2015 Rendezvous: Learn the Art of Fresh/Saltwater Fly-Tying

  • At the 2015 Rendezvous: Learn the Art of Fresh/Saltwater Fly-Tying on Toledo Bend. Have you ever wanted to learn the art of tying a fly. There are clinics all over the state to learn thisFlytying 3 (Custom) fun and addictive hobby for the entire family. One of the most popular is the 2015 Rendezvous where even kids can learn the art of fly-tying their own bait to fishing in fresh or saltwater. Texas now has plenty of opportunity to try out this type of fishing in its coldest rivers, like the Guadalupe near Canyon Dam, but also in Saltwater at the coast. More and more Texans are enjoying fly-fishing in saltwater. Not even a decade ago you rarely heard of anglers in this state who were remotely interested, now it is really catching on.

FlyTying 1 (Small)The Toledo Bend 2015 Rendezvous is a great weekend loaded with fellow fly-tying aficionados to teach you the ins and outs of this intriguing hobby for the entire family. The grounds and accommodations are set up for families and singles to participate comfortably. For more information on this event.....................Click HereFlytying 4 (Custom)



If you are interested in learning to fly-fish the flats in saltwater or simply casting techniques that can be used in the river or at the beach try this popular Orvis video for instructions on all this and more...........Click Here to View.