TPWD Wildscapes Program

Texas is one of the largest states in the U.S and has over 800 habitat types for native animal and plant species, within its borders. It has bottomlands, hardwood forests, canyonlands, blackland praries and many more which fill the state with beautiful landscapes. The animals and plant life that occur in Texas alone (nowhere else in the world) number in the tens of thousands.

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This TPWD wildlife program endeavors to preserve this fabric for future and present generatons of Texans. There is a team of botanist, ornithologist, herpetologist and invertebrate biologist that provide leadership on the preservation of rare species and areas with high conservation values in Texas. They are also a local resource for landowners and leadership in local initiatives. Biologist who specialize in Urban communities are also available because this is our fastest growing habitat in our very popular growing state. Through there guidance these esperts maintain a clearinghouse of research and information for the state's rarest species.

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The database can be a valuable source for researchers and conservationists working in Texas. It is frequently used by private industry to evaluate potential impacts on habitat involving their projects. There is a  Wildlife Habitat Assessment Program  that can also be used with tons of resources to help project developers determine potential impacts to natural resources of conservation concerns in Texas.

TPWD has numerous programs to help Texas habitat thrive for generations to come.  The Wildscapes certification is just one of many, albeit a popular one these days.


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