Neches River Primitive Camping and Paddling

The lower Neches is designated a "Wild & Scenic" River. It winds gently through the "Big Thicket National Preserve" region of S.E. Texas.  The river's watershed drains thousands of acres of floodplain for hundreds of miles north of  Beaumont area. There is no better area for "Neches River Primitive Camping and Paddling."

This amazing river is attractive to native paddlers and campers because of its unbelievable scenery. It has a jungle like appearance at certain times of the day. It is filled with Cypress sloughs, tall bluffs, plenty of Oxbow lakes and a mix of hearty loblolly pine and hardwood forest. There are gorgeous pearl white sandbars for day use and swimming. They Village Creek area of the main tributary is a great little oasis for primitive camping also.

The river's path is very pristine within the perimeters of the watershed itself and is generally free of very many humans. The local wildlife isn't that dangerous either, other than your typical snakes, gators, a lost honey bear, a few scattered wolves and an officially reported "Bigfoot" sighting.  This "Wild & Scenic" designated River offers its visitors tons of adventures, not to mention photographic vistas to die for. The uniquely Texan pioneer culture that still resides abundantly in the backwoods towns surrounding the area has thrived for over a century; tourists will enjoy experiencing it.

With a quick google search of "Canoe Rentals in Lumberton, Texas" or "Village Creek State Park" you will have all the information you need to begin planning your canoe or camping trip.