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Nationally Recognized S.E. Texas Artist-David Cargill

Tucked away in a quiet little “Ole Town” Beaumont neighborhood is a whimsical little piece of property all its own, an island of artistic passion loaded with an eclectic array of sculptures, paintings andCargil 5 stained glass pieces. Who knew that “Nationally Recognized S.E. Texas Artist-David Cargill” was endeavoring to produce such a magnificent repository of his life’s work behind the those architecturally  interesting gates to the entrance of his home.


As you step inside the gates, a sudden otherworldly sense of charm begins to permeate the place and you feel as though you’ve entered a foreign land, somewhere in Europe perhaps.  Meandering through the various nooks and crannies of the perfectly staged vignettes, that have been so painstakingly developed over the years, one feels truly blessed to be wandering in such a magical place. Everywhere the eye catches is a secret waiting to be discovered. There were things such as a small child peaking out from behind a bush and a Jesus statue gloriously raising His exceptionally large hands to the sky with a joyous passion that can not help but permeate the soul of its admirers. This place is filled with artistic pieces of every size, shape and caliber, with no one particular theme dominating over another.

One would expect to find mainly large pieces of Bronze statues at the home, similar to his well-known commissioned pieces, such as the Mirabeau B. Lamar head in the quadrangle at Lamar University. To the pathfinders delight there is everything from marble sculptures (like those of Michelangelo) to bronze children playing in the yard with gorgeous green patinas covering their aging bodies. There is even a clay terracotta piece stretched out lazily in a small venue near the house. Also, the artist has included everything from serious pieces like the image of Jesus dying on the cross with the details of that moment piercing through this facial expressions to a large funny camel in the side-yard with Eve standing on it’s back picking the apple. During the entire outdoor adventure the viewers eyes are continually drawn towards a massive plate glass window to catch a glimpse of towering overstuffed bookshelves, just waiting to be discovered inside the artists home.

Cargil 7Once inside the real joy begins as this artist studio and workshop reveals its most prized possessions. A favorite of many is the tall thick tree whose entire trunk is carved with intricate detail to tell a story and was titled “The Garden of Eden.” The artist wife was an amazing painter and artist all her own. The paintings adorn nearly every wall in the home adding a whole other dimension to the experience. One feels as though they have entered a museum. The perusing of the numerous old books, including a ancient hymnal from an old Church or monastery in Spain and an 1829 “Pilgrims Progress” was a great finish to this unexpected, yet momentous occasion.

2015 Top Family Friendly Places to Fish

Click on the link to find a spot or read the entire article………………………………………….CLICK HERE

Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation partnered with Take Me Fishing campaign to rank the 2015 Top Family Friendly Places to Fish in America. Here is a list of great spots they came up with.

As part of a sweepstakes, anglers and boaters cast more than 91,000 votes online to help develop the 2015 list of Top 100 Family-Friendly Places to Fish and Boat. The criteria for the Top 100 included having a public body of water within an hour of a major city, good fishing opportunities, and family-friendly amenities.

Who Reeled In The Top 10 Spots:

  1. Everglades National Park, FL
  2. Bahia Honda State Park, Big Pine Key, FL
  3. Blue Springs State Park, Orange City, FL
  4. Kissimmee State Park, Lake Wales, FL
  5. Keystone State Park, Derry, PA
  6. Clear Lake State Park, Kelseyville, CA
  7. Skyway Fishing Pier State Park, St Petersburg, FL
  8. Galveston Island State Park, Galveston, TX
  9. Presque Isle State Park, Erie, PA
  10. Lackawanna State Park, North Abington, PA

This is a great guide for bringing your family out to enjoy the outdoors and memory making adventures that a successful fishing experience can provide!

How to Clean Zebra Mussels off your Boat

Its the law in Texas, you must deal with this pesky little species on your boat. Below is a diagram of where they often hide. Here is how to clean Zebra Mussels off your boat!







Clean your boat, trailer and gear by removing all plants, animals and foreign objects.


Drain all water from the boat, including the motor, bilge, live wells and bait buckets, before leaving the lake.


Dry the boat and trailer for a week or more before entering another water body. If unable to let it dry for at least a week, wash it with a high-pressure washer and hot (at least 140-degree), soapy water.

Bank Fishing in S.E. Texas

Great places to fish in Southeast Texas know mainly to locals. To find the spots below ……… Click Here


LNVA Salt Water Barrier
-Brackish water, stocked ponds before you get to barrier, restrooms,
-Ponds w/trout, river for redfish/drum and cats

Hillebrandt Bayou
-Produces very nice cats! ive caught plenty here on live shad.
-Traffic is a minimum, and can cast for shad right off the bridge. Throw near bridge columns    with shiners or black/yellow beetle spins for crappie.


 Old Ferry Road (aka: Baileys)

-Saltwater,Piers for crabbing (great saltwater bait!), Fish where waterway meets Old River Cove,

-Popping cork for small reds and good sized trout

 -Follow curve to bridge. Bridge is usually crowded but yields good sized reds


 Cooks Lake Rd.
-Can fish all along the bank and under bridge, near the park. on North side of bridge becomes
  back water.
-Lots of crappie, sunnies and cats, some bass.
Village Creek Bridge
-Free Boat Ramp
-Park at bridge and fish near boat ramp or walk along trails in woods to fish
-Lots of crappie, sunnies and cats, some bass.



Sabine Pass Jetty Rd

-Lots of places to fish along road once you pass Coast Guard Station
-Need truck to access far end of road (best fishing)
-All saltwater species, Mostly redfish
-End of road is very shallow, popping cork/topwaters

McFaddin Nat’l Wildlife Refuge
Clam Lake
-Piers for crabbing-BAIT
-Fish at first bridge (either side), large Redfish, Drum, Spec. Popping cork with live shrimp, Gulp!  artificial (shrimp, 3-4 in. any color)
-Road is rough and rocky
-Part of McFaddin National Wildlife Refuge
-Can not enter after dark (DO NOT TRY/SPIKE STRIP)


North Shore Park
– Lake Woodlands
-Free boat ramp.
-People also cast net at the docks for bait.
-Lake is good for cats, crappie, bass, bream.


Rollover Pass 
-Gilchrist Beach or Bay side
-Saltwater species such as Flounder
Bayshore Park
-Boat Launch
-Saltwater species
Challenger 7 Memorial Park
-Carp, buffalo, grass carp, blue catfish, channel catfish

Statewide Fish Art Contest Winners for K-12

Texas Kindergarten through 12th grade students competed in an art contest that was put on by “The Art of Conservation” group to encourage kids to get involved in conservation efforts. They were ask to create a work of art containing any of the freshwater fish that inhabit our state. Grade 4 and above were also ask to turn in an essay on their particular fish. They were suppose to include any conservation efforts that may be occurring with their fish species in Texas.

The judges were the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center in Athens. The entries were broken up into the judging groups, Kindergarten through 3rd grade, 4th-6th, Middle School and High School. The winners are below:

Kindergarten – 3rd Grade Winner

3rd Grade Winner






4th Grade – 6th Grade Winner

winner 4-6






Middle School Winner

Winner 7-9






High School Winner

Winner 10-12






Each participant got an artificial fishing lure and a certificate. To view all the winners…Click Here