Underwater Photography Guide

Here is a quick and easy "Underwater Photography Guide" with some steps for beginners to get started with. This blog is assuming you already have your camera, underwater housing and other various equipment in place. Also, when shooting underwater keep in mine how comfortable you are in the water. Practice your own water skills, that is half the battle in getting great underwater shots.

1. Try to get about 3 feet away from your subject matter and make sure your flash is on. The flash is what gives you those vivid colors you see in professional shots.

2. Only shoot in clear water and make sure your subjects eyes are in focus. That should get you where you need to be with the rest of the shot.

3. Learn to use your macro mode on your camera. This needs to be set correctly. More than likely it will need to be set from 2" to 2' but be sure your camera is zoomed all the way out.

4. Set your flash to the auto-white balance not cloudy setting. If you can afford an external flash it really makes a huge difference. Without a flash of some sort photos will look blue.

5. Just use the auto or AV mode for the aperture priority setting.

6. Try to get eye level with your subject with subject facing you if possible. Try to fill up the frame with your subject matter.