Saltwater Fishing

Fishing in saltwater require a whole new approach from freshwater fishing. This includes much of your gear also, which will need to be overhauled. You need saltwater rods, a gaff, needle-nose pliers, saltwater reels, different clothing, electronics and other equipment that will make your saltwater adventures fun, safe and much easier.

If you decide to surf fish, you need a couple of rods, a couple of rigs and some pvc pipe to stick in the ground for rod holders. If you decide to try your hand offshore then your trip will be only as successful as the gear you bring along. Offshore requires a whole lot more equipment and tackle. This environment, along with the fish that reside in it, can be tough on your gear. The good news is that today's saltwater fishing markets have made gear that will withstand the wear and tear, some lasting for years. Cheaper is not always better in this environment. Look for non-corrosive, UV-resistant materials of high quality. If you take care of your gear by cleaning it off with fresh water after you are done and lubricate the metal parts you should be able to enjoy it for years to come.

Saltwater fishing is a blast and sadly many never venture in to this world. If you have the right gear it should be every bit as enjoyable as your freshwater fishing trips, if not more rewarding. Come by Texas Marine today and let us help you get prepared for your next saltwater fishing trip. Any of our knowledgeable staff would be happy to discuss it with you.