The Fish That Changed America

If you have wondered how Bass fishing evolved from a quiet little pastime to a $100 billion dollar industry, The Fish That Changed America is the book for you. This is the history of the sport of Bass fishing told by those who actually engineered the change. Reader's ranging from the occasional weekend warrior to the professional angler will love the stories that are so masterfully told in this book.

The topics and stories in the book cover lures, boats, lakes and even the business side of Bass fishing. They are told by men like Trig Lund (last surviving staff member of Heddon Co.), Bill Lewis (designer of the famous Rat-L-Trap), Jack Windgate (early Fish Camp owner on Lake Seminole), Paul Allison (who cupped the 1st outboard propeller), Virgil Ward, Dee Thomas, Forrest Wood, Tom Mann and the iconic Bill Dance.

The topics they cover in this interesting collection of stories include a complete background on their topics. One fascinating story was how the Corps of Engineers began constructing the dams that form today's best bass lakes and how Johnny Morris created the first superstore of bass fishing Bass Pro Shops.  This book is not about tournament fishing its about the entire sport. You will learn how many different facets of the sport came together at the right time to form the booming industry it is today.

You will love owning this book and it is the perfect read for you down time while at the lake or even the seashore. Bring this one home today for your collection.

The Fish That Changed America - By Steve PriceReviews on this Book:

Price, a Hall of Fame journalist, is the perfect author for this book; he’s witnessed much of the evolution as a Bassmaster Senior Writer and topnotch bass writer for decades.”   — South Bend (Indiana) Tribune

“A compelling read. It brings history to life through the unique firsthand accounts of the men who shaped the amazing growth of a great American sport. I couldn’t put it down, and neither will you.”   Ray Scott, founder of the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society

“An incredible collection of stories from the people who were instrumental in building the sport of bass fishing. I absolutely loved it!”   —Shaw Grigsby, professional angler