CCA StarKids Tournament Yields $50,000 Local Winner

The Coastal Conversation Association has been around since 1978 with many accomplishments under it's belt. The mission ocall Leticia at 12812502455f this organization is to educate the public and to advise on conservation that involves marine type resources. They strive to conserve and to enhance the availability of these coastal resources for future generations, as well as the current one, to enjoy. They sponsor many activities during the year but one of the most popular is the CCA StarKids Tournament.

The CCA Star Tournament was held over the summer of 2015. This CCA StarKids Tournament Yields "BIG WIN" For Local Girl of only 8 years old. The CCA puts on a StarKids tournament yearly and this year little Maritza Martinez from Southeast Texas won 2015WeighStationMap-646x1024 (Small)a $50,000 dollar scholarship for her catch. She fished regularly this summer as part of the tournament but never caught a fish big enough to place her the statewide tournament's winners circle. That all changed for her on Labor Day, while fishing in the Trinity Bay.

She was enjoying another fishing trip with her family when she suddenly hooked the 23 5Girl 1 (Small)/8's inch Sheepshead Division winner.  The Sheepshead weighed 11 pounds even. Her father never expected the fish that was on the other end of that line when she yelled "Dad I got a really big fish." He thought it might be a stingray! He was astonished as she reeled the monster fish in all by herself. They decided it might be a winner and brought it in to be weighed. Next thing you know Maritza had won the grand prize $50,000 college scholarship for her efforts. Congratulations Maritza Martinez on this wonderful win!

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StarKids Sheepshead Division (ages 6 – 10)

One $50,000 college scholarship will be awarded for catching the largest Sheepshead in this division.