Best Winter Bass Fishing Lures

Winter fishing can give even the best anglers the doldrums. Bass have slow metabolisms so they don't have to eat regularly. The trick is to taunt them into instinctively grabbing an easy meal with these winter lures. To spice up your success rate in the winter try some of these bass fishing winter favorites:

shad deep divingJerkbaits

The top winter Jerkbaits dive deep and suspend, while jerking and fluttering, to mimic dying shad. They trick lethargic bass out of their deep hiding places to grab what they perceive as an easy meal. If you can add weight to the lure to make it sink slowly, as you maneuver it through the deep water, the results will be well worth it.

Blade BaitBlades

Blades are fun to fish. They lure their prey out of hiding by anglers slowly reeling in the lure using subtle short lifts, while holding your rod about 3:00. Let it hit the bottom, while giving it a few tiny short hops, similar to using a jig. These baits shine when the weather is 40 degrees or below. You can fish them down sharp angled banks or even along sandy bottom areas in weedy shallow water.


Spoons are amazing productive lures. While not being much for looks, their lightening fast speeds get them into the bass strike zone quickly and the most novice angler can work these baits effectively. Just a quick gentle snap of the line, let the bait fall slack again then repeat. The main thing with these lures is to keep your eye on the prize. You have to watch the line.

Spoon (Medium) (Custom)Tail Spinners

A flashy bait, the tail spinner is a hot ticket in Texas winter waters! Anglers there appreciate its versatility when it comes to working this bait. Tail Spinners allow anglers to quickly adjust to changing conditions on the water. The Tail Spinner can draw out even the laziest fish from their lair.