Couples that Boat Together, Stay Together

Couples that Boat Together, Stay Together

by: Donna Chance

Studies have proven that couples that share the same hobbies have more successful marriages. Compromise is always a great remedy for marriages, which do not share the same interests. However, boating tends to be one of those activities everyone loves. So, why not give it a whirl. You can boat at every level, from the most luxurious models, to a twelve-foot aluminum standard fishing boat. Whatever your income or lifestyle there is a boat for you.

To break your partner in, start slow, plan in great detail every aspect of the first outing. Rent a pontoon to get you started, before the big purchase, if necessary. Many of these models come with grills, so invite some of your spouses’ friends and have at it. Be sure to pick a day where you know the weather will be fantastic. Initially, another great tip is to go when the water is not so crowded. Try an off-season outing first. When making the introduction to your spouse, experience is your friend. If you’re a beginner, go out first to on your own, it will only help. This will make for less anxiety free outing when helping your spouse warm up to the ideal.

Another great way to create an enjoyable boating adventure, for your spouse, is to incorporate some of their favorite hobbies into the event. If they like playing cards, you can do so in a pontoon. If they don’t want to let go of their online activities, get a hotspot. Make the idea as compatible to your spouse’s interest as you possible can. Ultimately it will be a much more successful endeavor, if both parties are having fun.

Just as in marriage communication is everything. Ask your spouse what they visualize when going on a boating trip. If they see mosquitoes and heat, then do your best to alleviate their fears. If it’s something fun and adventuresome, then all true recreational boaters know how to make that happen. Now get out there on the water and bring your spouse. Last, but not least, HAVE SOME FUN!