10 Misconceptions About Anglers

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10 Misconceptions About Anglers

#1 Anglers Deplete The Fish Population

One little known fact about anglers is that collectively, they are one of the biggest conservation groups in the outdoors. License fees go to state agencies and other entities and are used for fishery conservation.

The Pittman-Robertson Act levies an 11% excise tax on fishing gear. The money is distributed back to the states for fishery conservation and public land preservation programs. Daily limits and size restrictions are adjusted annually based on biologists recommendations. Anglers often add structures to lakes to add habitat for fish. Commercial fishing is a heavily regulated industry and recreational angling is controlled and monitored so the impact on the fisheries is positive.

#2 Anglers Do Not Care About The Environment

Nothing could be further from the truth. Sportsman of all types are concerned about the environment in which they conduct their activities. Most of the time anglers will go out of their way to scoop up trash that they see floating in the water. They are very careful to contain their own trash as well. If an angler pulls something up on their fishhook that does not belong in the water (like the old cartoons where the fisherman catches a shoe), they do not throw it back in. They will dispose of it properly

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