Teaching Your Children How To Ski

One of the best parts about boating is that its a family affair.  There is nothing better than watching your kids have fun with you out on the lake or ocean.  Fishing can be a huge part of providing those intimate moments for parents to bond with their children, no matter their age. But, watersports provide families with invaluable moments of comradery, laughter and just plain fun together.  Kids can learn so much during these experiences like the importance of stepping out of ones comfort zone and the tenacity it takes to do it. Also, how to overcome fear and the value of family support during those times. These are priceless lessons families get to share from the convenience of a safe parent controlled environment, like a boat. Teaching your children to ski can be one of those memorable moments. There is a slow easy method that will get children out on the water without it becoming a wrestling match or a begging session.

Quick Easy Steps To "Teaching Your Children How To Ski"

  1. Let them watch other children having fun skiing first.

  2. Tie a ski handle to a tree near the water's edge and let them play with it to get used to it.

  3. Introduce the ski's onshore and let them get used to standing in them, feel comfortable in them and understand how to get in and out of them.

  4. Put them in a trainer, push them out on the water a little, then gradually further out as you pull them by hand along the shore. When they aren't wobbly and seem confidentially stable then they are ready for the next step.

  5. Progress to children's training ski's doing the same thing on the shore pulling them by hand. Until they are really comfortable with it.

  6. You will know then they have the confidence they need to progress to the boat moving slowly.

10450696_10152600284383447_1552817982443259166_nAlso, some people like to add another step at this point by allowing them to ski while holding onto a ski bar, professionally installed, on the side of the boat. This allows you to hold on to them. However you end up, by this time they should be enjoying themselves immensely. So, take your time with all the steps, every kid is different. What's the rush, after all its really all about spending time with your child.

Here is a great video to watch on exactly how it is done..................Click Here