Hottest New Fishing & Hunting Apps

Everyone claims to have the "Hottest New Fishing & Hunting Apps" on the market, especially when it comes to technology. From the old flashing fish finders to the new HD imaging, 360-view sonars, trail cams and even drones, technology is changing the way we do things.

Sportsmen have evolved from keeping logbooks and processing 35mm film to posting a picture of that monster buck or lunker bass on one of the many social media outlets within minutes of the catch or kill. We are now sharing info on the hot bite or a sighting of a monster buck instantly, all due to the advancement of technology.

As sportsmen, it is a love/hate relationship. The need to unplug has never been more relevant as is the need for instant information. If you are anything like me, you want to maximize your time spent outdoors efficiently and as effectively as possible, and I have found the next best thing to help me do just that.


ScoutLook has hit the ground running and is gaining great momentum as a really useful sportsman tool. Scoutlook is adjusting to the times, as well as staying innovative with updates, to make their app better and more user friendly.

Cy Weichert and Bill Little created ScoutLook just a few years ago from an investment out of their own pockets, as they too wanted to make their valuable time in the outdoors as productive as possible. This app, accompanied by the website, has all the tools a hunter or angler needs to keep a very accurate log of their catches on the water or their adventures in the woods.

As a tournament angler, keeping a log of what I have caught while pre-fishing is paramount and this app’s quick log feature helps me do it with ease. With a quick photo of the fish on the ruler, I now have documentation of the length of the fish as well as GPS coordinates and weather conditions that will automatically log into my folder (no typing required).

I can enter all the other pertinent information at that moment or at a later time, such as lure, water clarity and boat speed, so it can be dissected that evening to help me determine a pattern. The same goes for when I am hunting. If I spot a nice buck during bow season, but can’t get him to come into range, I can log that buck’s activity directly from my phone and begin to create a log of patterns for this particular area that I hunt each year. That in turn will hopefully allow me to get on that same buck come rifle season.

Depending on how much time you spend in the field, this feature can soon help you determine what stand you should be hunting from and when, based on weather conditions and patterns from previous hunts that you have documented. All this can be managed from the website and exported to and spreadsheet for further sorting and management methods.

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