What? Texas has the most Gorgeous Reefs in Continental U.S?

Talk about your hidden gems~

"What? Texas has the most Gorgeous Reefs in Continental U.S?"  Yes! They are right off the coast, south of Sabine Pass. What about all those oil wells and that nasty spill? Well the "Flower Gardens Marine Sanctuary" reef system is doing just fine and looking quite well in all its colorful splendor. This system is one of the most important coral reef systems in the world because of its widespread diversity and spawning capabilities. The Gulf of Mexico's Flower Gardens is a veritable Garden of Eden, as reefs go.

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Only discovered in the late 19th century, this reef system is still largely unknown to the nations general population.  Local Texas and Louisiana Divers have been going there for over a quarter of a century, as a popular hotspot. The name came from grouper and snapper fisherman who could see the colorful coral beneath their boats, which resembled a beautiful sprawling flower garden. The reef is more than 170 feet deep in places and there are several reefs in the system. A few of the reefs are continuously connected by a low ridge of reefs near the base, which has just recently been discovered. This lower segments of the reef have now begun to be explored. This reef is teeming with life of all varieties. On any given day, you will find almost 300 species of fish, 1 different species of crustaceans, 4 types of sponges and a huge variety of sharks, rays and skates. The Sea Turtle is a regular resident of this interesting underwater community, as well as the famous Whale Shark. Giant Manta Rays can also be found there.

If you have not checked into this unbelievable natural resource for your family and friends to visit you may book a trip at the links supplied by NOAA below or simply watch a movie about it. Everyone needs to know about this amazing national marine sanctuary that has remained virtually hidden from the public's eye for more than 100 years. Click on the sites below and do a little exploring of your own. This is a great place to visit and learn about.


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