Recipe Series: Fantastic Fried Fish from Fishing Lodge

This was my Grandmothers Fried Fish Recipe from a very popular Fishing Lodge she used to cook for. Everyone who tastes it was amazed and the recipe went viral, before the days of the internet. Next thing you know it was popping up at all the local fish fries we were invited too, as kids. Try it out and you will understand why. We used it on Bass and Catfish, but you could try it on many other kinds of fish also.

Most Important Step

Bleed your fish before filleting them

Clean and Fillet Fish

Soak in Brine Water Overnight

Take out of Refrigerator and Dry

Season Fillet with Salt, Pepper, Favorite spices
(Remember Fish will be Salty already, from Brine)

Dip Dried Fillet in Seasoned Flour (Careful Not To Over Salt)

Dip Fillet in Seasoned Buttermilk

Dip Fillet in Finely Crushed Cracker Crumbs.

Fry Fillets in Peanut Oil

When finished try with some fried squash. You will be in heaven, as you taste these delightful extra crispy fillets combined with some onions and pickles. Nothing Better!