How Temperature Effects Fish

How temperature effects fish? Temperature plays an strategic role in the life of a fish. It affects everything from their performance, health and behavior, to the population of the coming year’s class, on a particular body of water. All fish have temperature preferences, warm, cool or cold. S.E. Texas fish tend to be warm water fish, except for crappie. The temperature determines their survival rate, swimming performance, feeding and digestion, spawning and ability to fight off disease. For example, a harsh winter undermines the survival rate of the upcoming years various spawn, whereas a mild winter has just the opposite effect. The body temperature of a fish is directly related to the surrounding environment it finds itself in.

Biologist have studied different species in various water temperatures. One study done on Bass revealed that when they were in 50-86 degrees their critical swimming speed increased. However, when placed in 95-degree water it rapidly declined. Swimming speed has to do with a fish’s ability to feed, forage or run from predators. Smaller fry have a much tougher time surviving the winter and are more likely to starve. A fish that does not have to expend a lot of energy to eat (due to efficient swimming speed) will not need to eat as often, giving them a much better chance for survival.

Temperature also can cripple the outcome of a successful fishing trip. When temperatures are extremely high or low fish are far less aggressive. Fishermen will have to work twice as hard to catch fish because very few of them will be actively feeding. Also, fish that like warmer water need the higher oxygen found in it, so they are usually top feeding in summer. Extreme temperatures can send them fleeing in the opposite direction, making it even harder to determine their location. However, for the knowledgeable angler who understands preferred water temperature, for his species of choice, it is a powerful tool in their arsenal. Armed with the right information anglers can have successful fishing adventures, all year long. it could also be the edge you need to win your next tournament. So learn it, apply it and have fun experimenting.

Article By: Donna Chance