New for 2015 Texas Coastal Fisheries

TPWD New Regulations

  • 5 spotted Seatrout bag limit extended from Lower Laguna Madre northward through Coastal Bend

  • Oyster harvest is prohibited for 2 years on restoration sites such as Matagorda Bay and Galveston Bay

  • 2 Flounder bag limit in November extended through the first 2 weeks of December and harvest is allowed by any legal means.

The TPWD allowed public comment on these regulations before they enacted them. They had 1700 comments, 700 of which were against it. The reasons against the regulation were plenty. The top comments included an alternative, such as a 7 trout limit. Seatrout are a popular fish in Texas waters; most Anglers do not see the point in a 5 bag limit. Other arguments were totally against the bag limit, while others decided if they had to abide by the new regulations —why not spread the joy to the entire Texas coastline.

For those fishing more than 9 miles off the coast of Texas, your in Federal waters and may be subject to different regulations. TPWD days begin at midnight and end at midnight.