Texas & Louisiana Shipwreck Series

ee4d30f09b64cb34e47ddeb3e7b8afb8This "Texas & Louisiana Shipwreck Series" will address many of the locations and historical facts on known shipwrecks, near the Texas and Louisiana coast. This is the first of a series on this subject. Below is a general list to quickly summarize what this blog will be about in future postings. Stay tuned....


A steam yacht sunk in the Viosca Knoll area.

La Belle
1686-A barque longue of French explorer "La Salle expedition," that ran aground in Matagorda Bay.

City of Waco
9 November 1875-The Mallory Line (New York) Steamer sunk after a fire aboard off Galveston. 56 lives were lost.

USS Elizabeth
15 November 1918-A patrol vessel that was wrecked at the mouth of the Brazos River.

SS Grandcamp
16 April 1947-Accidental detonation of 2,300 tons of Ammonium Nitrate aboard this French-registered vessel killed 581 people in the Texas City disaster.

13 May 1942-A fuel tanker torpedoed by U-boat U-506. 72f0ca9fc6bf5c52ba493482d37e5f05

Hannah Elizabeth
19 November 1835-Two-masted schooner sunk near Pass Cavallo.

USS Hatteras
11 January 1863-A US Navy gunboat sunk by CSS Alabama off Galveston during the American Civil War.

1943-A United Fruit Company freighter torpedoed by a submarine.

A steamship that ran aground at Aransas Pass.

SS Nicaragua
16 October 1912-Ran aground on Padre Island for this location.

26 July 1942-A Mexican freighter torpedoed by U-171 near Port O'Connor.

OMI Charger
9 October 1993-An oil tanker that exploded near Galveston. Scheherazade An oil tanker sunk by a torpedo.

Monterrey Shipwrecks
200 years old (apprx. 1800)-3 Privateer ships in a convoy off the coast of Galveston discovered by a Shell Oil exploration crew and excavated by Texas A&M and NOAA on the Nautilus in 2011



CSS Arkansas
6 August 1862-An ironclad warship scuttled in the Battle of Baton Rouge.

USS Carolina
27 December 1814-A schooner sunk by British forces near New Orleans.

El Cazador
1784-A Spanish Brig carrying silver currency, sank 50 miles (80 km) south of New Orleans, discovered by a fishing trawler in 1993.

USS Covington (1863)
5 May 1864-A Gunboat that was scuttled to prevent capture off Alexandria, Louisiana"

CSS Governor Moore
24 April 1862-A Gunboat that took heavy damage in the Battle of Forts Jackson and St. Philip and was scuttled to prevent capture.

USS Lancaster
25 March 1863-A Steamboat that was sunk by Confederate forces off Port Hudson, Louisiana.

CSS Louisiana
28 April 1862-An Ironclad that burned, exploded, and sunk near Fort St. Phillip on the Mississippi River.

CSS Manassas
24 April 1862-An Ironclad Warship that was run aground by USS Mississippi in the Battle of Forts Jackson and St. Phillip.

28 April 1862-A Gunboat that took heavy damage in a battle with USS Iroquois and was scuttled off Algiers, NY sunk in a hurricane off the coast.

SS Robert E. Lee
30 July 1942-A passenger freighter torpedoed by U-166.

USS Signal
April 1864-A Gunboat that was scuttled to prevent capture off Alexandria, Louisiana.

30 July 1942-A German U-boat sunk by a depth charge from a US Navy patrol boat.

USS Varuna
24 April 1862-A steamship that sank in the Battle of Forts Jackson and St. Phillip.

SCGC White Alder
7 December 1968-A coastal buoy tender sunk in the Mississippi River near White Castle following a collision.