Recreational Red Snapper Fishing in the Gulf

The management of the recreational fishing sector in the Gulf of Mexico is a mess. It has failed recreational anglers according to reports from the Coastal Conservation Association. There will 11147872_776923422422171_2598015672416380364_nbe more Red Snapper available in 2015 than at any other time in our history because of new regulations. However, individual anglers will not be allowed to share in this success. The Fishery Management Council for the Gulf of Mexico has approved "Amendment 40" which is a scheme calling for Sector Separation by the Secretary of Commerce.  It proposes to take 1/2 of the recreational quota for Red Snapper and reserve it solely for the commercial charter boat industry to use. It is the first in a several step process to enact a catch share program for the charter and for-hire industry. It is similar to the commercial Red Snapper sector where fewer than 400 individuals own 51% of the entire fishery.

This has been an extremely divisive measure by the Gulf Council and filled with controversy. The CCA has opposed the measure particularly because of that. They also11350606_776901669091013_6003887394870285693_n issued scathing report on why it is unacceptable. The public comment coming in so far is overwhelmingly against the scheme. The Council and NOAA all but ignored the publics concerns. Now is the time to take action says CCA and stop the privatization of public marine resources.  You can go to and tell the Secretary of State we need a comprehensive fix for the entire recreational sector not just a few select persons.