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The National Park Service: 100 Year Birthday Bash celebrations will begin in earnest in 2016. They are inviting visitors from around the nation to come enjoy the celebrations at a nearby national park! Celebrations will be going on all year round from essay and photo contests to actual events taking place at the parks themselves. These events will be fun for the entire family, so be sure and watch for them.

The National Park System began in 1872 with its first real park “Yellowstone” and went on to embrace over 450 sites in the United States. The service to take care of these national treasures finally came around 1916. The various categories these parks fall into are National Parks, National Monuments, National Memorials, National Military Parks, National Historic Sites, National Parkways, National Recreation Areas, National Seashores, National Scenic Railways, National Scenic Trails and more. Yellowstone was the beginning of this great story and President Teddy Roosevelt took the park service to a whole new level. Read about its history and the upcoming celebrations at the link below.

National Park Service Story………………………………..Click Here

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Big Thicket National Preserve’s Celebrations:

Big Thicket Centennial Photo Contest


Texas Marine Christmas Party!

Tx Mrn 8Once again the annual Texas Marine Christmas Party was a bTx Mrn 5ig success. It was an amazing time of fun, fellowship and FOOD, delicious food! Starting with the turkey and dressing

right down to the Key Lime pie everyone stuffed themselves.


Tx Mrn 9These sprawling food choices, so carefully prepared by our fellow teammates, are just another example of the caring detail with which this team does everything. 12376126_10153859120443447_1856630946735675685_nThis year was a very successful year for Texas Marine. As our team leader  shared his appreciation and prayer for each and every member we all reflected on the banner year we have had.

Texas Marine 4Our team members and awesome customers are the best and have made this one heck of a year!

Merry Christmas to everyone and to each a very Happy New Year!

Boat Maintenance Checklist for Off-Season Storage

Texas Marine Off-Season Maintenance Special

There are so many reasons to carefully and thoroughly tuck in your boat for the off-season that a traditional annual ritual will payoff in spades. It can ward off rust, mildew and the eventual break down of your boat, resulting in shortening its usefulness. There just isn’t enough that can be said on the benefits, both monetarily and practically, for learning this process and developing your own yearly checklist. Use the below” Boat Maintenance Checklist for Off-Season Storage” to help you build your own personal regime.

Where & When

  1. Where-You need to put a little thought into where your boat will be stored in the off-season and when it is to be tucked in. A climate-controlled storage would naturally be optimal, but many boat owners do not have that kind of access. So the next best thing is a nicely-fit cover for your boat, as it sits outside. You want to check all the sharp edges on your boat that will come into contact with your cover so it does not get ripped during the harsher weather that is inevitable. Remember if necessary an old rag and some duct tape can take care of wrapping a threatening sharp edge on any boat.
  2. When to tuck in your boat is always a challenge. The best thing to remember is you want it in before the first hard freeze. It only takes once for your boat to sustain potential damage due to freezing weather which it was not prepared for. It pays tremendously to get this step right.

Prep Work before Covering

  1. To cut down on mildew you can clean, wash and wax your fiberglass or gel coated surfaces with a mild marine wash and dual-action polisher. Take care to thoroughly dry with cotton towel. Do not forget to address any oxidation or stains with a dual-action polisher before you wax.
  2. Then for the painted or metal surfaces you need to use a protective application of wash and wax to deal with any impurities on them before storing.
  3. Thoroughly clean all crumbs and dirt from floors, seats and storage bins. You can use a vacuum from the local car wash to quickly accomplish the task.
  4. For you vinyl surfaces, such as furniture, coat it with a protective vinyl cleaner or conditioner. It will ensure your upholstery is protected against the UV rays of the sun once you begin your boating season again the following year. Also, it will help you locate any tears in your vinyl that would allow moisture into your padding and deteriorate it, as you are forced to inspect it while applying the conditioner.
  5. Be sure to detail and protect your clear plastic surfaces as well with a Plastic wax (don’t use glass cleaner on your plastic).
  6. Engine prep work is the most time consuming, yet has the greatest potential for saving you money in the long run. Drain all the water from your outboards. Drain the coolant and replace it with antifreeze that is propylene glycol-based. Be sure you take the time to change your oil and filter also. Then fill your tank 3/4’s of the way full and add a stabilizer to protect the integrity of your fuel during the long storage season. Remove the battery and store in your garage or at least disconnect it.
  7. Check out your owners manual to make sure you have not forgotten any other mechanical to do for your particular boat model. Do not forget to take out all valuables either.

Check On Your Boat

Check on your boat now and then on the off-season. Make sure to carefully inspect the cover for tears that may be compromising all your hard work to store and protect your boat. Make sure everything is continuing to look like it is doing its job protecting your boat.  By developing a simple yearly checklist, with all these simple steps on it, you can make sure when the season kicks into high gear you do not have a nasty little surprise waiting on youu, from a careless off-season storage regime.


If you are new to  boat ownership or simply do not have the time you can always get the help of professionals like Texas Marine in Beaumont, Conroe and Clear Lake to painstakingly do the job for you. Make sure whoever you hire though agrees everything that you need done ahead of time.

3rd Annual Casting for Conservation Ladies Tournament

Galveston Bay Foundation Event

The very popular saltwater fishing tournament is held at Crystal Beach on the Bolivar Peninsula each year. This tournament is for the ladies only and brings anglers and enthusiasts from all over Texas. The funds go to help protect Galveston Bay’s natural resources. Women Tourney 2This tournament is for the novice to the advanced anglers, everyone has a winning shot at the prizes. It is a whole day of fun and you learn a whole lot about Galveston Bay while you’re at it. You can have a guided team or an non-guided team, both are eligible. The tournament participants enjoy an entire day of competitive fishing while at the same time helping the Galveston Bay foundation.

Women Tourney 3The organization was founded in 1987 and is a non-profit organization that works to preserve, protect and enhance the natural resources of the Galveston Bay estuarine system through its programs in education, conservation and research.

Womens Tourney 4This year “Casing for Conservation” tournament was held last Saturday on July 25, 2015. There were numerous attendees and everyone had a blast. The tournament check in was Friday Night at “Steve’s Landing” restaurant and the weigh-in was at “Stingaree Restaurant and Marina” on Saturday at 1pm. Texas Marine is one of the many proud sponsors of this annual event!

What? Texas has the most Gorgeous Reefs in Continental U.S?

Talk about your hidden gems~

“What? Texas has the most Gorgeous Reefs in Continental U.S?”  Yes! They are right off the coast, south of Sabine Pass. What about all those oil wells and that nasty spill? Well the “Flower Gardens Marine Sanctuary” reef system is doing just fine and looking quite well in all its colorful splendor. This system is one of the most important coral reef systems in the world because of its widespread diversity and spawning capabilities. The Gulf of Mexico’s Flower Gardens is a veritable Garden of Eden, as reefs go.

Only discovered in the late 19th century, this reef system is still largely unknown to the nations general population.  Local Texas and Louisiana Divers have been going there for over a quarter of a century, as a popular hotspot. The name came from grouper and snapper fisherman who could see the colorful coral beneath their boats, which resembled a beautiful sprawling flower garden. The reef is more than 170 feet deep in places and there are several reefs in the system. A few of the reefs are continuously connected by a low ridge of reefs near the base, which has just recently been discovered. This lower segments of the reef have now begun to be explored. This reef is teeming with life of all varieties. On any given day, you will find almost 300 species of fish, 1 different species of crustaceans, 4 types of sponges and a huge variety of sharks, rays and skates. The Sea Turtle is a regular resident of this interesting underwater community, as well as the famous Whale Shark. Giant Manta Rays can also be found there.

If you have not checked into this unbelievable natural resource for your family and friends to visit you may book a trip at the links supplied by NOAA below or simply watch a movie about it. Everyone needs to know about this amazing national marine sanctuary that has remained virtually hidden from the public’s eye for more than 100 years. Click on the sites below and do a little exploring of your own. This is a great place to visit and learn about.


To Book a Trip to the Flower Gardens…………….Click Here

To watch a Video on the Flower Gardens………………Click Here

Southeast Texas Artist: Ernest Bost

1452533_682108688487152_2122262884_n (Mobile)Southeast Texas Artist: Ernest Bost is quite successful these days and has been painting and drawing for decades now. He has had commissions for his work from as far away as Virginia and North Carolina. He graduated from Lamar University with a degree in commercial art in 1964. Afterwards, he began freelancing his art while working in the accounting department at Texaco.

As the years flew by, he continued painting at leisure while working. He was eventually able to take an early retirement from Texaco. He then moved back to S.E. Texas returning to his first love-art! He then began to get commissions from all over the U.S. In the last few years he started painting houses for local Realtors, to give as closing gifts. This became quite popular and he is still doing that very successfully today.

drawingErnest also paints portrait art exceptionally well, a notoriously hard subject to paint. His portrait art is so good that it is often hard to determine if it is a photograph or a painting. He just finished a six-foot mural of Jesus and Martha for the McCabe Roberts Avenue Methodist church in Beaumont. He also enjoys painting biblical scenes for church baptisteries. He recently painted a series of paintings for Coburn Supply and one for Vins Paint and Body, local businesses.

Our favorite is his beautiful landscapes. He is an exceptional outdoor artist also. He can workOurdoor Art I with all media-oils, watercolors, acrylics, charcoal and more. His favorites are pastels and inks. When he paints he describes what professional athletes call “getting in the zone,” he paints all night. He has no concept of time when he is painting and by daybreak many times has a beautiful work of art. If you have never see his work or would like to commission this artist to do a piece for you check out his Facebook Page………..Click Here.

2nd Annual 2015 BTA Neches River Rally

The BTA Neches River Rally, September 12, 2015, is a family-friendly 4-5 mile paddle on the Neches River.

The 2015 BTA Neches River Rally registration is underway. Go to to register or call at the number below. The website looks as though they haven’t updated for the 2015 rally yet.

Call Neches River Rally office: 409-790-5399
Bruce Walker,


  • Family Friendly
  • Life Preservers Mandatory
  • Launch at Set Times
  • Bring Your Own Chairs
  • Rain or Shine
  • No Refunds

The 4.0 mile Cooks Lake to Scatterman Paddling Trail will provide families and friends with a great opportunity to experience the biological diversity of the Big Thicket National Preserve. This seemingly short trail can actually become an all-day adventure as Cooks Lake and Scatterman Lake are fun to explore. Paddlers will experience beautiful cypress and tupelo forests that will make them feel like early explorers without actually paddling too far from civilization. This looped style trail eliminates shuttling issues since there is only one access point. This is a proposed Texas Parks & Wildlife Department official Paddling Trail and follows the goals and requirements of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Departments Paddling Trail Program. We hope that the trail will be dedicated on September 6, 2014 the day of the BTA Neches River Rally.

Getting There

One access site:
Lower Neches Valley Authority-Salt Water Barrier
30° 9′ 19″ N, 94° 6′ 58″ W
From US Highway 69/96, take the Lucas Drive Exit. Head East on Lucas Drive for approximately 1 mile. Turn left heading North on Bigner Road. Continue straight on Bigner Road until reaching the boat ramp in approximately 1.5 miles.


For Canoe and Kayak Rentals…………………………………….Click Here

Please visit the Big Thicket Association website for information and registration.


2015 Snow Run: 1800 sq.ft. SNOW play area

snow run pic 2Colorectal Cancer Awareness Race

Date: March 28, 2015, Saturday 

Location: FM 421 in Lumberton @ the new city park

Time: Race begins at 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Cost: $40 individual registration, 4 person team $140,
$25 Snow Slide and Snow Play

March is National Colorectal Cancer Awareness month! Please join us for the Snow blast zones and over 1800 sq.ft. of snow play area! We will have 4 snow blast zones and over 1800 sq.ft. of snow to play in!

Please go to to register

The story behind it all! In 2007, Bradley was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. For those who do not know what that is, basically its a condition that causes ulcers and swelling to your entire colon (large intestine). After spending extensive time in, and out of, the snow run pic 3hospital and multiple surgeries doctors finally removed his entire colon. Through his fight with Ulcerative Colitis, he met  another survivor, Ty Yates, who had also been dealing with UC for many years. They decided to create a non-profit organization called the “Ulcerative Colitis Foundation of America” This charity helps support and provides scholarships to people who are also suffering from Ulcerative Colitis. They have organized a special event called “The Snow Run/Walk 5K, which will be held on Saturday, March 28, 2015 in Lumberton at the new city park. All proceeds will help support the “Ulcerative Colitis Foundation of America.” There will be snow machines throughout the race creating snow blast areas to run through! Please get the word out and share this with your friends and family! This is a big event and it will mean a lot to have everyone’s support! Thanks!! Please visit the website for more information: or

The Snow Run & Walk is sponsored by the Ulcerative Colitis Foundation of America, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Thank you for your support.

2015 Texas Rainbow Trout Stocking Schedule

So admit it, you read this blog headline and thought “What? Rainbow Trout in Texas?” 29933_401555468446_5417849_n (Mobile)Yes, there are Rainbow and Brown Trout in Texas. The “2015 Texas Rainbow Trout Stocking Schedule” is out!!! Most people outside the state have no ideal. It is one of the best kept secrets in Texas. TPWD did a study before starting the program back in the 80’s. They wanted to know if these feisty little fish might survive somewhere in Texas. The answer came back, yes! The places were McKittrick Canyon and the Guadalupe River (Canyon Tailrace Section). The Guadalupe was right outside New Braunfels, a favorite hotspot for native Texans. Texans were excited, yet understandably skeptical about this new program. All except for a few ardent fly-fisherman had their doubts. The supporters felt that the fish would eventually adapt. They seem to have done just that. Although the trout still need their cold temperatures; the minimal holdover survivors find suitable habitat while continuing to grow their numbers, year after year.

Gruene Tx (Mobile) (Mobile)Near Gruene, Texas everyone enjoys tubing down the Guadalupe River and visiting New Braunfel’s Schlitterbahn (Travel Channel’s #1 Waterpark in the World). They also love to meander there way through the famous little town of Gruene shops, restaurants and Hall (“Michael” and “Hope Floats” filmed there). Hollywood actors to Country Music superstars frequent the place. Well, it just so happens that the Rainbow Trout like it too! The longest surviving Rainbow Trout population resides there. According to TPWD ” In Texas, high temperatures prevent reproduction or even over-summer survival in most areas, though they survive in tailrace areas below large dams such as Canyon Reservoir.”

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept. stocks about 136+ state and city parks, lakes, rivers, ponds, canals and creeks with 280,000 Rainbow Trout (around 12” in length) from November through March every year. However, the only ones to thrive are New Braunfel’s Guadalupe River trout in the Canyon Tailrace, near the dam. There are now spawning native Texas Rainbow and Browns OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAthere, since the program began 30 years ago. It is not just the TPWD that are stocking these waters, either. the Guadalupe River Trout Unlimited organization also stocks theses waters with trophy trout only. This river produces some of the best quality large girth trout you can find just about anywhere. The GRTU release section of the Canyon Tailrace is a well-kept secret. But, if you talk to some of the local fisherman they can point you in the right direction. You need a kayak for that golden stretch of river. They regularly pull up 3-8 lb. trout there. These waters produced the state record back in the 90’s, when a 10 lb, 28” long Rainbow trout was caught. For more information go to the website of these dedicated anglers: or check out their video below:

Trout fishing the Canyon Tailrace Video………………………Click Here

TPWD Rainbow Trout Restocking Video………………………Click Here

Salmon Eggs (2)How do you fish for these tasty little morsels, you ask? By far, the simplest and fastest way to fish for these little guys are with red Salmon eggs. They love Salmon eggs; like kids love candy. You can use a fly-fishing rod setup, just to give it a whirl, but you don’t have to. When the TPWD stocks these fish it is usually in small water bodies, such as city parks. Therefore, you can even use a bobber to help children enjoy a successful fishing experience. Bait two eggs on the end of a small hook and go for it. Also, don’t be intimidated because it is a new experience, try your hand at fly-fishing. This is one of the most popular ways to fish, in the rest of the nation, for a reason.Guadmap51

Local Winter Trout Release Areas:

Canyon Tailrace, Guadalupe River, New Braunfels:
17,750 Trout Released


Beaumont Area
Nederland-Doornbos Park: 500 Trout Released
Vidor-Claiborne West Park (Beaumont Area): 1000 Trout Released
Beaumont-LNVA Barrier Pond: 3845 Trout Released
Jasper-Jasper City Park Pond: 1800 Trout Released
Woodville-Magnolia Ridge Pond: 1800 Trout Released

Conroe Area
Conroe Area Conroe-Burroughs Park: 2600 Trout Released
Conroe-Carl Barton Jr. Park Pond: 2400 Trout Released

Seabrook/League City Area
Houston-Sheldon State Park Children’s #1: 1028 Trout Released
Houston-Tom Bass I & II: 5500 Trout Released
Houston-Bane Park Lake: 2200 Trout Released
Houston-Eisenhower Park Pond: 3300 Trout Released
Houston-Mary Jo Peckham Park: 3160 Trout Released
Pasadena-Burke-Crenshaw Lake: 1000 Trout Released
Sugarland-Eldridge Park Pond: 750 Trout Released

Other Popular Areas
Austin-Bullfrog Pond: 896 Trout Released
Austin-Camp Mabry: 1400 Trout Released
Austin-Mueller Lake Park: 2000 Trout Released
Bandera-Bandera City Park Lake: 978 Trout Released
El Paso-Ascarate: 6000 Trout Released
Georgetown-San Gabriel Park: 1250 Trout Released
Georgetown-Blue Hole Park Lake: 1250 Trout Released
Mathis- Lake Corpus Christi: 1700 Trout Released
Midland-Beal Park Lake: 1500 Trout Released
Mt. Pleasant-Bob Sandlin State Park: 2750 Trout Released
Round Rock-Shirley McDonald Park Pond: 300 Trout Released
San Antonio- Miller’s Pond: 3792 Trout Released
San Antonio- Live Oak City: 750 Trout Released
San Antonio- Southside Lions Park: 4740 Trout Released
Tyler-Faulkner Park Lake: 2100 Trout Released
Tyler-Tyler Nature Center: 2000 Trout Released
Tyler-Tyler State Park: 4030 Trout Released
Waco-Buena Vista Park Lake: 1896 Trout Released
Waco-Nora Pond: 500 Trout Released

Stocking Occurs November-March

For More Locations See Link Below:

Texas Marine Team Christmas Party

Texas Marine celebrated its annual Christmas Party today with everything from Turkey and Ham to Etouffee, Gumbo and Tamales! You name it they served it up. Everyone was in attendance and a Christmas Feast was served up at all 3 locations! Here are just a few highlights from the party! Merry Christmas!

Christmas 6 Christmas 5 Christmas 4 Christmas 2 Christmas 1