two Guy Harvey fish T-shirts, a ratty pair of shorts with pockets everywhere, and one pro bass “billboard” fishing shirt signed by Roland Martin that you are afraid to wash.
  22. You have a yardstick tattooed on your arm that highlights various legal fish lengths.
  23. You are the one sitting in the last pew at church wearing a hat festooned with lures, holding an upright fishing rod.
  24. You’ve eaten so many fish that have mercury in them you can tell the temperature without a thermometer.
  25. Your spouse says “It’s either me or fishing” and your reply is a prolonged humming sound.
  26. You have read this column and said, “Doesn’t everybody?”
  27. And lastly, fishing has been a family tradition for years and you are planning on passing it on to the next generation.

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Fishing Photography

Field and StreamHere is some great photography tips on gaining the most benefit out of you fish photos from the Field and Stream guys:

“Photography and fishing have been intrinsically linked throughout history. Anglers traveling to beautiful, far-away, and nearby places have documented their surroundings and trophy catches for years. And everyone knows that bragging rights must be accompanied by photographic proof.Digital cameras have gotten faster, cheaper, and a whole lot more powerful. Almost everyone owns a camera and, therefore, everyone can be a photographer.

While most snapshots do a fine job of documenting a trip, why not up the ante and take better photographs? Creatively composed shots are not as complicated as one might think. By following and practicing the next twenty suggestions and tips, you’ll be outshooting your buddies in no time. Just be careful you don’t get too good or you might be doing more shooting than fishing.

Photo by Tim Romano

Destination Series: Galveston Bay Complex

by: Donna Chance

Nasa Galv Bay (Custom)Many Texas recreational boaters buy a boat with dreams of the Galveston Bay Complex on their minds. Galveston Bay is hands down the best fishing destination on the entire Texas Gulf Coast. There are also plenty of recreation hotspots for family fun and sport boat enthusiasts. It has 2 freshwater inlets, the Trinity and San Jacinto Rivers. It centers between Harris, Chambers and Galveston Counties. It is approximately 30 miles, north to south. It runs 17 miles from east to west and is on average around 9 feet deep. It has an extremely muddy bottom with many live shell reefs. There are dozens of beaches and sandy bottom sites frequented by recreational boaters for swimming and playing too. There are numerous solid shoreline entry credits galveston bay sunrisepoints and fishing piers for family onshore excursions, some of which we list in this blog. Galveston Bay is a vital estuary for the United States and the largest in Texas. Estuaries are basically the nurseries of the ocean, where most fish and many birds start their life. The EPA has declared this bay an estuary of national significance.
Galveston Bay accounts for 1/3 of the entire states economy for recreational fishing, a 2 billion dollar a year industry. The bays most important natural resources are the numerous finfish, shrimp, oysters, blue crabs and birds. It’s estimated that 70% of all North American bird species spend time there. Galveston Bay spans 600 square surface miles with hundreds of nutrient rich salt marsh incubators running throughout it, making it a veritable “Garden of Eden” for the 162 species of fish who reside there. Galveston Bay’s “Big 3,” as it is affectionatelyRedfish Island Aerial (Custom) known to Gulf coast anglers, are Redfish, Specks and Flounder. It is due to their exceptional taste. If the conditions are not right you can return home empty-handed. In that case, Galveston Bay anglers can also try their luck at catching Sand Trout, Puppy Drum, Shark, Black Drum, Golden Croaker, Sheepshead, Catfish and Gulf Whiting to name a few. Whiting is some of the best white meat of any fish in the bay. They are not as easy to clean as Flounder, Specks and Redfish. Many regulations have been passed to protect the “Big 3” over the past 10 years. They are now showing increases in spawners and adults since the regulations were implemented. Flounder restocking was the hardest of the 3 restocking programs to get started. Largely due to the efforts of Chester Moore, the 1st to call for a Southern Flounder restocking program in Texas, we have a very successful one run by TPWD. An avid outdoorsman, who loves fishing, he was inspired to begin pushing for this program in 1996 after discovering Capt Skip James flounder tagging research.

Here is a great story by TPWD on the Galveston Bay area Flounder for our blog readers:
Texas Parks and Wildlife Southern Flounder Documentary

Their are thousands of places in Galveston Bay on which to embark. Below are just a few…


Chocolate Bayou, West Galveston Bay
Chocolate Bayou is a “NumChocolate Bayou Edited (Custom)ero Uno” spot when it comes to Galveston Bay fishing. You can launch your Bay boat for this type fishing at: Horseshoe Bend: 7301 CR 203, Amsterdam,
Chocolate Bayou Ramp: Hwy 2004, Santa Fe
Lutes Marina: 6811 CR 203, Liverpool

Offatts Bayou, Galveston Island Bay
One of the lesser-known areas of Galveston Island is Offatts Bayou. A gorgeous new marina and resort, Pelican Rest Marina, offers great restaurant, fuel dock, boat slips w/electrical service, bait shop, IGFA weigh station, fishing piers and sport boat opportunities. You can launch your boat nearby at:Pelican Rest Marina (Custom)

Galveston Bait and Tackle: 9301 Broadway Street, Galveston Island
Washington Park Boat Ramp: 1600 61st St., Galveston, TX 77551

Rollover Pass, East Galveston Bay at Gilchrist
The pass is named for thRollover Pass Sign (Custom)e practice of ship captains from the days of Spanish rule, who, to avoid the Galveston customs stations rolled barrels of merchandise over that part of the peninsula. It is a magnificent fishing spot for onshore and wade fishing or swimming with the family. It was damaged during Hurricane Ike and there is an ongoing battle to keep rollover pass in tact, rather than the newly planned tourist development proposed by the state. You don’t need a boat for this one, but should you chose to launch, the nearby sites are:

Lauderdale Public Boat Ramp: Yacht Basin Rd., Rollover Pass
Stingaree Marina: 1297 N Stingaree Dr, Crystal Beach (Concrete Ramp)

Redfish Island, Mid Galveston Bay
This is a great boating anchorage dEaglePoint Marina (Custom)estination for recreational boating or fishing. It’s a limestone rock formation in the shape of a fishing hook. The island functions as a bird and oyster habitat, with an oyster reef. The new protected rock shorelines adjacent to deeper bay waters are favorite recreational fishing spots. It has a sandy bottom area for swimming also. The island allows access to the Mid-Bay areas while protecting boaters from the large amount of commercial boat traffic in the nearby shipping channel. To get there in a boat you can launch nearby at:

Eagle Point Marina: 1 Eagle Point Rd., Lewisville

Galveston Bay is a perfect destination for anything your boating lifestyle would ever require. This blog barely scratched the surface of the hundreds of places to fish and play in Galveston Bay. Below are some good links to have when researching the bay and all it has to offer. Come by Texas Marine today and let us show you the many boat styles we have for your particular boating lifestyle.

Galveston Bay Sites:
NOAA Galveston Bay
Galveston Island
Texas Beach/Bay Access
Chester Moore Outdoors

East Bay Sites:
Stingaree Marina
Mid Bay Sites:
Pelican Rest Marina
West Bay Sites:
Eagle Point Marina

Manufacturer Spotlight Series: Shoalwater

TexasShoalwaterBlack EngineTexas Marine began selling the Shoalwater brand because they are the #1 name in shallow water fishing boats. They have earned a solid reputation as being the premier manufacturer of this style boat; they have been for nearly 30 years. They earned these accolades through good old fashion hard work, attention to detail and quality control. Their is something magical about skimming over a clear tequila colored skinny water flat deep in the estuaries of the Gulf Coast. You must experience that moment to believe it. Most in the boating community have never experienced it because they don’t know where to find a boat that can go that shallow. If you know where to look they are quite plentiful. Texas Marine stocks more Shoalwater Boats than any other dealer in the nation.

By far the most popular boat company, along the lower Texas coast, is Shoalwater Boats. Shoalwater makes dsc_47589 different boat models. Shoalwater Boats 23’ Cat design has become a top seller for a good reason. You can have the best of both worlds with this one. Shallow water fishing without having to feel crowed. When fishing Galveston Bay, with a buddy, this can be a huge asset because it is a specific type of boat capable of skimming across some of the shallowesGalveston Bay Estauries (Custom)t backwater flats imaginable. The lower estuaries of the Texas Gulf Coast, near Port O’Connor, are just such a place. That is why Shoalwater Boats located the manufacturing company there and developed these famous flat boats. They can be “launched and run in a mud puddle,” as one skinny water forum recently put it. The Shoalwater 15′ weighs in at around 550 pounds. If you pair it with a small motor it can reach isolated, rarely fished places. A heavier boat would bog down creating a slow take off in this type water, forcing you to poll the boat. Polling a heavy boat to fish the flats will wear out the beShoalwater Model (Custom)st angler. Light boats, like Shoalwater, are much more productive in these waters.

Just ask Bud Rowland, who caught a 15 ½ lb. Speckled Trout on a 16-pound tippet fly rod, while polling his boat. He was sShoalwater Model (Custom)ightcasting near a spoil bank in the lower Laguna Madre when this 37 ½” monster hit his home-tied fly. It earned him a Texas and World record. Lightweight boats are all about the hull and the material they are made with. Shoalwater Boats are the absolute best at producing these valuable little gems. Texas Marine is a proud Shoalwater Boat dealer. Texas Marine is one of the few sources to get a Shoalwater Boat with the most popular outboard on it, Yamaha! Shoalwater Boats years of experience added to their knowledge in engineering great shallow water products can be seen any day on display at Texas Marine. on the 2014 Chaparral 307 SSX recently featured the 2014 Chaparral 307 SSX, recognizing it for its beauty and power. Just as the Hippocratic oath states “First, do no harm” the primary rule at Chaparral must certainly be “First, don’t make her ugly.” If she is not a beauty, then that new model will not be allowed out of the dock. To this end Chaparral has developed a distinctive profile and styling features that the marketplace has soundly approved. The second rule at Chaparral has to be “Make her look fast, even at rest.” The new Chaparral 307 SSX’s distinctive design speaks for itself. She is intended to appeal to a wide audience for family cruising, entertaining and water sports on rivers, lakes, and coastal waters. But there is more to this boat than a pretty face. They were particularly impressed with the many premium-like features that come standard on this model as well as the fairly priced optional upgrades and ease of handling.chaparral 307 SSX

The Captain’s Test Report gave these specific “Distinguishing Features”

• Custom-painted arch is standard

• Powered engine room hatch

• Powered aft seat/sun pad

• Kevlar laminated into the keel

• Double-wide helm and companion seating

• Sculptured hull sides

• Two storage compartments in cockpit sole

• Seating for 4 people in the helm and companion seating facing forward

When the crew took her out on the water they stated, “As always, we had to take the boat somewhere with calm water so we could get steady boat-to-boat camera footage, but the ride to that location was a choppy one. It gave us a perfect opportunity to get a feel for the 307 in an actual cruising environment, and the ride was impressive. She presented a surprisingly dry ride regardless of the angle the waves were coming from. Regardless of whether we ran her through a beam sea, following or even quartering sea she tracks surprisingly straight and true as hands were removed from the steering wheel. Even more surprising was how solid the 307 SSX felt. There was never a feel of pounding or people getting tossed about… just a smooth, stable ride through the chop. Granted, sea legs become a factor, but one of the crew on board casually walked from the stern to the bow just to get a better feel for the ride and there was no struggling with maintaining posture or position, and this is in over 30 mph through the chop. That says a lot for Chaparral’s deep-V hull design, and confirms my attitude that these boats have come a long way through the design phase. We can count on one hand the number of Bowriders that have sculptured hull sides. Historically boat builders have avoided designing hulls with reliefs because to do so requires extra expense and manufacturing complexity. Essentially most hulls slide out of female tooling much like Jell-O from one of Betty Crocker’s molds. In order to add the cool looking sculptured relief in the hull sides Chaparral has had to make a two-part hull mold. It is another one of the elements that sets the 307 SSX apart.”
To view the complete test results,

Manufacturer Spotlight Series: Chaparral

CorporateOffice_07 (Custom) Since almost the beginning, Chaparral became a household name in the boating community. They are the one of the most trusted boat manufacturers in the industry. William “Buck” Pegg in Fort Lauderdale founded the company in 1965. The company’s bellwether boat, in those days, was the 15’ Tri-Hull. The boats were so well designed that many remain in commission today.

The Chaparral faciliCustom 277 (Custom)ty had a fire in 1967; they rebuilt bigger and better. The company never dreamed they would outgrow it in less than a decade. So in 1976, Chaparral was on the move again looking for much larger unique manufacturing facility. They landed on a place in Nashville, Georgia. They moved the entire  headquarters there and decided to incorporate in Georgia, where it is today. Shortly after this, Jim Land (CPA) joined the company as its new President, where he still remains. Pegg and Land are recognized nationally as the most successful partnership in the marine industry. Chaparral currently manufactures pleasure and fishing boats ranging from 18’ Sport Boats to 40’ Yachts in those same facilities.

Chaparral’s cutting edge technology and steady stream of award-winning new boats have driven them to the front of the pack. Their numbers tell the story and the compaH20 Fishing Shotny has been thriving with one of the strongest balance sheets in the industry, spanning for almost 50 years. When other boat companies are shrinking back and slashing budgets, Chaparral continues to aggressively invest in new product development while bolstering their already high customer service. The same team management team has steered the company ship since the day one. They built Chaparral into a boating legend an amazing 43 Awards for “Product Excellence,” which includes 12 “Boat of the Year” awards and 5 CSI “Customer Satisfaction” excellence awards.

Texas Marine currently sells Chaparral’s latest “Game-Changer,” the H20. It is the perfect example of what Chaparral does best! The H20 has crafty innovative features without skimping on stylish trendy designs. The stylinH20 Sport Insideg from the SSI series created an award-winning look. The patented extended V-plane design added to the reliable MerCruiser power gives the H20 versatility and speed with an incredibly smooth ride. This boat can easily change from a family ski boat one weekend to a stripped down fishing boat, for the guys, the next. However, the H20 is now priced at a rate that almost anyone can afford. The site opined about the Chaparral H20 saying “we like it when a company that has built its reputation on making quality vessels at the higher end of the priceH20 Group Shot (Custom) scale decides to build a price-point boat because it can be a good opportunity for the consumer. Happily Chaparral has a culture of doing things right.” Texas Marine has proudly been a Chaparral dealer for over 2 decades. Texas Marine has earned a top rating with Chaparral as one of their top dealers for customer satisfaction. Come by today and let Texas Marine show you one of their amazing boats for you to enjoy!

Manufacturer Spotlight Series: Yamaha Jet Boats

Ski Shot YamahaTexas Marine is one of the largest Jet Boat dealers in the nation. Yamaha Jet Boats sell more Runabouts in the 21’ class than any other brand out there. Yamaha Motors opened its doors in the U.S. in 1984, at a plant in Newnan, Georgia. Yamaha has been producing more thrills and performance, comfort and luxury, fun and versatility per square inch than just about any other boat line on the market. Yamaha began developing engines and personal watercraft way back in 1986. Their endeavors were so successful due to the development of their famous new exhaust system for 4-stroke engines, “EXUP.” It gave boat engines a much higher horsepower than previously available on the market. Customers went crazy over Yamaha engines and the company began expanding into further product lines.

In the 1980’s, Yamaha began producing their sit-down WaveRunner, which was a 1st for the market. It was so successful it created a complete shift in the entire industry. Yamaha InsideAfter this success, Yamaha acquired several large boat manufacturers. With these new acquisitions Yamaha began their comprehensive entrance into the boating industry. Their signature lines were the Star models with the 1300cc engine, the V4 Royal Star. Yamaha had grown so large by this point they had to open a Southeastern office in Kennesaw, Georgia.

Yamaha was becoming known for their many new innovations in the marine industry. As Yamaha’s Jet Boat designs hit the market their quality and performance became self-evident. The jet drives have fewer moving parts than the typical inboard/outboard motor and are much easier to maintain. Yamaha’s propless propulsion system delivers huge advantages in the area of versatility. There is no lower unit or propeller in the rear for kids or crew to deal with. The backs of Yamaha Jet Boats have been engineered for easy water access. Therefore, these boats are great for pulling up to a sandbar and enjoying a swim near the rear or easily maneuvering skiers in and out of the water. Also, Yamaha twin-engine models increase maneuverability and power getting skiers up and out of the water quickly. They also produce the perfect wake for even the most expert wakeboarder. Yamaha Running

Yamaha has become one of the most recognized brand names in the world. Partly, because their products have created such huge innovations in the boating industry. With all their accomplishments in hand, Yamaha has now made its mark and exploded into the world-class mega-company it is today.

Manufacturer Spotlight Series: Avalon

avalon-ambassador art deco styleTexas Marine is the #1 Dealer of Avalon pontoon boats in the nation. In 1972 Avalon began building pontoon boats in Mason, Michigan. In 1984 Avalon expanded and moved north about an hour down the road to Alma. Avalon decided to set their company apart by taking a vertically integrated approach to the construction of their boats. Driver SeatThat means Avalon makes everything—pontoons, framing, furniture and more right in their local factory. As a result, Avalon has a much higher degree of control over the production and quality. Therefore, they can build superior quality pontoon boats for entertaining, fishing, swimming, tubing, picnicking, sunbathing, skiing, wakeboarding, or just cruising around. It also means every boat is made right here in the USA.

hqdefaultAvalon builds boats with every member of the family in mind. Multiple generations will appreciate the expertise that goes into the design of each model and style. In fact, they are so committed to quality that all their boats come with a comprehensive 5-year warranty. Pontoon boats, in general, are extremely popular right now. They are the fastest growing boat segment in the country. This is not your grandfather’s water cruiser any longer. Avalon’s boats can be fully customized with inviting lounges, gas grills, tables, refrigerators, wakeboard racks and even water slides. Pontoon boats can take you just about anywhere you would want to go—freshwater, saltwater, deep or shallow water in comfort and style. Avalon keeps your boating lifestyle in mind when creating their truly innonvative designs.313687_p_t_360x240_image01

Avalon’s customer service team is exceptional. Avalon states they will “work efficiently and politely to ensure every interaction with our company is a good one. In fact, Avalon has won the NMMA CSI Award 6 consecutive years from 2008-2013 for outstanding customer service and has one of the lowest incidences of warranty claim in the industry.” Come visit Texas Marine today and check out all the new advances these boats now have to offer. We have a large inventory to choose from.

Manufacturer Spotlight Series: NauticStar

Manufacturer Spotlight Series: NauticStar

244 XTS (2)

Texas Marine is the #1 dealer of NauticStar  boats in the entire nation. This honor was years in the making and only came becauseof our hard work and dedication along with the quality of NauticStar to begin with. This standard of quality has earned them the top spot as the #1 Bay Boat sold in all of Texas and Louisiana. In their own words they are “Superbly engineered boat lines to fit your lifestyle. Whether you’re an avid fisherman or a professional, or someone who enjoys hitting the water with family and friends, NauticStar boats are equipped with many standard features as well as a variety of options that you will appreciate.”

Located in Armory, Mississippi NauticStar takes pride in their staff of dedicated individuals from the small community. NauticStar boats are 3D Cad designed with the highest engineering and construction standards in a state-of-the-art plant that is second to none. The 3 generations of NauticStar craftsman have lead to hands on knowledge of what will simply work and what will work exceptionally well. NauticStar offers Bay, Offshore, as well as, Deck boats. Every NauticStar is water tested before leaving the plant. They use the highest quality parts and materials, such as stainless steel fasteners, which bond the deck to hull every 2 inches. Each boat is 100% wood free with a one-piece molded fiberglass stringer system filled with closed-cell marine grade flotation foam and carry a limited lifetime warranty.

Texas Marine carries bestsellers such as the all-new NauticStar 214, 224 and 244 XTS models. Each of their models has its own signature but the NauticStar XTS Series, as a whole, blows the competition away with fishing and family features. One of our most popular, the 214 XTS Shallow Bay boat is exceptional for fishing in skinny water. This boat can maneuver through some of the narrowest shallow water areas you can find in the old Sabine River bottoms without sacrificing performance and stability. It is the perfect crossover boat for fresh or salt water. Its loaded with features such as 2 built in aerated live wells, bait well, bow fish box, 3 jump seats and 20 rod holders plus so much more. Come on by today and let Texas Marine show you one of the top performing boats in the industry, NauticStar.