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Are Your Boats Ready For Spring

via Boating Industry

Those of you in snowy states are probably cheering the recent temperature increases as much as I am. I don’t know about you, but I am definitely ready to go boating again. But what about your customers who bought their first boat this past year? Are they ready?

One of the most intimidating aspects of boat ownership is the maintenance, especially for new boaters, and the cost of maintenance is the number one reason boaters give up the recreation.

As the temperatures are finally starting to warm up in the seasonal regions, those new boaters are getting as anxious as we are to get on the water again. They followed all of the necessary steps to winterize their boat, but that was some time ago. What needs to be done to get the boat ready for spring?

Dealers should be active in working with customers to make sure they are comfortable performing the necessary maintenance, not only to keep those boaters in the sport but also to further establish loyalty to the dealership.

Send an email reminder to customers to get their boats ready for spring, but make it a little more special. Add a checklist that helps them remember all the little things they may forget when prepping their boats.

Discover Boating created an easy-to-print checklist for spring start-up that you can provide your customers, which asks customers to refer to their owner’s manual for any manufacturer-specific recommendations. What if they didn’t have to dig through their manual? Your customers would be wowed if you provided tips for prepping their specific brands for spring. And of course, be sure to extend an offer to visit your service department if they have any questions.

The time invested in building trust is never time wasted. This personal reminder demonstrates to the customer just how much you value their safety and want their boating experience to be hassle-free. When they need service done on their boat and want to give the job to someone they know will take care of them, no one else but you will come to mind. And if you don’t have time to provide excellent service to your customers, what do you have time for?

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Recipe Series: Duck Gumbo

Total Preparation: 3 hrs. and Serves 10

1 3/4 cups vegetable oil
1 1/2 cups flour
3 cups onions (chopped)
2 cups celery (chopped)
2 bell peppers (chopped)
2 bay leaves
4 cups water
4 large duck or chicken (cut into individual serving portions, boil then reserve broth)
6 cups reserved broth
1 1/2 tablespoon salt
2 teaspoons pepper
1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper
1 1/2 lbs. Andouille sausage
1 tablespoon gumbo file’
1/2 cup chopped green onions
1 tablespoon onion powder

To cook your “Duck Gumbo” in a very large pot make a roux using the flour and oil over a medium heat. Stir this rough with wooden spoon constantly taking care not to let it burn. Make sure roux is a medium brown consistency, almost like peanut butter. Once your roux is ready (usually takes about 15 minutes), add onions (white and green), bell pepper, bay leaves and celery while stirring for around 5 minutes, until everything is tender. Then add the duck you have already boiled and stir. Then add the broth you reserved from boiling the duck (apprx. 6 cups) and add the water. Stir and then add the other seasonings. Cook on a low heat for 3 hours. At this point cut the sausage into small bite size pieces and add to the gumbo mixture. Cook this all for another hour. Spoon off any excess grease. Serve your gumbo hot over rice with a big batch of potato salad and you will be in gumbo heaven!

Places to Fish in a Bay

When looking for “Places to Fish in a Bay,” there are several things to consider. You really need to look at the topography using a GPS or Fishfinder.  When you do you will notice several types of terrain to choose from such as reefs, hills or humps, channels or holes, shallows or shoals and convergence zones.rollover pass (Custom)

Reefs offer great fishing and consist of any sold structure, natural or manmade. Look for oyster beds, rock outcrops, wrecks, bridges or jetties. When you are fishing these structures consider:

  • Habits of the fish you are trying to catch. Predatory fish circle the outskirts of structures, baitfish usually wander in and out of the structures.
  • For fish living deep in the structure fish with your boat over the structure, anchored. Drop the bait down to the fish. When you get a bite maintain a steady pressure on the fish to get it up so that it cannot swim back down into the structure to safety.,dsc_4758

Another great place to fish in bays is hills and humps. They are popular hiding places for prey and tend to redirect currents. When fishing a hill or hump consider:

  • Position your boat over the structure so that you can drift while dragging baits across the bottom or gently swimming it over varying depths. These are great spots to troll and use live baits also. You can even anchor here and drop the bait down near the bottom.
  • Once you catch a fish here, you will notice there are others in the same area here. Its good to mark a spot on your GPS and then drift back and forth over the hill or hump.

Depressions or Holes, along with Channels on the bottom of a bay attract fish. Fish can hide in these areas and they offer relief from conditions predator fish find intolerable, such as extreme temperatures.

  • Since saltwater is denser than fresh, deepwater holds cleaner water with higher salinity levels.  Predators prefer to patrol the edges of a channel or hole like this.

A well known popular area to fish in a bay is the shallows or shoals. They resemble fishing a hole, hill or channel. There is an abundance of bait in these areas.

  • Look for a variation in the bottom structure to find the fish. Its best to fish these areas at night when game fish move onto the flats so they will not become a victim of birds. Depends on the situation, trolling, anchoring or drifting can be effective techniques over the shoals.

Rainbow (Custom)Last but not least, Convergence Zones are great areas in a bay to catch fish. Look for where the freshwater and saltwater merge. This is called a convergence zone. They are great place to fish because the salinity levels  will attract saltwater fish for feeding and breeding. The border between the two bodies of water might only appear as a ripple or color change to an angler, but function almost like a concrete wall for fish.  Many times they are of different temperatures, currents, colors and salinity. Fish will use them as feeding stations to round up bait fish.

  • Always explore both sides of the break in a convergence zone before fishing
  • Trolling is a great way to cover this ground, but drifting baits towards the break works well too.

Regardless of where in the bay you decide to try your luck, the bay is one of the most successful fishing experiences you will ever experience. Its a great place to learn to saltwater fish and affords beginners plenty of room to utilize different techniques and terrains. Get out there and fish one of the man Texas and Louisiana bays today.

Vortex Wins 2015 Innovation Awards



Nashville, GA – Chaparral’s new Vortex Aerial Surf Platform (ASP) has been awarded the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) Innovation Award. The award was announced February 12, 2015 at the Miami International Boat Show.

 243 Vortex“Our new Vortex jet boats are revolutionizing the jet boat world,” said Chaparral President Jim Lane. “Interest in wake surfing is increasing as a water sport. The ASP and this award verify that you can enjoy the sport of wake surfing with all the benefits of jet drive at a fraction of the cost of traditional surf boats.” According to Mike Fafard, VP of Engineering, “It was exciting to work on the ASP project with my design team.  We understood the challenge of pioneering a wake with jet power.  The results were best described by the professional riders who were amazed at the exceptional surf wake.” The new Aerial Surf Platform is an addition to the molded swim step, reshaping the wake and making it deeper and more conducive to the rapidly growing sport of wake surfing

“When it comes to overall performance and family fun it’s tough to beat a Vortex,” said Chaparral Founder Buck Pegg. “Our new wake shaping Aerial Surf Platform is truly breakthrough technology that will prove a game changer in watersports.” 

The Innovation Awards, organized by the NMMA and judged by Boating Writer’s International (BWI), recognizes products that best meet the following criteria: innovative distinction fromInnovation Trophy other products currently being manufactured; benefit to the marine industry and/or consumer; practicality; cost-effectiveness; and availability to the consumer within 60 days of award receipt.

This marks Chaparral’s second NMMA Innovation Award, following on the heels of recognition for the 327 SSX as the world’s first bowrider full beam cuddy cabin. 

Available at No Haggle, Real Deal prices including a trailer, Chaparral’s Vortex jet boats include six offerings from 20- to 24-feet. The just introduced Aerial Surf Platform addition, along with a three tank ballast system, is available as optional equipment on Chaparral’s 223 and 243 VR and VRX Vortex jet boat models.

 About Chaparral Boats, Inc & Robalo Boats LLC. Chaparral Boats, Inc. and Robalo Boats LLC are leading manufacturers of fiberglass boats under two brand names: sterndrive, jet and outboard pleasure boats by Chaparral, including H2O Sport and Fish & Ski Boats, SSi and SSX Sportboats, Sunesta Sportdecks, Xtreme Towboats, Signature Cruisers and Vortex Jet Boats, SunCoast Outboard Sportdecks, and outboard sport fishing boats by Robalo.

 Chaparral Boats and Robalo Boats are subsidiaries of Marine Products Corporation (NYSE: MPX).  For more information about Marine Products Corporation, Chaparral, and Robalo visit our websites at www.marineproductscorp.com, www.chaparralboats.com, and www.robalo.com.

New for 2015 Texas Coastal Fisheries

TPWD New Regulations

  • 5 spotted Seatrout bag limit extended from Lower Laguna Madre northward through Coastal Bend
  • Oyster harvest is prohibited for 2 years on restoration sites such as Matagorda Bay and Galveston Bay
  • 2 Flounder bag limit in November extended through the first 2 weeks of December and harvest is allowed by any legal means.

The TPWD allowed public comment on these regulations before they enacted them. They had 1700 comments, 700 of which were against it. The reasons against the regulation were plenty. The top comments included an alternative, such as a 7 trout limit. Seatrout are a popular fish in Texas waters; most Anglers do not see the point in a 5 bag limit. Other arguments were totally against the bag limit, while others decided if they had to abide by the new regulations —why not spread the joy to the entire Texas coastline.

For those fishing more than 9 miles off the coast of Texas, your in Federal waters and may be subject to different regulations. TPWD days begin at midnight and end at midnight.

Best Winter Bass Fishing Lures

Winter fishing can give even the best anglers the doldrums. Bass have slow metabolisms so they don’t have to eat regularly. The trick is to taunt them into instinctively grabbing an easy meal with these winter lures. To spice up your success rate in the winter try some of these bass fishing winter favorites:

shad deep divingJerkbaits

The top winter Jerkbaits dive deep and suspend, while jerking and fluttering, to mimic dying shad. They trick lethargic bass out of their deep hiding places to grab what they perceive as an easy meal. If you can add weight to the lure to make it sink slowly, as you maneuver it through the deep water, the results will be well worth it.

Blade BaitBlades

Blades are fun to fish. They lure their prey out of hiding by anglers slowly reeling in the lure using subtle short lifts, while holding your rod about 3:00. Let it hit the bottom, while giving it a few tiny short hops, similar to using a jig. These baits shine when the weather is 40 degrees or below. You can fish them down sharp angled banks or even along sandy bottom areas in weedy shallow water.


Spoons are amazing productive lures. While not being much for looks, their lightening fast speeds get them into the bass strike zone quickly and the most novice angler can work these baits effectively. Just a quick gentle snap of the line, let the bait fall slack again then repeat. The main thing with these lures is to keep your eye on the prize. You have to watch the line.

Spoon (Medium) (Custom)Tail Spinners

A flashy bait, the tail spinner is a hot ticket in Texas winter waters! Anglers there appreciate its versatility when it comes to working this bait. Tail Spinners allow anglers to quickly adjust to changing conditions on the water. The Tail Spinner can draw out even the laziest fish from their lair.


The All New Chaparral Vortex


The all new Chaparral Vortex is a sporty high tech, high quality boat that definitely has the “WOW-FACTOR” going~

The matted swim platform is beautifully integrated into the overall design with a telescopic stowaway ladder, twin seats and storage for watersports gear within arms reach. Also, positioned right where you need it is a stereo with recessed water resistant speakers, stainless drink holdersVortex II and color coordinated canvas top for folding arch tower. Feature list on this one could go on all day! Here are just a few options and features so come on by and check it out:

  • Color Coordinated Canvas Top For Folding Arch Tower
  • Raptor-Coated Black Folding Arch Tower with Go Pro Mount
  • All Panels with Dual Illuminated LED Switches and Water Resistant DC Breakers
  • Custom Molded Fiberglass Dash with Hand Stitched and Wrapped Upholstery
  • DC Power Plug -12v (Helm)
  • Digital Depth Gauge
  • Digital Helm Package with Four Control Settings: Cruise Mode, Ski Mode, Eco Mode, Docking Mode
  • Digital Hour Meter
  • Digital Instrumentation with Chrome Bezels
  • Helm Stereo Remote
  • Steering Wheel – Black
  • Tilt Steering Wheel
  • Enclosed Storage Compartment with Lockable Door
  • Fiberglass Floor Liner
  • Hanging Rod
  • Lighting in Head
  • Aft Hinged Transom Seats with Center Walk-Thru and Storage Underneath
  • Bow Cushions – Hinged with Storage Compartment Underneath
  • Bow rider Filler Cushion with Dedicated Storage
  • Bow Walk Thru Door
  • Cockpit and Transom Grab Handles-Stainless Steel
  • Cockpit Drainage System (CDS)
  • Cockpit Table with Bases in Cockpit and on Swim platform
  • Custom Designed Ultra Comfort Helm Seat with Flip-Up Bolster
  • Full Size Wraparound Walk-Thru Windshield with Custom Stainless Steel Supports
  • Lighting – Cockpit Courtesy Lights (4 – LED)
  • Molded Glove Box Storage with Foam Protectant Pad
  • Molded-In Footrest – Port and Starboard
  • Premium Expandable and Stain Resistant Cockpit Upholstery Vinyl with Nano-Block Technology and Color Accent Stitching
  • Premium Sound System: AM/FM with MP3 Jack, USB Port, Bluetooth capabilities, and Sirus Satellite Ready
  • Removable Cooler (25-Quart) Under Port Bench Seat
  • Side Panels with Coaming Storage
  • Ski Storage in Floor with Large Hinged Fiberglass Hatch and Rubber Mat
  • Stainless Steel Drink holders (10)
  • Starlite Seat Cushions with Water Drainage System
  • Storage Underneath Starboard and Port Dash
  • Swim Platform Mat
  • Water Resistant Speakers (6)
  • Battery Trays
  • Bilge Pump – Automatic and Blowers
  • Dedicated Anchor Locker Molded Into Forward Deck with Stainless Steel Four Step Boarding Ladder Concealed Under Fiberglass Lid
  • Dual Battery Setup with Parallel Switch
  • Electric Horn
  • Integrated Swim Platform
  • Kevlar Reinforced Hull
  • Navigational Lights
  • Pressure Water System with Stainless Steel Transom Shower
  • Ski Mirror
  • Stainless Steel Bow Rails
  • Stainless Steel Hardware, Including Bow and Stern Eyes, Ski Eye, and Pull-Up Cleats (6)
  • Stainless Steel, Three-Step Boarding Ladder with Integrated Handle Concealed