2015 Texas Rainbow Trout Stocking Schedule

So admit it, you read this blog headline and thought “What? Rainbow Trout in Texas?” 29933_401555468446_5417849_n (Mobile)Yes, there are Rainbow and Brown Trout in Texas. The "2015 Texas Rainbow Trout Stocking Schedule" is out!!! Most people outside the state have no ideal. It is one of the best kept secrets in Texas. TPWD did a study before starting the program back in the 80’s. They wanted to know if these feisty little fish might survive somewhere in Texas. The answer came back, yes! The places were McKittrick Canyon and the Guadalupe River (Canyon Tailrace Section). The Guadalupe was right outside New Braunfels, a favorite hotspot for native Texans. Texans were excited, yet understandably skeptical about this new program. All except for a few ardent fly-fisherman had their doubts. The supporters felt that the fish would eventually adapt. They seem to have done just that. Although the trout still need their cold temperatures; the minimal holdover survivors find suitable habitat while continuing to grow their numbers, year after year.

Gruene Tx (Mobile) (Mobile)Near Gruene, Texas everyone enjoys tubing down the Guadalupe River and visiting New Braunfel’s Schlitterbahn (Travel Channel’s #1 Waterpark in the World). They also love to meander there way through the famous little town of Gruene shops, restaurants and Hall (“Michael” and “Hope Floats” filmed there). Hollywood actors to Country Music superstars frequent the place. Well, it just so happens that the Rainbow Trout like it too! The longest surviving Rainbow Trout population resides there. According to TPWD ” In Texas, high temperatures prevent reproduction or even over-summer survival in most areas, though they survive in tailrace areas below large dams such as Canyon Reservoir.”

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept. stocks about 136+ state and city parks, lakes, rivers, ponds, canals and creeks with 280,000 Rainbow Trout (around 12” in length) from November through March every year. However, the only ones to thrive are New Braunfel’s Guadalupe River trout in the Canyon Tailrace, near the dam. There are now spawning native Texas Rainbow and Browns OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAthere, since the program began 30 years ago. It is not just the TPWD that are stocking these waters, either. the Guadalupe River Trout Unlimited organization also stocks theses waters with trophy trout only. This river produces some of the best quality large girth trout you can find just about anywhere. The GRTU release section of the Canyon Tailrace is a well-kept secret. But, if you talk to some of the local fisherman they can point you in the right direction. You need a kayak for that golden stretch of river. They regularly pull up 3-8 lb. trout there. These waters produced the state record back in the 90’s, when a 10 lb, 28” long Rainbow trout was caught. For more information go to the website of these dedicated anglers: grtu.org or check out their video below:

Trout fishing the Canyon Tailrace Video………………………Click Here

TPWD Rainbow Trout Restocking Video………………………Click Here

Salmon Eggs (2)How do you fish for these tasty little morsels, you ask? By far, the simplest and fastest way to fish for these little guys are with red Salmon eggs. They love Salmon eggs; like kids love candy. You can use a fly-fishing rod setup, just to give it a whirl, but you don’t have to. When the TPWD stocks these fish it is usually in small water bodies, such as city parks. Therefore, you can even use a bobber to help children enjoy a successful fishing experience. Bait two eggs on the end of a small hook and go for it. Also, don’t be intimidated because it is a new experience, try your hand at fly-fishing. This is one of the most popular ways to fish, in the rest of the nation, for a reason.Guadmap51

Local Winter Trout Release Areas:

Canyon Tailrace, Guadalupe River, New Braunfels:
17,750 Trout Released


Beaumont Area
Nederland-Doornbos Park: 500 Trout Released
Vidor-Claiborne West Park (Beaumont Area): 1000 Trout Released
Beaumont-LNVA Barrier Pond: 3845 Trout Released
Jasper-Jasper City Park Pond: 1800 Trout Released
Woodville-Magnolia Ridge Pond: 1800 Trout Released

Conroe Area
Conroe Area Conroe-Burroughs Park: 2600 Trout Released
Conroe-Carl Barton Jr. Park Pond: 2400 Trout Released

Seabrook/League City Area
Houston-Sheldon State Park Children’s #1: 1028 Trout Released
Houston-Tom Bass I & II: 5500 Trout Released
Houston-Bane Park Lake: 2200 Trout Released
Houston-Eisenhower Park Pond: 3300 Trout Released
Houston-Mary Jo Peckham Park: 3160 Trout Released
Pasadena-Burke-Crenshaw Lake: 1000 Trout Released
Sugarland-Eldridge Park Pond: 750 Trout Released

Other Popular Areas
Austin-Bullfrog Pond: 896 Trout Released
Austin-Camp Mabry: 1400 Trout Released
Austin-Mueller Lake Park: 2000 Trout Released
Bandera-Bandera City Park Lake: 978 Trout Released
El Paso-Ascarate: 6000 Trout Released
Georgetown-San Gabriel Park: 1250 Trout Released
Georgetown-Blue Hole Park Lake: 1250 Trout Released
Mathis- Lake Corpus Christi: 1700 Trout Released
Midland-Beal Park Lake: 1500 Trout Released
Mt. Pleasant-Bob Sandlin State Park: 2750 Trout Released
Round Rock-Shirley McDonald Park Pond: 300 Trout Released
San Antonio- Miller’s Pond: 3792 Trout Released
San Antonio- Live Oak City: 750 Trout Released
San Antonio- Southside Lions Park: 4740 Trout Released
Tyler-Faulkner Park Lake: 2100 Trout Released
Tyler-Tyler Nature Center: 2000 Trout Released
Tyler-Tyler State Park: 4030 Trout Released
Waco-Buena Vista Park Lake: 1896 Trout Released
Waco-Nora Pond: 500 Trout Released

Stocking Occurs November-March

For More Locations See Link Below: http://tpwd.texas.gov/fishboat/fish/management/stocking/trout_stocking.phtml