Southeast Texas Wildlife Artists, Lowell Mower

Lowell Mower is a wildlife and nature artist based in Houston, Texas. His love of the outdoors, as well as his passion for hunting and fishing, have influenced his artwork. It has also made him a favorite artist amongst conservationists and outdoor sportsmen.

Lowell says “Having spent all my life in Texas, I am biased towards the raw beauty and strength of the land. I believe many of the stories held in its hills, plains and wetlands have yet to be depicted in painting. If 100 artists spent their entire careers doing works based in Texas, they would not be able to capture all that it has to offer.”

Lowell 5Lowell's artistic training began as a boy taking art lessons at the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, where he learned to sculpt lead birds and combine the use of basic shapes to draw. He also spent a quantity of time in the company of prominent local artists such as Frank Davis, Forest Moses and Bill Anzalone. His father, a respected architect in his own right, played a major role in helping Lowell develop his drawing skills early on. “I remember sitting at the drafting desk working out sketches on tracing paper and using electronic erasers. I thought I was the luckiest kid in the world.”

Indeed, Lowell was very lucky. Growing up, his family traveled extensively throughout Europe. His mother, who worked for the airlines, was instrumental in exposing him to a wide variety of art from all over the world. Visits to the Vatican, the Louvre, and the Cistine Chapel heightened Lowell’s appreciation for art. However, Lowell’s inspiration for his own art was deeply rooted in a place far away from those masterpieces – Texas.

Lowell’s passion for nature and the outdoors is apparent in his art. A devout fisherman and amateur scuba diver, Lowell’s ‘paintings often depict marine life. As a boy, Lowell was fascinated with the beauty and mystery of the ocean. While other kids went to Disneyworld for a few days, 20150111_164212Lowell was face down snorkeling on a coral reef in Tahiti, Jamaica, or Cancun. “I’ll never forget the first time I went to Laguna Madre. My dad was working on the Pan American University there and we stayed at a hotel directly on the water. I looked down into the water at seemingly infinite grass beds and reefs teaming with oysters and scallops. It was something I had never seen in Galveston. Then as soon as the sun went down, everyone turned on their lights and made a mad scramble to grab fishing rods and fish the massive black shadow of trout that covered the bay like a curtain. It took thirty minutes for the trout to pass through. Needless to say, I was hooked”.

Lowell’s first exposure to hunting came during visits to a 500 acre ranch outside of Wimberly, Texas. “At first light there were hundreds of turkey dropping out of the cypress trees along the Lowells PictureComal River,” Mower recalls, “but even more impressive were the occasional heart stopping coveys of quails the dogs rushed out near gravel bars and low-lying brush. “Lowell tries to hunt dove and quail at least a couple of times a year. “the quality of my work would suffer greatly without spending time in the outdoors.” As a father of two young boys, Lowell understands the importance of teaching his boys about hunting and fishing the great outdoors. at passion and love for the outdoors is transcended in his paintings and conveys the unwritten beauty of the outdoor world for all to enjoy.

If you have not checked out this artists work, do so. You will certainly want some of his paintings in your own home.  Here is his website for your viewing pleasure.....Lowell Mower Website