Bank Fishing in S.E. Texas

Great places to fish in Southeast Texas know mainly to locals. To find the spots below ......... Click Here


LNVA Salt Water Barrier
-Brackish water, stocked ponds before you get to barrier, restrooms,
-Ponds w/trout, river for redfish/drum and cats

Hillebrandt Bayou
-Produces very nice cats! ive caught plenty here on live shad.
-Traffic is a minimum, and can cast for shad right off the bridge. Throw near bridge columns    with shiners or black/yellow beetle spins for crappie.


 Old Ferry Road (aka: Baileys)

-Saltwater,Piers for crabbing (great saltwater bait!), Fish where waterway meets Old River Cove,

-Popping cork for small reds and good sized trout

 -Follow curve to bridge. Bridge is usually crowded but yields good sized reds


 Cooks Lake Rd.

-Can fish all along the bank and under bridge, near the park. on North side of bridge becomes

  back water.

-Lots of crappie, sunnies and cats, some bass.

Village Creek Bridge

-Free Boat Ramp

-Park at bridge and fish near boat ramp or walk along trails in woods to fish

-Lots of crappie, sunnies and cats, some bass.


Sabine Pass Jetty Rd


-Lots of places to fish along road once you pass Coast Guard Station
-Need truck to access far end of road (best fishing)
-All saltwater species, Mostly redfish
-End of road is very shallow, popping cork/topwaters

McFaddin Nat'l Wildlife Refuge

Clam Lake


-Piers for crabbing-BAIT

-Fish at first bridge (either side), large Redfish, Drum, Spec. Popping cork with live shrimp, Gulp!  artificial (shrimp, 3-4 in. any color)

-Road is rough and rocky

-Part of McFaddin National Wildlife Refuge

-Can not enter after dark (DO NOT TRY/SPIKE STRIP)


North Shore Park

- Lake Woodlands

-Free boat ramp.

-People also cast net at the docks for bait.

-Lake is good for cats, crappie, bass, bream.


Rollover Pass 

-Gilchrist Beach or Bay side

-Saltwater species such as Flounder

Bayshore Park

-Boat Launch

-Saltwater species

Challenger 7 Memorial Park

-Carp, buffalo, grass carp, blue catfish, channel catfish