Popular Boat Series: Offshore Juggernauts

They say that no man is an island, but the offshore boating community is definitely an island all its own. Offshore fishermen are so completely sold out on their sport they may never venture onto the mainland again. Lost in their own world of reefs, rigs and trolling—these guys know exactly what they need out on that big blue water. There is so many more challenges to offshore boating making it crucial to have the right equipment. According to the Coast Guard, the offshore boundary in the Gulf of Mexico (Florida Keys to the Texas Rio Grande) is 12 nautical miles from the shore.

A boat that can brave these waters must have high sides and specially designed hulls to protect the boat from the inevitable battering of the deep ocean swells it will encounter. Also, they usually come equipped with rod holders, livewells, oversized cutting boards, outriggers, downriggers, toilets, sinks, stowaway seating, easy frig fishing (Medium)ront deck access, extra safety features, plenty of room to fight your catch and possibly sleeping facilities. One more imperative feature for the offshore boater is finding a boat that performs really well under pressure. A good tracking boat is invaluable out there on the open water. Offshore boats tend to do a lot of trolling at high speeds. Boats that tracks well, without needing constant course correction, allowing the Captain to quickly dodge floating debris and freeing him up to do other things is critical. An extra large cockpit that is efficient and uncluttered is also mandatory with these boats.

The correlation between the costs of these boats and the length is usually quite obvious. The length of a boat can help with its seaworthiness. It can be more important to maximize fishing features, even if you give up length to do it. In order to catch a fish you must go where they live. This may mean motoring out many miles from the nearest port. The power and range of an offshore boat is so important to a successful fishing trip. The NauticStar XS Offshore series will definitely get you where you need to be for that big predator fish. In saltwater fishing, as in real estate, the three most important keys to success are location, location, and location. The number one factor in finding these monsters is locating structure where they may be lurking. Other things like currents, water temperature and weather also play into a successful trip. NauticStar Offshore boats will get you out to the rigs where the best fish congregate. These are, by far, the most popular fishing spots in the saltwater community today.

Spear fishermen appreciate the transom showers and the stainless steel three step ladders, giving them easy access into the water. Sunbathers can enjoy the spacious toOffshore Fishing Pic (Medium)ilet/changing rooms, cushy bow seats, and JBL premium stereos with MP3/USB port. NauticStar blows the competition away with its fishability features. It even has a walk thru transom door, flip down bench seat with backrest, high pressure wash down, portside baitwell, insulated fish boxes, cast net storage and….more. All these combinations work together to make your fishing days more successful with much less work. Texas Marine has several of these boats for you to choose from. Call today if you would like to know more about the many options that these juggernauts have to offer.