SE Texas scores 3 of Top 100 Fishing Spots in U.S.

The nationally ranked top 100 fishing spots in the nation were recently released and Southeast Texas scored 3 of them.  The entire state of Texas has many more than that.  Here they are in ranking order:

#8 Galveston Island State Park - TX
Galveston Island State Park Information.......Click Here

#50 Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge - TX
Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge..............Click Here

# 66 Lake Livingston State Park - TX
Lake Livingston State Park....................Click Here

There are so many wonderful places to hike, fish, swim, boat and camp in Southeast Texas and East Texas. It is hard to choose just one. Be sure and take the time to check out one of these newly ranked finds, however. There is plenty of fascinating things to do in these three areas and you will enjoy yourself regardless of which one you choose to explore.