World Renown Marine Artist Guy Harvey in Southeast Texas

Famous artist, Guy Harvey, could easily be described as the leading marine artist in the world. Since the eighties, he has been cranking out murals on buildings, oil paintings, underwater photography, clothing lines and other artistic endeavors. He was raised in Jamaica where marine life is such an abundant and integral part of the island culture. He then went off to boarding school where he fell in love with Hemingway's "Old Man In The Sea." He began sketching scenes from the book to help him with his homesickness. They were so good and drew so much interest he had his first art showing in which he was the only artist. It was a sensation and heGuy Harvey Art met a Ft. Lauderdale fan there who ended up taking him to America. That is where his first real business venture with a Florida clothing company was born. It became a wildly successful historical partnership. They started with the Guy Harvey T-shirts with his marine art plastered on the back. They are still sold all over the world; you can get one locally at Academy. He went on to produce murals on buildings and then on bridges in Florida. Afterwards, he opened art galleries in strategic malls and his art was everywhere. His name has become synonymous with quality and talent. He modestly calls himself just a fisherman who paints, rather than the professional art genius he is. He has become a very successful conservationist also. He utilizes his marine biology degree, his knowledge from fishing, diving and growing up around marine life to produce what is unarguably the most realistic marine art in the world. Guy Harvey Auto (2)The world renown marine artist Guy Harvey was in Southeast Texas this last week. Guy has a way with the public and it was very evident as he popped up at the local Academy Store in Beaumont, Texas. The news media there and just as enamored as they public as they interviewed him. He was signing autographs and posing for pictures with surprised fans. Nobody seem to want to leave and enjoyed listening to him talk while signing autographs. "He is so interesting" said one young fan while waiting in line for his T-shirt to be signed. Facebook posts were popping up everywhere with local fans and his picture in them. The guys is a rock star in the art world and has tons of fans, both young and old. Surprisingly, there were more young people waiting for his autograph than his older original fan base. His art is one of a kinds and spans the generations. Here is more on this artist on his website....Guy Harvey TV