Your Weekend on the Water

If you love being on the water there are some very simple things you can do to make your weekend on the water exponentially more efficient. If you have ever forgotten something, like sunscreen, you know how quickly what was meant to be a fun outing can become a nightmare. The best remedy for this is also the boy scout motto “Be Prepared.”

desBelow are some quick steps to facilitate a successful trip out on the water:

Create A Checklist
For a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants guy this can be a painful step. However, it will pay off in spades if you actually implement it. Luckily for the unorganized, there’s an “APP” for that. Actually, quite a few apps that will help reluctant outdoorsmen quickly maneuver through this most important step. The one that seems to get the job done best is because it allows you to organize your many lists and store them. In other words, once you fine-tune a successful list for your boating trips you can store it for use over and over. Create checklists for all kinds of outdoor activities, and then store them. Tweak the list as you get out on the water and realize how nice it would be to have some particular item next time

  • Before You Go
    Preparing ahead of times takes all the stress off the day of the trip. If your going boating, pack it up a day in advance. You can always keep it stocked with things like sunscreen, clean towels, extra clothes, recreational equipment and even bottled water making your prep time much more efficient.

  • Plan The Trip
    Consider actually being at the location of your destination. Imagine what it is you may want or need during that time. Walk it out in your mind ahead of time. While doing so you may consider the weather, temperature, type of ground you will on the most and other facets of the trip. Then you can prepare accordingly with the proper shoes, weather gear and more. This is when you want to take into account where to stop for gas, bathroom breaks, bait, air pumps for equipment and any food stops you will be making. This is also where you need to make sure everything you have is in working order. Remember if you forget something you will have to buy it at the final destination. There it will likely cost ten times more than it is worth.

  • Heading Out
    Right before heading out the driveway, especially if you have kids, take a final walk around the house. Throw anything you might remotely need for the trip into a beach bag. Things like hair clips, sunburn lotion, sunglasses, extra socks or whatever else seems important. Then as your driving up you can skim through it and leave what you don’t need in the car. It will be there for you when you get out of the water, just in case. The rest take with you. Your weekend on the water is now fully planned and executed. So relax and just have a great time.