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Boys Haven-The Legacy Lives On!

Boys’ Haven – The Legacy Lives On!

Boys’ Haven was founded in 1945 with help from the Optimist Club. They have recently celebrated their 70th anniversary! They are very much looking forward to another 70 more years and truly have dedicated to the cause of helping boys who have been abandoned, abused and neglected. They have helped over 3,500 boys throughout the years, from ages 5 to 17. These boys find themselves in great need of guidance, safety, structure and stability, which unfortunately in most cases are not being received in a traditional home setting.

However, these days, Boys’ Haven is doing more than just giving the boys a home and putting a roof over their heads. Boys’ Haven seeks to provide hope for a bright future by teaching them new productive skills which will lead to successful adulthood. Boys’ Haven is proud to announce they have recently kicked off their Continuing Our Legacy Capital Campaign and are preparingBoys haven 1 to build three new cottages. Their Capital Campaign Committee has set a goal in excess of $1.5 million in order to construct these new cottages. They have been needed for a long time and will better allow them to serve the boys in our community and surrounding areas. Boys’ Haven is scheduled to break ground on their very first cottage in 2016. Each new cottage will have the capacity to house 12 boys, each of them having their very own room. This is something the boys have never had access to in the past and it is vital to building their self-esteem. Our current cottages, constructed in 1973, have reached their usefulness due to their age and ever changing state requirements. In order to continue making such a big difference in the lives of these boys, it is vital for this Capital Campaign to be nothing short of a success.

Boys Haven 4Boys’ Haven is based on the principles of discipline and hard work. We have continued our mission for 70 years now, to provide help, hope and a home for all young men in Southeast Texas that need one. We are a true dedication to a good cause.

If you would like to help or contribute, or have questions, please contact Denise Berry at Boys’ Haven at 409.790.1267 or 409.866.2400 Extension 124.

Boys’ Haven


There isn’t enough information or awareness about Colon Cancer, Colitis or Crohn’s!  With your help, we can change that.  We can make a difference!

Join us on Crockett Street in Downtown Beaumont, on March 12, for the 3rd annual Snow Run & Walk 5k.
Check-in starts at 7:30 am and the race will start at 8:30 am.

Check out this fun in the snow for all S.E. Texans to come out and support a great cause!

Yamaha 190 FSH Sport Boat

Ever heard of a “Sport Fishing Boat?” If not, then check this blog out on one of the most successful sports boat companies in the industry, Yamaha Jet Boats. After excelling in the jet boat market, for decades, they have decided to enter the fishing boat industry with the Yamaha 190 FSH Sport Boat.

They hit it out of the ballpark with their 2016 signature model center-console fishing sports jet boat. They incorporated their popular one-stop engineering of engine, hull and accessories along with the stability of a great platform and the safety of an internal drive system, all in this newly designed vessel.

There is no outboard motor in the way of your casting on this sport boat with its innovative fishing friendly features. If you happen to get in weeds you have Yamaha’s patented pump clean out system to get the weeds out of the engine, without even getting wet. There are features like a dual-positioned leaning post seat that flips back to give you great views. Also there is huge live-well with 2 aerators, easy access to dual battery and switching systems. There is a storage compartment for the bait buckets and nets, making it easy to get your bait in and out of the water without a mess. The console was clearly designed by an angler. There is plenty of room for in-dash fishing navigation system and nice top so you can put gimbled electronics in it if you prefer. There are digital and analog gages and a compass. Next to the leaning post seat, on both sides, simply flip up the rear deck to reveal very cushy seats for passengers. There is an astronomical amount of rod storage on this model. Helm console opens up to give you a head compartment for a portable toilet. There is a jet-wash powered by the propulsion system to allow you to pressure wash the deck down. There is so many unique features on this new sports model fishing vessel you just have to come by Texas Marine and check one out today.

BoatTest Video on the Yamaha 190 FSH Sport:

New Texas Boat Trailer Laws

Here are the “New Texas Boat Trailer Laws,” which are now state regulations. We wanted to make you all aware of them. They are now a requirement by the state.

Trailers Inspection Requirements

Certain trailers require an inspection prior to registration. If your trailer has a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) that is more than 4,500 pounds, an inspection is required.
This includes trailers, semitrailers, boat trailers, pole trailers, mobile homes, travel trailers.
Note: Farm trailers displaying a farm license plate are not required to be inspected. If you are unsure about the gross vehicle weight of your trailer, check your registration receipt for the weight

What’s Inspected by Vehicle Type

Items of Inspection for a Trailers

05.06 Inspect All Trailers, Semitrailers, Pole Trailers, or Mobile Homes Exceeding 4,500 Pounds Actual Gross Weight or Registered Weight For: (Listed in suggested order of inspection) Refer to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, if required.* Check for evidence of Financial Responsibility on towing vehicle1. Brakes (system) (If gross weight exceeds 4,500 pounds)
2. Tires
3. Wheel Assembly
4. Safety Guards or Flaps (if four tires or more on rearmost axle) Pole trailers exempt.
5. Tail Lamps (2)
6. Stop Lamps (2)
7. License Plate Lamp (1)
8. Rear Red Reflectors (2)
9. Turn Signal Lamps
10. Clearance Lamps
11. Side Marker Lamps
12. Side Reflectors
13. Side Marker Lamps and Reflectors (30 feet or more in overall length)
(Refer to Reference Section as per lighting diagrams and as applicable to the particular trailer being inspected.)
14. Serial or Vehicle Identification Number
15. Window Tint.

Yamaha 242 Limited S

Yamaha brought numerous innovations to the market with its 2015 model of 240 Series jet boats, this 242 Limited S. One of the unique characteristics of this model is the way in which it drove and handled. An entirely new hull/deck design joined with an “Articulating Keel” to deliverer a crisp, responsive ride that completely changes the way a boater will look at jet boats. This boat has many exceptional features such as the Connext Helm Control System, Yamaha’s Quiet Cruise just to name a few.

Key Features

  • Bimini top
  • Integrated removable cooler
  • Removable dinette table with 2 pedestals
  • Available in Suede Gray, Black or Yacht Blue
  • Polk marine stereo with Bluetooth capability
  • Flush mounted tweeter speakers and LED lights in wakeboard tower Tandem axel painted trailer with swing-away tongue
  • Portside entertainment area with lockable glovebox Integrated swim platform and telescoping reboarding ladder”No Wake Mode” control

Come by Texas Marine in Beaumont, Clear Lake or Conroe to check out this new innovative Yamaha 242 Limited S model today!

Fishing is for the Birds

1347915133_1-7What do you mean “Fishing is for the Birds” you say angrily! Read this blog and you will learn to appreciate the benefits of that statement. Many a fisherman has seen the birds congregate over the bay as the sun was beginning to let go for the day and night was gently creeping in behind it. Have you ever wondered what all the ruckus was about, with those darn birds, when all the world is at peace? Well any seasoned fisherman knows using birds to locate fish has been around since the caveman days, before GPS and Fishfinders. Why not use those friendly little residents? Texas has over 500 species of birds migrating through our coastal areas. There are Sandpipers, Black-necked Stilts, Ducks, Egrets, Herons and Seagulls just to name a few. It only makes sense to local anglers to learn their behavior and use them to their benefit. The Ole Timers like to say “work with nature, not against it” for a very good reason.

The shrimp migration into the deeper area bay waters begin around June. As the shrimp start making their eefdf7999b6b566a275f7a3f634bf2c3way through the area, fish go into a feeding frenzy. If you have never seen one of these, it is a site to behold. In order to fish with the birds in Southeast Texas, you must first understand the behavior of shrimp. Its because all the ruckus and fuss centers around those tasty little tidbits. Post-larval shrimp come from about 300′ deep water out in the Gulf around February, into the shallow estuaries of the bays along the Texas coast. Once they enter the nursery here they assume a benthic existence. They concentrate in less than 3′ of water where there is attached vegetation or abundant detritus to hide and eat. They soon develop into juveniles and begin moving into the deeper bay from about June-August, as they continue to mature. Enter those crazy birds! Shrimp are about around 3″-4″ at this stage. The redfish as well as other species, such as birds, begin their gorging feasts. It seems everyone is out to get their chomper’s on these delicious little guys. The fish eat so much they often regurgitate some of it; the birds go nuts over the shrimp samplings freely floating everywhere, just for the taking.

All this fun lasts till late summer when the remaining shrimp have become sub-adults and begin their long journey out into the Gulf of Mexico, to have their own little baby larva. At this point the cycle repeats itself one again. You can set your seasonal watches by it anglers, its mother natures miraculous clockwork. The moral to this story is if you find the birds swarming  and squawking over the water they are feeding on shrimp; there you will most certainly find the fish. Its better than a Fishfinder!

Here is a video that will give you a quick glance at one of these feeding frenzies……….Click Here.

Destination Series: Gulf of Mexico

The Gulf of Mexico is the 9th largest body of water in the world. It is often referred to as the “Mediterranean of the Americas.” It covers about 600,000 square miles and is filled with over 215 species of fish. Some of the species to be found are sea bass, flounder, grouper, snapper, tuna, speckled trout, alligator gar and marlin. The Gulf of Mexico offers a variety of boating and fishing opportunities. For divers one of the most popular destinations in the gulf is “The Flower Gardens.” The Flower Gardens carry the seeds for coral reefs all over the world. It could likely be considered the world’s “Reef Nursery.” Visit the Flower Gardens Natl Park website

in this “Destination Series: Gulf of Mexico” there are plenty of great locations to fish the Gulf from the Bay and Ocean sides or deep water fishing. Here is a great website to help anglers with Tides and Currents in the Gulf of Mexico for Texas fishing locations…….Click Here

For State by State fishing regulations here is a great website………Click Here

For Federal Regulations here is a good place to start…………………..Click Here

Fishing Book Series: Standing in a River

This Fishing Book Series: Standing in a River Waving a Stick by John Gierach. The stories in this particular book are so rich and intriguing that you will not be able to put it down. This author writes in a such a way that you feel you’re sitting beside him on the bank, as the story develops.

These are great campfire stories to sink into at night, when you are enjoying a weekend fishing trip. This is one of the most popular books by John Gierach for a very good reason. You will learn so much about fishing and it may just teach you a little bit about life too, as you turn the pages of this endearing little book.

Amazon Summary on the Book:

Brilliant, witty, perceptive essays about fishing, the natural world, and life in general by the acknowledged master of fishing writers.

With his inimitable combination of wit and wisdom, John Gierach once again celebrates the fishing life in this book notating its benefits as a sport, philosophical pursuit, even therapy: “The solution to any problem—work, love, money, whatever—is to go fishing, and the worse the problem, the longer the trip should be.” After all, fishing teaches important life lessons—about solitude, patience, perspective, humor, and the sublime coffee break.

Reflecting on a lifetime of lessons learned at the end of a rod, Gierach concludes, “The one inscription you don’t want carved on your tombstone is  that the poor guy didn’t fish enough.’ Fortunately for Gierach fans, this is not likely to happen.

To View This Book…………………..Click Here

Yamaha 190 Fishing Jet Boat

Yamaha has now introducted its latest model, the “Yamaha 190 Fishing Jet Boat.” It is a jet-powered fishing boat with a center console. She is 19 feet long overall and powered by the proven 1812CC high-output Yamaha marine engines. She has all the fishing features expected in a dedicated fishing rig with only a draft. She also has the Yamaha articulating keel, giving excellent control and handling. Below is a list of its key features, which you will find helpful.

Key Features:

Tow hook
8 person capacity
Jet drive propulsion
Bring-aboard cooler
18 gallon aerated livewell
Fore and aft casting decks
High power washdown system
Trolling motor wire channeling
5 flush mount cleats and 4 gunwale rod holders
2 flip-up jump seats with storage below
Jensen marine stereo with Bluetooth, USB and AUX port
Integrated swim platform with ladder

Come by Texas Marine today and check out this new fully accommodating fishing boat. You will love it!

Bass Cash Bash Tournament

This “Bass Cash Bash Tournament” is designed to help raise money for 3 charity organizations and gives you a summer long tournament entry into the BassCashBash.com event.

$50 Entry Fees & Official Registration @ BassCashBash.com
(anyone registering before April 25th will be eligible for “Early Bird” prize drawing for all of the gear that the sponsors will be donating.

Up to $250,000 All Summer Long

10lbs + Category any Toledo Bend Largemouth Bass weighting 10lbs or more


Tagged Category 100 Tagged Fish will be safely released into Toledo Bend


Toledo Bend Official Weigh In Station:
Toledo Town and Tackle. Located at the crossroads of Toledo Bend on the Louisiana side at Highway 6 and Highway 191. Curt and the Crew are excited to be a part of our first event and can’t wait to put that 10 lbs. or Larger Bass on the scales For you or check in your Tagged Bass.

For More Info Contact: BassCashBash.com

639 Vinson Rd.
Leesville, LA 71446